Knepper November Update

 It is hard to believe that October has already come and gone. We have had a great month here in Romania. On October 13th Ruth and I celebrated our one year anniversary of being married. Looking back on the last year we can see the great blessings that the Lord has poured out on us. It has been so amazing to see God working and leading us in this life so far. In celebration of our anniversary we took an overnight trip to the beautiful historical city of Brasov, about 2 and a half hours from Ciorani. The old centre was really amazing. I love the long pedestrian roads in old European cities; the old buildings and quaint bakeries. The best thing about Brasov was the fact that you can look around and see all the old historical buildings and then look up past the roof tops and see the beautiful mountains that surround the city. It was really good to get away and get to spend some quality time with one another.

     The rest of the time this month has been pretty busy. We’ve been working to get the church building here in Ciorani all ready for winter. At the moment the weather has been really nice but very soon everything is going to start to freeze and there won’t be much opportunity to work on the outside of the building. Ruth and I have had various opportunities to teach the kids during our mid-week and Sunday meetings. Sometimes I teach and Ruth translates for me and sometime I just sit back and tell the kids to “SHH!”. I’ve found that “SHH” so far has been widely understood throughout my travels in Europe. With regards to the Romanian language Ruth says she’s surprised sometimes by how much I know. She says no matter what the topic might be I can find a way to use the limited Romanian I know… Just recently I was able to find a good book to learn Romanian so I’m really excited to get further into that and pray God would help me to learn Romanian.

     Back in the beginning of October I started a study through Colossians chapter 3. Myself and a guy here named Matt have been taking turns teaching the mid-week studies on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Colossians 3 has been a real blessing to study and teach. I’ve been so excited to teach because with Ruth translating it’s one of the main times I get to really talk about the Lord with the people here. Through our time being here God has really been emphasising the fact that our faith in Christ is everything. That Jesus Christ is our life. He is not to be a portion or piece in our lives but that He is everything. I liked a quote that I read during my studies that “Jesus did not die for some of our life but He died so that He could be our life”. These are things that the Lord has been speaking to us. To let go of ourselves and to be a tool solely for His purpose and pleasure. It excites us to be here in Romania and to see how the Lord might use us. We want to see the Romanian people come wholly to the Lord and that Christ would be their everything. We want to be used in the lives of the youth to help bring them to maturity and a correct understanding of God’s will for their lives.

We have only two weeks left here in Romania and we will be heading to England on the 18th of November. After two weeks there in England we will be heading for California on the 2nd of December. Let us know if you want to meet up while we are there. If there are any opportunities to share or minister in any of your fellowships or Churches then please let us know. We are praying and hoping to get plane tickets as soon as we can to get back to Romania for early spring.

Thank you for taking the time to read the update. I need to make them shorter I know. But we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email or skype us if you’d like. We thank you for your prayer and support and know that the Lord is doing great things and your prayer and support help us so much in the ministry here!

With love In Christ,

Aden and Ruth Knepper

 Remember to pray for us:

Our Remaining time here

  • Pray against sickness as we are trying to get over colds
  • Pray for further opportunities to get to minister to people on an individual level… We have had some great opportunities lately to give counsel and encouragement to people going through trials and difficulties
  • Pray for Ruth as she translates Bible studies for me. It can be stressful for her at times.
  • Pray for my studies in Romanian 🙂


Soon we will be heading to England (November 18th) and then to the States (December 2nd)…

  • Pray that God would open up opportunities in churches and fellowships to share our heart in Romania and to minister in whatever way.
  • Pray that God would put it on the hearts of His people to invest and partner with us in the ministry here in Romania both through prayer and through financial means.


Praise God that…

  • He has made it clear that this is where He wants us
  • He is working on the hearts of the youth and the adults to draw them closer to Himself and to bring them to maturity
  • He is our life and our everything. May it always be.