New Students Eager to Learn Truth

We have 15 New Students This Semester!

   It is a joy to me to get back to you with so many interesting things that our Lord is doing here on the campus! I hope every one is doing great in the race that we have for Christ.

Bible College Class

The month of March has been very productive for me and the students here, as I am continuing teaching from 1 and 2 Kings. I am so thankful that God is blessing me with great applications to use in the classroom- which are very useful to the students and to me at the same time. Last semester, I had six students in my class. This semester, the Lord brought fifteen more students from different states! I have had a great time teaching them a review all the way from Genesis to 1&2 Samuel. We reviewed right up to our current semester class, Kings. I taught them several classes on the flow of Biblical history, because they have never gone to Bible College before. It is wonderful to see how God gathers people from different provinces to meditate on His Word and to experience His Word and to understand it in a rightly divided way.

    As I am going through 1 Kings with the students, these two verses have become very personal to me, “Blessed be the LORD, who has given rest to His people Israel according to all that he promised. There has NOT failed ONE word of all his good promise, which He promised through His servant Moses.” 1 Kings 8:56 and, “Let your heart therefore be loyal to the LORD our God, to walk in His statutes and keep His commandments, as at this day.” 1 Kings 8:61. Most of the students are doing well with their assignments and are following the time schedule. When I find a few students who are not doing well with their studies and obligations here, I talk with them. I remind them of what a privilege this opportunity is for them to study the Word of God here, and of the remarkable facilities that God has provided for them, so that they can focus on studies. I also explain to them the value of time while they are here on campus. As part of the classes, I am showing them videos of Solomon’s temple and other maps and locations to make the Word memorable and understandable. Students are asking great questions! I love to learn new things, and love even more to share what I have learned from the Word. 

Soccer Outreach with a Short Term Team

  We are also so blessed with gifts from teams who visited! We and the local young people were blessed with soccer jerseys and the students got cleats. We played with the community young people a few times. We are praying for God to help us reach the community. I remember Pastor G.’s words to our team after the game. He said, “Remember, the purpose is not just to have fun playing a game with them. We are also not trying to get them to become just converts to Christianity. Our ultimate goal is to make them disciples of Jesus.” He then reminded us of Matthew 28:19, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Those words inspired us so much, and they became our fundamental “theme” words to continue to play with them and show them love.

The Team Brought Me an IPAD!

   We found that most of us were not good enough soccer players to compete with the local young people (even though it was a friendly game). So, T. took the responsibility to teach us how to move and play strategically. I am very thankful for him. His training was so effective and the students learned some good moves from him. The students also had a great time hearing his teachings on the letter to the Hebrews. 

   I should tell you about one more huge blessing! When the team was here, I was blessed with an ipad from Calvary Chapel S. J.! I have been praying for this device for the past several months, along with some other things, and I was so surprised to see how God listens to my prayers! The ipad is very useful to me while I am teaching. It also helps me make my own notes for my semester break preaching and so many ministry purposes.

Pastor B.’s Family is a Blessing

  It’s been a great time this semester to have pastor B.’s family here with us at the campus. We staff always learn many things from this sweet family! They help us grow in our personal relationship with God, and give suggestions on how to organize various aspects of the school. 
   We are having a great semester studying the Word, praying for each other and helping one another in spiritual things. Please continue to pray for the students as they are introduced to the new system of learning the Bible (verse by verse). They come from backgrounds where some of the servants of God teach topically with strange doctrines. So, please pray that the Holy Spirit will help them understand and encourage them towards Jesus as they are spending time in the Word.

Soccer Outreach

   I received emails from some of you. Please know that those are very precious to me. They made my day! Thank you for loving me and taking time to pray for me.

God bless you,

Pastor R.K.

Ministering With All of Our Might

My apologies for not writing updates for the past few months. I have been hit with many things. I always want to let you know what God is doing here through us, but I have failed very often to do that because of the situations I have been going through.

