Pastor J.E.

Sadly, Christianity in J.E.’s home country has veered far away from the Gospel truth and Word of God. 2-5% of the population claim to be Christians–far fewer real believers exist. J.E. was raised in a Christianized family which follows traditions but not the Scriptures.

J.E. feels called by God to teach Truth to his people in partnership with Calvary Chapel: book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. In the city he lives in, Christians, Hindus, and Muslims all coexist speaking a mixture of three different languages. Because J.E. understands personally what it’s like to be raised religious, and not have a personal relationship with Jesus, he has a burning passion to lead people away from vain cultural traditions and into a real relationship with the Christ. His hopes are to preach the Truth, teach the Word and equip believers to understand how to live out a biblical lifestyle.

J.E. is most thankful for God’s grace to deliver him out of religion and doctrines of man. Please pray for Pastor J.E. and his team to continue to love God and love people through his fellowship and ministry in South Asia.


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