Knepper September 2014 Update

In the last update that we sent out we were in the midst of our Kids outreaches/ VBS. After our first day of events in Valeni we had to postpone the other two days for about a week because of wet weather(we don’t have a building in Valeni). But when we were able to go ahead and do the other days of activities we really had a great time with the kids. Our group 8 to 10 year old’s went pretty

well. On the last day Ruth translated for me as I talked to the kids about Abraham being saved by faith and not through his works. Through this there was a great opportunity to share with them what Jesus did for them on the Cross. At the end we asked if they would like to respond to what Jesus had done for them and ask God to come into their lives and be the Lord of their life. After a few seconds of silence one of the girls shyly rose her hand and then three other girls after her. Soon we had pretty much the whole class raising their hands. So we explained a little more about what it meant to pray to God and ask Him to come into their life and Ruth lead them through a prayer in which they repeated after her. It was a blessing to see so many kids wanting to pray to receive Christ in their life. Who’s to say whether they were genuine in their prayers or not? Only God knows their hearts and that’s whats important. We just pray that God’s work would continue in their hearts and that as they get older they would desire to live a life for Him. Thank you for all your prayers for our Kids Outreaches!

This past month we as a church have switched up our children ministry curriculum. With that Ruth and I will be teaching the “older kids class” (8-11 year old’s) in Valeni most Thursdays during our mid-week church meeting. At the moment we are working to finish up the book of Acts before we start our studies in the Old Testament. Ruth and I are excited to be able to teach the kids class on a more weekly basis and through this further build our relationships with the kids here in Valeni. So we ask that you would be keeping the kids here in your prayers! And also pray for us as we teach them and disciple them.

Youth Group

     Also in our last update I talked a bit about the teenage group here in Valenii de munte that we’ve started to meet with on a weekly basis. We have a good faithful group of about 6 teenagers each week. This past month Ruth and I started a study in the book of Ephesians which has been going great. Ephesians first focuses on all that God has done for us( those Spiritual blessings He’s poured on us) and then in light of what God has done Paul talks about our worthy response as Christians. At the moment we are taking it slow and talking about the different things God has done on our behalf. We’ve been trying to keep our studies very interactive with plenty of questions and it’s been going good so far with the conversations we’ve had. Pray for us as we head up this youth group. That God would strengthen us in the spiritual attacks. That He would give us wisdom to best serve these teenagers. And also pray for the teenagers- that they would desire to live a life in response to what God has done for them and that they would draw close to God and have a relationship with Him.

Picking Black Berries

    Along with the youth group in Valeni we also want to meet with the teenagers in Ciorani on a regular basis. Just a few weeks ago we had a van full from Ciorani come up to Valeni to be apart of our regular study and it was a great time of studying and playing capture the flag. But there is definitely a need there in Ciorani for a youth group type meeting and we just need wisdom on how that would look practically in our weekly schedule and cost. So your prayers for wisdom in this area would be good. There’s a good group of teenagers there in Ciorani and we’d like to be able help teach them and disciple them in anyway that we can.

On another note, Ruth and I have been very well. This past month we had a couple of good trips with Ruth’s family before Sharon(Ruth’s sister) went off to Bible College in York, England. We took a two night camping trip to the Black Sea and then later we had a day trip in the mountains(not too far from where we live). We had a lot fun and it was great to have times to relax after all the busyness from the Kids outreaches. It is good to take a break and spend time in God’s beautiful creation!

We are thankful for “every spiritual blessing” that the Lord has given us in Christ Jesus. It is a blessing to be here in Romania to share what God has done through His Son. It has been so amazing to see God’s provision all along the way and we are thankful for all our friends and family who are praying for us and who are behind us in the ministry here. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers often!

“(Jesus) Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness- by whose stripes you were healed.”

1 Peter 2:24


God Bless,

Aden and Ruth Knepper