My Exam Papers

Before I went to Bible College, I studied pharmacy to earn my bachelor’s degree. I studied well, but somehow I still had two exams I needed to take to complete the degree. In the month of December, they sent me a notification about these two exams, and I was able to pay my exam fee. Then, I prepared and waited for the exams. As the date drew closer to the exams, I was supposed to receive an entrance ticket, which would allow me to take the exams. They told me that I did not receive the entrance ticket because I am no longer a student of the college or under college management. As a result, I had to meet with many professors and officers to receive my entrance ticket from the university so that I could take the exams. (They had not initially told me that I needed to go through a different process to get the entrance ticket, since I am no longer an active student.) Finally, I received my entrance ticket only 1 hour before the exam, on January 23. I am telling you all of this because that was a season when I could not communicate with any of you because all I had was my old phone, that I cannot use for sending a newsletter. Thank you for being so kind!

Praising the Lord with a Visiting Team
Open-Air Gospel Meeting

I did well on my exams and returned back to the Bible college, and God used me in many ways. We hosted two teams back-to-back from CCM and SJ. This was a great opportunity for me to do various types of ministry along with the teams. I went with the students to a city to do an outreach where our CCM team also attended three days of open air meetings. The students were able to serve practically, ministering with people who came from different areas and with people who speak different dialects.

Before we went to that outreach, the team did a puppet show for the community. I was glad to be a part of it. The team used puppets to teach about God. They also blessed the children in the community with school bags and water bottles. We are all trying to reach the people in the community here, and we need your prayer support.

Rescue House Fellowship

After that, we hosted the SJ team, and I was so blessed to travel with them to a large city. We visited brothel colonies there, where there are more than twenty thousand women. These women are from different areas, and they have been seduced to come here for good jobs. Then, they end up in the prostitution business as their profession. We met a pastor who has a rescue house in the heart of that area, with his church. We were able to hear his testimony, how he dedicated his life to rescue the women from that profession, to share the Good News with them, and to restore them back to their homes.

Visiting Slums for Ministry

We also visited local slum areas in this city and saw how our Lord became a hope for them in the midst of all of their circumstances. We prayed with many families, and those who were ill. We saw a church there with four walls made of women’s clothing. One man who accepted the Lord Jesus gave his small amount of land for the church service. All the church could do was to put up a few logs for the building support beams, and they covered the sides with woman’s clothing. All the Christians in that slum area attend church there every week. It is so fascinating to see their hearts for God!

After our short trip to this city, we arrived back at the school. Pastor A taught the students about how to interpret the Bible, including the pastoral epistles. After those classes, many students said that they had never understood the Bible before like that. They said, now they are able to understand why it is written the way it is.

Pastor A. Taught About Interpreting the Bible

This semester, I am teaching 1 & 2 Kings to the students. Since we have been blessed with a few more new students, I also need to review all of 1 & 2 Samuel to help them understand the history. Please keep praying for me, that the Holy Spirit will bless me with the applications that the students need and that are useful for their future ministries.

God bless you,

Pastor R.K.

Reaching Out to Slum Children
A Slum We Ministered In
Traveling For Outreach
A Slum We Visited
Slum Church Made with Sticks and Woman’s Clothing

Rewarding Work for the Lord

What a blessed season in ministry!
The months of September and October have been a great blessing in continuation of what we have prayerfully started! When I look at all the things that happened before and what is happening right now, it is just beautiful! It is very clear that it is the Lord’s will to bring all these people from different parts of the world together to serve Him.

Flood Victims We Helped

God gave us another opportunity to reach out to many other flood victim families with many more basic needs. I heard from the local pastor in this area, that 7 more people were added to the church after our little crew visiting with Biju!

Helping Flood Victims

It reminds me of Acts 2:47, “And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved”. It is an incredible instance to see how God saves people. During our first trip we simply went there and distributed supplies to them. At the end, we told them how Jesus was our motivation to help them. The seeds were sown into their hearts and on our second trip we found people that are already attending the church. Praise God!

 Thank you for your consistent prayers for this ministry. Please know that not a single moment of your time in prayer has been in vain! Every single prayer and every single second that you invested and prayed reached God, and I am seeing the ramification here.

