Darouze Update Week 2

Posted by Cindy Broniste

Greetings!  God is doing great things here in just the short time I’ve arrived, so I hope you will stay with me and continue to read about them as I share! Ministry has begun: Week 2 Wednesday the 20th was the fulfillment (or start of it) of years of praying. I went on my first…


Martinez Update March

Posted by Cindy Broniste

 We continue to praise God for His love, grace and mercy. His goodness definitely endures forever. As most of you know our little Rosemary was diagnosed with Lupus last October. Lupus is a disease in which the immune system attacks normal healthy tissues and organs, which includes skin, joints, kidneys, brain, heart, lungs, and blood….


Darouze Update March

Posted by Cindy Broniste

 I have finally arrived and am more blessed than I ever could have imagined! I have been here a full week, and it has been a FULL week! The team arrived here on Monday afternoon, which was about Sunday night CA time. I am 12.5 hours ahead here. We left LAX Saturday morning, after a two…


Carver Update March

Posted by Cindy Broniste

A Blessed First Week This year I got to celebrate my birthday in a whole new way, I boarded a plane to return to Asia. We were sent out with so much love from my church and family (my baby nephew even helped me pack and saw me off at the airport!). God’s hand was…


Havard Update March

Posted by Cindy Broniste

OUR GOD IS BIGGER THAN WE CAN IMAGINE For the past year Mary and I have been working with Giving Children Hope, Dr. Juventine Emuku, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Ugandan Minister of Health to determine the needed equipment for the new Soroti hospital, source these needs and fund the equipment and transportation…


Enright Update March

Posted by Cindy Broniste

Today, as the nation of Israel prepares for the arrival of President Obama, our little friend Atwar and his dad are happily flying back to Kurdistan. Eli told us he is returning to work on Sunday which is an issue we prayed about as he was gone from work longer than planned. We are thankful…


Sarkar Update March

Posted by Cindy Broniste

Overcoming the Hurdles It is hard to believe we are already in the middle of March!! In just six, short, months, we will be on our way to Nepal!! There is still a lot of preparation that we have to do before we can move, but we are slowly and surely making progress! We are…


Update from Heather

Posted by Erin Thiemann

…We appreciate all of your prayers as none of us had ever hosted and taught at a Marriage Conference and the church had never had a conference specifically for married couples. Much to our surprise….  

Update from Janiene Bishop

Posted by Erin Thiemann

We visited a village yesterday. We did a little program for the kids at the school…

Update #2 from Pastor Mike

Posted by Mike Thiemann

The team had a great time going to the Promise Child School today…