Arista Family now partnering with SGWM

Hi, we hope you are doing well and we thank you for taking time to read our latest news! This is just a quick update on what God is doing in our lives.
It’s been about a month and a half since we arrived in Costa Rica and have been directing the Bible College here. We got here just after their rainy season ended and summer began so it’s pretty warm right now, but all the scenery is really green and beautiful! For the most part the people look and speak the same as in Mexico which makes it easy to forget at times that we’re not in Rosarito anymore. However, one of the big differences that we have noticed is the food which is tasty, but with 0% spiciness! It took us about 2 weeks of asking around until we found somewhere that sold Jalapeños.☺ Little by little we’re finding our way in this small town and getting used to some changes.
As for the Bible College, we have a really awesome group of 7 students, (6 international and 1 national). We’re almost half way through the semester and it’s crazy how fast the weeks are going by. Among other classes taught here, Chris has been teaching Hebrews, Outreach Spanish, and Sunday Evening Chapel. There is a local Calvary Chapel church plant that we attend and we have extended an invitation to the church body to come and be a part of a weekly translated class as well and Sunday night Chapels. It’s been a blessing for us to see these locals come and connect with our students here and grow alongside them. Our heart is to see more national students as well as internationals come and be equipped! The emphasis of this Bible College is missions so it’s been great to see how we can use our past experiences serving in Missions and different gifts to help teach, train, and equip the students for ministry.
As for us personally, we’re so grateful so see God’s faithfulness and attentions to every detail of our lives! Before coming here we weren’t too sure on all the details for the baby to be born in Costa Rica but we trusted that God would lead us. Since we’ve been here we’ve see Him working everything out and also filling us with His peace in every step we take. We’re both really excited and nervous at the same time as we wait for him to be born in just a month and a half!
Lastly, we wanted to update you briefly on our decision to join Saving Grace World Missions Organization. This has been something that we’ve prayed about for some time now and feel is a great benefit for us as Missionaries.
As you remember us please keep the following in prayer; Godly wisdom in decision making, Spiritual growth for the students and us, continued health for our baby and an easy delivery, monthly financial support for our family.

Chris and Rachel