Worker 7

Worker 7  was raised in a Christian home. As a teenager, he turned away from his faith making bad decisions. But as a young man he gave his life fully to serve Jesus knowing that the world had nothing to offer him. He heard about Calvary Chapel Bible College in Nepal from a friend and with a hunger to know God’s Word he was accepted and graduated from the two-year degree program.
His heart was burdened to return to his home country in the 10/40 Window to reach his own people with the Gospel and to equip others in the Word of God as he had been. Worker 7 is part of the Calvary Chapel Bible College staff where he is involved in teaching, discipling, and planning outreaches for the students to prepare them to plant churches throughout Asia. He is a dedicated servant of the Lord, musician, and gifted in administration which makes him such a vital part of the ministry team.


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