Nick and Sue Long

With a family background in music and a passion to share his new faith in the Lord, Nick took on the call to be a traveling music missionary evangelist in Europe, touring as far back as 1984. Nick and his wife Sue eventually stepped through a door that would lead to the founding of the first Calvary Chapel church plant in Europe (1988-2013 in Siegen, Germany) and one of the larger evangelical churches in Germany. God grew the church and used it to influence many people and churches in Europe and beyond over the next 25 years. After turning the church over to the nationals, and taking a long and necessary time off, Nick and Sue have heeded the call of taking on a new work that God is opening the doors for.

Over the years, churches (not just Calvary’s) have asked pastor Nick to help them with evangelism and outreach, but time and ministry priorities would not permit. This new season of their lives has freed them up to fulfill a lifelong desire of their hearts: To be available to encourage, support, and minister to the church plants that have sprung up around Germany and Europe (well over 100 now) since those early pioneer years.

To help in aiding the process, the Longs have presently taken on the task of overseeing Schloss Heroldeck, Calvary Chapels conference center in the Austrian Alps. Along with the Summer conferences, the Longs will be seeking to establish a “School of Evangelism & Music Ministry” that will serve two-fold.

A). Giving those who desire the possibility to learn from experienced pastors and Christian Artists how to use their musical talents as a backdrop to share the gospel.

B.) While providing churches throughout Europe the means to effectively reach out to there communities with evangelistic concerts and provide worship services.

The Longs are excited at the doors that are opening for them, and for the castle. They are currently working with lawyers to establish visa status for students from abroad with the Austrian government, something that has been lost for almost 20 years now. Nick and Sue praise God as they are experiencing the Lords leading, and effective doors are opening more and more.

In the process of things, Nick has finished a book he’s been working on called “Gullible’s Travels”. It’s about his and Sue’s life story, BC days and ministry years, along with openly sharing about their struggles, defeats, and victories through years in the field. CCCM will be publishing the book, and are hoping to see it go to print sometime before the year is up.

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