Meet our Newest Missionaries


Aden and Ruth Knepper

For the last five months we have been busy serving here in village of Carrigaline on the small island of Ireland. We moved here as we saw the need in the fellowship and we felt God was calling us to trust in Him and take that step of faith to serve Him in full time Missions. For both of us, missions was something that we grew up in. Ruth had been with her family in Romania since she was four and I had been in Ireland since I was fourteen. We have seen the joys and the struggles that come with serving God on the Mission field, and for us serving God in foreign missions is what we want to do and its something that God has called us to.
Serving in Ireland has been a huge blessing and we see that this is where God wants us right now and this is where we are going to continue to serve until God moves us on. At times we have found it difficult to be in missions and to not have a specific sending church. Like I said, Ruth and I grew up in serving the small fellowships around us and therefore when we were ready to do missions we didn’t have a church dedicated to backing us up and helping us with the logistics of being on the missions field. This is why we have decided to partner with Saving Grace World Missions.
We felt that this partnership would give more stability to our ministry and would help us with communicating to people what we are doing. It has been helpful as well to get counsel from people who have been involved with missions for years and have a lot of good advice for us who are just starting off on our own. We find that our partnership with SGWM will help us to keep our supporters up to date with what is going on. All our financial support will go through SGWM which will help us to budget and at the end of the year they will also help us with taxes. These things are extremely helpful for us and it’s a blessing to be a part of an organization that’s there to help us in the ministry.  We pray that God will bless our partnership with SGWM and use it to further His Kingdom.