SGWM at the Calvary Chapel 2018 Global Missions Conference

Posted by Joel Garcia

(Editor’s Note: Tim Rich (deacon and leader of Missionary Care Teams at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace) and his wife Mary Ann helped man SGWM’s table at the Calvary Chapel 2018 Global Missions Conference. Below is Tim’s assessment of SGWM’s reach from his experience at the conference.) Picture yourself sitting at the SGWM table at the…


It’s A Jungle Out There!

Posted by Joel Garcia

by Joel Garcia For many Americans, just the sight of a “Daddy Long Legs” spider showing up in the corner of the tub for our morning shower is enough to send us running down the street ready to burn down our whole house to get rid of the thing. I had this experience just a…


Gaona Family Update: Christmas Comes To The Leper Colony

Posted by Joel Garcia

About a year ago, an opportunity opened up to visit a leper colony in Nepal and they welcomed us gladly since visitors to the compound are very few. The first bumpy bus ride to the outskirts of town was filled with thoughts that raced through our minds like “would we touch the lepers” and “how…


Christmas in Pakistan with the Poor and the Outcast

Posted by Joel Garcia

Last month, Saving Grace World Missions and our missionary in Pakistan, Pastor Nadeem Massey, put together a campaign to raise money for a Christmas party for some of the poor and outcast in Pakistan, a group called the “Brickmakers.” The Lord faithfully provided through His people to fund this, and the Brickmakers, who are essential…


Welcome New SGWM Missionaries Vincent & Melissa Aniku!

Posted by Joel Garcia

We’d like to welcome the newest additions to the SGWM team of missionaries, Vincent and Melissa Aniku! We had an amazing time meeting with Melissa in our office last week with Vincent joining us over the phone from Uganda (as seen on the tiny phone in our picture). We are excited to have them on board…


Huge News for Our Work in South Asia!

Posted by Joel Garcia

We had some big news come out this last week regarding the amazing work the Lord is doing through SGWM in South Asia. As we’ve been constructing a Bible College there in our new location, we just received the official acceptance letter that our campus there will be an official Calvary Chapel Bible College Affiliate…


Come and Teach in India

Posted by Deanna Carver

The Lord has allowed Calvary Chapel Saving Grace to be involved in helping to establish a School of Ministry in North India.  The purpose of the SOM is to equip young men for the ministry of furthering the Gospel and planting churches. The Lord is radically using the graduates from the School of Ministry to…


Kanyike Prayer Request

Posted by Nikki Arriaga

Lotodore is a village in N.E. Uganda where the Kanyike family and a team from Arise Christian Fellowship have been sent to do door-to-door evangelism, vacation bible school, to provide education on hygiene and to provide deworming medicine for children.—see Brian’s video. Before they left for the outreach in Lotodore, Brian and Jill’s car was hit…


Prayer Request From the Kanyike Family

Posted by Brian and Jill Kanyike

Please pray for Jill Kanyike as she was recently diagnosed with a severe case of Bilharzia. Bilharzia, also known as schistosomiasis, is an infection that is received from a parasitic worm that lives in fresh water. This worm is mostly found in the tropical regions of the world. The Doctors think this may be the…


A Message From Brian Kanyike

Posted by Brian and Jill Kanyike

Lotodore is a village in N.E. Uganda where Arise Christian Fellowship will be sending a team to do door-to-door evangelism, vacation bible school, educating on hygiene and providing deworming medicine for the children. The cost needed for this missions trip is $1,000. If you would like to donate to the Missions Trip please click here….