We found an apartment!

his is the first time in about a week and a half that I’ve been able to sit down with my laptop. We’ve been very busy and we have been wanting to give you all an update about all the things going on here!



We found an Apartment

This is an answer to our prayers and we thank all of you who prayed for us about this. At the moment Ruth and I have been racing to paint and get our stuff moved into the apartment. We have plenty of space now which will be so great to have with our guests this Summer. It’s a two room flat with a large living room and it’s all right in the centre of Valeni. It was amazing to see how God provided a home for us at the right time and the right price. God is good.

Visa Renewal

We have also been in the midst of renewing our yearly visa. It involves a lot of time and running around and it’s been more stressful this year do to moving at the same time. So pray for us as we run around to get all the paper work done.

Men’s/ Pastor’s Conference

About two weeks ago we held a Men’s/Pastor’s conference in Ciorani. For about three days we made our way through the Seven Churches in Revelation. We¬†had Jorg and Peter Will from Calvary Chapel Hanover come and share with us and it was a huge blessing and encouragement for all of us guys. In the past few months I’ve had some time to meet a good group of the guys that are serving in Romania and it was great to have that extra time to fellowship with one another. Pray that we will be able to continue these kind of meetings. It is so important to have these times of encouragement with brothers in the Lord.

Germany team

After the Men’s conference we had a work team from the Church in Hanover come. The church there in Hanover supplied the means and the man power to put up a new fence in Ciorani. It was a lot of hard work but at the end of the week the whole building looked so much more inviting and friendly.

On the Saturday that the team was here we loaded up two of the cars with some members of the team and the teens from Ciorani and went up to Valeni to do youth group together. The youth pastor from Hanover shared with the teenagers and we ended off the afternoon with some games of capture the flag. It was really a great time.

Although it’s been a stressful time; God has been doing a lot in it all and Ruth and I are looking forward to being back on a more regular schedule and getting settled into our new place. We love you all and hope you are doing well. We think about you often! Please do keep in touch with us and email us if you’d like!

In Him,

Aden and Ruth Knepper