Pastor D.K. (2)

Pastor D.K. was brought up in a highly devoted Christian family. When he was a small boy, he was drowning in a big water canal. When he was taken out of the water, his parents thought that he was dead. They tried their best to revive him. His mother went to the Lord with a fully surrendered life and made a commitment and oath before God, that if God would restore D.K.’s life she would dedicate him to God. God heard D.K.’s mother’s prayer and gave him life! Praise be to God and glory be to His name! This was D.K.’s turning point to serve God all throughout his life.

D.K. realized that the commitment made by his parents had no meaning without being personally made by him. Therefore, he felt that it was vital for him to accept Jesus as his Lord and personal Savior.

Since he committed his life to the Lord, he had a desire to preach and do ministry for the Lord. He went to Bible College and got his Masters of Divinity. Afterward, he did ministry while being a computer teacher. For years, he volunteered with various ministries and various churches in the area.

Meanwhile, he continuously asked God to open door to serve Him full time. Praise the Lord! God heard D.K.’s prayer and has opened the door for him to serve God with Calvary Chapel Saving Grace World Mission. He married G. K., and together they have twins, a son and a daughter. It is D.K.’s heart’s desire to serve God with all of his strength and soul.

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