Pastor P.M. and V.M.


Pastor P. M. and V.M. are the director and wife of the School of ministry. In faith, P. M. and V. M. answered God’s call and moved far from their comfortable home, family, and church. P. M. tirelessly and fervently preached the Gospel until he led the very first believers to Jesus in an entire geographical area. An urgent need for Godly training for the new believers jumped out at P. M. and V. M. Together with SGWM, P.M. and V. M. started the school of ministry. In the last few years, God has blessed the ministry abundantly and many churches have been started, where Jesus’ name had never before been spoken!

God has mightily used them to raise up new believers to become totally sold out to the Lord- to strive to live every breath for Him. We can’t imagine a more equipped couple to be leading the School of Ministry!


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