A New Baby, A New Country And A New Work

What a year it has been! I can only look back and thank God for all the wonderful work he has been doing in our family and ministry over the past twelve months!

Firstly, of course the arrival of our son Levi has been a world changing experience for Jody and I. The first six months of Levi’s life were pretty challenging, as there was a lot of things to juggle between work, college and church, but we have now adjusted to having a child and fallen into a familiar routine and Levi is such a great joy to Jody and I. Everyday is a new adventure as we see him grow and develop. Praise God for family, it really is a blessing from the Lord.

Secondly, God is really blessing us in our big move back to Ireland. Following the Lord to come to Ireland wasn’t an easy thing, as I found leaving the skate park ministry difficult. However, He has proved himself faithful, as always, and He is doing great things here is Cork. I am really enjoying going to College, where I am studying Filmmaking. I have already made a number of videos for different churches around Europe and I am so excited to use this ability to bless the church more and more, as I continue my studies and increase my skills.

I was honored, this year, to be asked by the Student Christian Union in University College Cork to speak at their annual Christmas Carol event in December. It was a large gathering of both Christian and non-Christian students. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel and the wonder of the Christmas story with all who were gathered. I pray the Lord would water the seeds that were sown in the lives of those young students on that night.

Calvary Cork has had some very exciting developments this year. We have grown over the year to the point where we needed a larger building, the Lord has now graciously provided this building for us. I am using my Christmas holidays from College to help renovate the building and make it real for our weekly services. We hope to have our first Sunday morning service there this coming Sunday so there is lots of work to be done between now and then! Gotta keep at it!

This coming year brings exciting challenges for Jody and I as we continue to pursue the Lords Will for our ministry here in Ireland. We also face challenges of faith particularly with relation to finances. We do not doubt the Lord will provide for us, He always has and we know that His faithfulness never changes. We simply ask that you would keep us in your prayers and stand with us as we face into 2015 trusting in the Lord.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support of our ministry here in Ireland.

God Bless,

       Ricky, Jody & Levi

Prayer Requests

  • For Ricky as he juggles college, work and church duties.
  • For Ricky as he prepares for teaching through the Gospel of John on Wednesday Nights.
  • For Ricky, that he would be diligent in his college studies and would use his skills for the Glory of God.
  • For Jody and I as we adjust to parenthood.
  • That God would provide for us financially