Pastor P.S. and R.S.

I am P. S. I am married to my wife R. S. and we have a daughter named S. (11 years-old).

I was born and brought-up in a traditional Hindu family. I was a committed Hindu as I was observing all the rituals of the religion. One day, two evangelists handed me Gospel tracts and invited me to their training center. On August 13th 1996, I confessed my sins and I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.

I completed C. Theology course at the Gospel for Asia Bible training center in March 1997. After completing that course I served the Lord with Gospel for Asia for six years. During this period the Lord used me to start churches in three different places. After that, Gospel for Asia sent me to get a Bachelors in Theology. After I graduated, I continued to serve the Lord with GFA (Believers Church) in different capacities for another 14 years. At the same time I completed my MSW. From May 2017 to March 2019 I served the Lord with CFI as a teacher in Bible college.

The Lord opened the door for me to serve Him with Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. I joined Saving Grace World Missions in April 2019. Please do continue to pray for my ministry and family.

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