Promise Child

PromiseChildICOIt was a hot and humid July afternoon in 1999. We were traveling through the largely untouched far western flatlands of Nepal, and were stopped at an army checkpoint where it is typical to see armed Nepali military personnel. As we waited to be excused, a young girl approached our car carrying a basket of lemons on her head. Her unkempt hair laced the shoulders of her worn and filthy blouse with missing buttons. Her skirt, caked with mud and covered with stains, hung loosely about her thin frame. Her feet were filthy, from what was probably a long, hot walk along the dusty roads leading to the main highway. She approached our car and asked if we would purchase the fruit for change. I felt compelled to have our contact ask her if I could pay her for her picture instead. Upon this request, she lit up. At that moment, it seemed that time stopped, and that the glory of God was shining through the smile of this child. As we drove away, I was left to ponder…can a simple show of love change a child’s life? Can love bring hope? I remembered the words of Jesus in Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” I knew at that moment that my heart was being pulled toward children in third-world countries. I knew that bringing children to Christ would be bringing them to love, hope, and a future as a Promise Child. It is my hope that God would stir in your heart a desire to partner with us in shining God’s glory through Promise Child.shiney-button-visit-ministry-website

Pastor Brent Kaser