Student Preaching About Jesus to Flood Victims

Students enjoyed visiting the flood victims, as well. They were able to see the practical Christian life of loving people whom you have never seen before; how to stretch out your hands to help them, and how to smile at the people who are questioning you about the Person you are preaching about. Personally, I am looking forward to more outreaches with the students, because there is a great need every where we go. In this outreach some of them preached and some sang and all helped to distribute the provisions.
Classes have been very interesting! I have been teaching the students about Jonathan and David’s friendship. I was explaining the four facets of friendship which are initiative, support, encouragement and risk with different verses from 1 Samuel. I often remember how true it was in my Bible College life, as a student, that my leadership took initiative to instill the Word of God into my life. They supported me in different circumstances and they encouraged me to bring me to this point.
Thank you team! I don’t know some of you, but you are taking all these basic friendship facets, which became an oil of encouragement to me to continue my race for our Lord.

Cleaning up the Campus Grounds

Regarding campus development, we are doing well! There is a difference between working because you have to, and working with your heart because you feel inside it is your responsibility. I am watching the students as they are working from their heart. They love to work and all of them are gifted with a servant’s heart. Most of the students now know how to work with machines and they have also learned how to repair the machines. We are weed whacking. After we gather all the heaps of weeds, we dry them. Then, we burn them after they have dried.

This how open space looks when we finish with weed whacking.

Also we did lot of wood cutting (trees had fallen from heavy wind, and some old tree stems were on the ground randomly) we collected all the wood, cut it, and stacked it in different corners of the campus.

We have also planted a vegetable garden. At one point, I was very disappointed because I did not see the growth of sprouts. It took a bit of time to see the useful plants.

Vegetables we planted in our garden

We sowed many kinds of vegetables and leafy vegetables that we cook often. I was so happy to see the growth! I understood how a farmer feels after all his hard work; starting with making good ground to plant in, all the way to the time of harvest.

It was a great joy to have pastor M.T here with us and to get inspired about how to read the Word of God. He taught us Inductive Bible Study. I was able to sit and take notes on the classes. This is the fifth time I have been taught on this subject. I loved it. I have learned so much from pastor M.

Teaching Class with Pastor M.

It reminded me how much I should be patient when I read the Bible and how careful I should be as I look for the meanings in each passage. The students we have here are from different dialects so we had two translators. It went so well that I am sure now everyone knows the epistle of Jude.
It was  also a great week because I was able to spend time with J. E. who used to work with me in a Christian non-profit organization.

Spending Time With Pastor J.E.

Pastor J.E. first introduced me to CCBC Nepal. We both are extremely happy for each other! Before, we both knew about God, but we were not taught correctly. Now, we both truly know God! After going to Bible college for 2 years, we are now serving God with the same ministry. This leaves me in so much joy all the time! I am sure pastor A is so happy to see us serving back home–after we had been his students in Nepal. We went out one day and had a refreshing time as we remembered what God has done in our life and thanked Him.
I am excited to meet you, team, again through my next letter with many more remarkable things that God is doing here. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Please keep praying!
God bless you,
Pastor R.K.

Distributing supplies to flood victims

Our Campus Vegetable Garden


Cleaning up the Campus Grounds


Vegetable Garden



Visiting with Pastor J.E.

Serving the Lord with Gladness

Teaching a Class of Students

It is a great pleasure for me to begin writing you this letter about how God is working through us here in South Asia. I hope everyone is doing excellent!

   So many things have happened in the month of August. First, I had several discussions with my coworkers about the schedule that students should follow while they live on this campus, and then I gave the students their routine for the semester.  Typically, their day begins at 6:00 am with morning devotion and ends by 9:30 pm after their study hall.  I encouraged them with something I learned in my Bible college, “Before you see anyone’s face, seek Jesus’ face first, and start your day by spending time with God.”

