Muller-A New Adventure

B & T


Dear Family, Friends, Loved Ones~

In February 2010, we set out from California to teach worship at CCBC in Siegen, Germany. God has blessed our time here these past few years (almost 5). We were able to mentor and train many students, yet so many more were unable to attend from the many churches sprinkled throughout the EU and UK. When the bible college closed in June, 2013, we received many invitations to bring our classes and training to churches.


We received that as a direction from the Lord, and for this last year and a half, we have had the opportunity to travel to many churches and nations, leading and teaching on worship. God has blessed us over and over again, as we have seen the fruit and response growing. A fire was definitely lit here, and the hunger for God in this young generation is increasing.


However, that’s not the only thing increasing. Since we have been here, God has blessed us with 6 more grandchildren! Although we see them for a week or two when we visit the States each year, we haven’t been able to really know them. God has been speaking to us, confirming in various ways, to return to the States and invest in our family. Family is important to God; He even reveals Himself as our “Father.”


Because we have seen fruit in the ministry God has given us here, we desire to continue in it. We plan to minister to the churches and youth in the US, as well as abroad when occasion allows. We will be stationed Stateside instead of in Germany. We still have a vision to travel to different churches and fellowships, bringing worship seminars, teachings, and mentoring. Our hope is to stay connected with the churches in the EU and UK, and periodically follow up with them and encourage them.


Our lives aren’t our own…we gave them to Christ years ago to accomplish His will. It has been a great adventure of faith over here, and it will be sad to leave the people we have grown to love. Yet, we are following where we know God is leading. God has encouraged us to see this as not going “back” to the States, but “forward.” We will continue to live as missionaries, but are changing our place of residence. We will still be connected with Saving Grace World missions, if you feel led to help support our continuing ministry. It would be a great encouragement and blessing.


We covet your prayers in this new adventure. There is so much to do in this transition, as we get ready to depart. We plan to leave towards the end of the year, sometime in November. There is also the challenge of changing cultures, and adapting to the demands of life in the US. Thank you for standing with us in your faithful love, prayers, and support. Words can’t express our gratitude.

In Christ’s love and service,

Bruce and Teresa


“Shout joyfully to God, all the earth!

Sing the Glory of His Name

Make His praise glorious.” Ps. 66:1-2