A Call To Pray for North Korea

It was announced yesterday (Sunday the 18th of December) that Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, had died. Kim Jong-Il was 69 years old.

Because of the radical instability in this country and in light of Kin Jung-Il’s death, I am calling for prayer for North Korea and the suffering Christians and non-Christians who live there.

This is an important change for North Korea. Even in light of this mans death the future is largely unknown for North Korea. It is widely speculated that his youngest son Kim Jung-Un will be the next leader and probably just as wicked.

When North Korean news agencies aired the report that the Great Leader had died they clocked it in a heroic statement stating that their Great Leader had died of exhaustion from “overworking to serve the people of North Korea.”

The harsh reality is that the people of North Korea are stuck in radical poverty with the most horrific human rights violations in the world. Outside assistance is for the most part totally refused or strictly limited by the government. They hold to a strong ideology called Juche which simply means – “Self Reliance” and it is a shameful thing to receive assistance or input from the outside world. Also, it considered treasonous to worship anything or anyone other then their Great Leader (Kim Jung-Il and his father). North Korean Christians when caught are faced with torture, imprisonment in one of North Korea’s prison camps, and death. This makes it the hardest country in the world by far to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus the call to prayer.

Please join me in praying for a miracle. Pray that the Lord would sovereignly open the boarders and the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be able to be preached freely.

God Bless,
Pastor Mike