A Student from Our School who was Diagnosed with TB

After 2 weeks of smooth running of the college, one of the students became sick and needed to be taken to the hospital in town. They later referred him to another hospital in a far city, which is 3-4 hours away from where we live.  I went with that student, along with a couple of other guys, for a few days to admit him to the hospital and find out what was going on in his body.

  After more than 3 weeks, we came to find out that he caught Tuberculosis and needed 6 months of medication, so he went back to his home to get treatment.  I was sorrowful to lose one of the students temporarily, but Lord willing, he will be back next semester.  I am thankful to my coworkers who covered my teaching days with their subjects while I was away from the campus, working on our student’s healthcare.
   This semester, I am teaching 1 & 2 Samuel, and I just love it. I am teaching so many Christ-centered applications to the students from this subject. They are working on their assignments, and they are getting good grades in the written exams. They ask many questions during class and also outside class.

Some of the Study Notes I have Made for Teaching

I’m learning that studying the Bible as a teacher is very different from when I studied the Bible as a student. Now, I can imagine how many hours my leaders studied, and how many late nights they went through to teach us when I studied as a Bible college student.  1 Samuel 3:19 has become very close to my heart as I am learning and teaching through my classes: ‘So Samuel grew and the LORD was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground’ and 1 Samuel 16:7 ‘For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart’.

Cleaning up the Campus Grounds

Throughout the week, we all work together after class on campus development. Since it is rainy season, the weeds have grown very quickly, so all the staff and students work together to make the campus look presentable.  We use machines to cut the weeds and clear out the unnecessary wood on the campus. I am thankful to the leadership who teach me how to use and repair the machines and suggest how to keep things in a clean and ordered way.

Helping Flood Victims with Biju

   I also had an opportunity to go with my coworker S.B., and our neighbor Biju, to help the victims of recent floods in this state.  We filled Biju’s jeep with basic survival needs like rice, edible oil, sugar, snacks and many clothes that blessed more than 50 families.  One woman shared on behalf of her family and friends, that these were things that they desperately needed.  It was at that moment that brother Biju started to share that Jesus is the reason we came to them.  Please pray for the seeds of the Gospel that were sown to grow and that many will give their lives to the Lord.

God bless you,


Teaching Class

Teaching Class

A Student from Our School who was Diagnosed with TB


Cleaning up the Campus Grounds

Helping the Flood Victims

The Great Need of “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth”

 It is a great joy to me to convey what we are doing as a team here in Asia! During the semester break I got to visit my home and spent some quality time with my family. After spending a few days with my family, I thought there should be another reason that God sent me back to my home state again during that specific time, so I started to pray for opportunities to go and teach the Word. As the days passed by, I was attending Sunday church services in local areas and every week I went to church my heart was broken (literally, as I saw the superstition) to see the way they worship our God and to hear about all their prosperity teachings.

R.K. and Pastor A.

   I also learned about a 24 year old Christian brother A. who is a pastor of a small church. He has a passion for ministry, but doesn’t have proper knowledge about what the Bible highlights. He graduated from a local Bible College where they emphasize material blessings (prosperity Gospel) and also seemed to have some other untrue teachings. He has a heart to learn. I felt that he just didn’t have good teaching. He is teaching the things he learned in his Bible College. So, I tried to learn more about him. I got to listen to his testimony, which is very inspirational!
   This is part of his testimony; After Bible College, he saw how his leaders were wrongly idolizing their higher authorities so he didn’t join with them or with any other denominations for support- though he was asked by different local Christian leaders many times to join with them. I saw how sincerely he wanted to serve God. I asked him if I could teach in his church on one Sunday and he said, “Yes, whenever you can.” I thanked our Lord for that opportunity.
   One of this brother’s relatives accepted Christ and opened her house to organize a place for church service every Sunday- the picture on the right is the room where they are worshiping God.
   However, there is a great sacrifice behind it. This is the only room she has, one part of it is the kitchen, and the rest is the living area and the bedroom as well. There are many who have bigger places, but this woman has a big heart to accommodate the believers.
   Also, this young Pastor served in many other local areas, but because of his family responsibilities (it’s cultural) he is unable to continue to go to nearby villages to preach and organize church services with the believers. I ask you all to join your prayers along with mine; for him to have opportunities to learn about God in a proper way and serve God mightily.
 I also had a second opportunity that God gave me during my semester break. I was so encouraged to meet another Pastor A. and the ministry he is blessed with! He has been in the ministry for the past eighteen years, but the remote village people he is working with have become so stubborn about Christianity that they are not taking God and the Gospel seriously. They are treating it as just another religion.

   Also, because of many other local pastors’ teaching (usually big pastors conduct open air meetings, somewhat like healing crusades, to teach and collect large sums of money) many believers became “Cruisters”.  Only twice in a year they come to church ( for Easter and Christmas) and only then the church will be packed with believers. These believers are fading away in their spiritual life, so while I was there I encouraged

them from 2 Peter 1: 1-11 to keep going and keep growing in our Lord. You can see a whole new beautiful generation (the kids) in the picture and I am requesting you all to take time to pray for them- that they will choose to follow Jesus when they become adults.
 The family you see to the right believes that God called them to this remote area for His purpose, and so no matter how hard it is to serve there they are consistently trying to reach people. Please pray for them.
   As I am travelling to different villages, one of the strong points I am confronting always with people is Caste system. Most of the communities here believe that Jesus Christ is the God for lower caste people, so it is a big deal to these people for a higher caste person to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord. As this family is living and doing ministry among higher caste people, please pray that they may not get discouraged with their target.
   I am holding my hands together while I beseech you all, my team that prays for me, to pray that I may see the urgency of  the Gospel and the necessity of rightly dividing the Word of God in the places that God is sending me. This is what God spoke to my heart during this semester break: “as long as I am willing to serve voluntarily, He would bless me with as many opportunities as I ask”.
God bless you,

Joyful Times

Meeting Pastor T. and His Team!

Hello SGWM family!

We had a wonderful time at the Pastor’s Conference. It was a great opportunity for me to be involved in the worship team with these skillful men. At the end of the week, we were able to praise our God in five different languages.

Meeting Pastor T. and his team was the best time! While they were here, the way they expressed their love was remarkable. I was very blessed by their pastoral teachings the whole week, and it was a great reminder to me of how much responsibility I have to teach the Word in a rightly dividing way for the students here in the campus. At the end of week, I was given a few more responsibilities for campus development; I pray that God will give me wisdom to accomplish these things.

Gifted Hard Workers Who Helped Make the Pastor’s Conference Possible

I have included a picture with the young men who were behind the scenes for the Pastor’s Conference. I could not imagine the conference week (of course every single day) without these helpful and obedient hands. They worked regardless of time with big smiles on their faces. Each individual is unique and gifted in many ways; their testimonies are tearful.

I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for these young men on this beautiful campus. Please let me covet your steadfast prayers for this campus and these men from different states of this country in South Asia.

Sincere thanks,
R.K. (2)



Thanking God for the Wonderful Opportunity to Teach

Pastor R.K. Teaching

I am so very happy to write and share with you about what God has been doing in my life!

   2 Timothy 2:2 says, “And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”.
   Being able to teach others at the new Calvary Chapel Bible College in South Asia causes me to now look back at a few milestones in my life. I am so grateful to the leaders who invested in me at CCBC Nepal for two years and trained me to become a teacher (staff member) here at CCBC South Asia. I love what I do here at the campus as it’s a great platform to be used by God. In addition to teaching, I am also able to translate classes to the students who speak the language of my home state. I am also getting to know their lives in order to encourage and disciple them with the truth of God’s Word.

Pastor R.K. with other Bible College Staff

    I have this tremendous comfort of God in my everyday life, especially when I am preparing to teach classes and in my personal devotion time. I am excited for what God has for me in the future days of ministry and the current and future students that are going to come, learn and serve God.
   I am very thankful for you and for SGWM for giving me such a great opportunity to serve God with His beloved people. Thank you for praying and supporting me.
Thank you,
Pastor R.K. (2)