Glorifying Our Almighty God

Hosting Our Online Worship Service

We want to thank God, those at Saving Grace, and our entire family in the Lord for all of your help and support for us while we are in this situation that has brought us into a pitiful condition. We love you so much. Every day and every night we think of you and pray for your all. 

   Nothing can stop (us from) glorifying our Almighty God.

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

   All over the world, the Corona Pandemic has created a lot of problems. All the churches have also been on lockdown. But, by God’s grace, our church is still open. We gather on Saturday mornings with those who live near us. We pray and have fellowship with one another, as we study the Word of God and exhort each other in this very difficulty time. Praise God! He shows His mercy upon us. We are still safe and secure by His own precious blood.

Having Fellowship Together

We had another golden opportunity to share the Word of God through Zoom with different churches around the world and also to about 30 to 45 young adults from a different church.

   We have had two home fellowships during this period of time. Last week, we met together in a house to house fellowship. However, now Nepal is on a strict lockdown. The government doesn’t allow us to walk here and there. So, we had our church fellowship with the help of technology (through live social media). Everybody can listen the Word of God so they can prepare, examine themselves, repent, and be restored through our Lord Jesus.

Grace and Peace,

Rabi and Mahima

God Is in Control

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:9-10

 These months we are locked down and cannot leave our room due to the corona virus. These have been hard days. The government has prohibited local movement. But, social media has helped a lot. We are contacting believers, family, and friends via facebook and online media. We celebrated Good Friday and Easter within our family.

Sharing God’s Word Which We Are  Streaming Live Online

We are doing home fellowship each day. There are six of us staying under one roof.

   During the day, we are going through the Book of Habakkuk. We are  streaming this Bible Study live through facebook, so that others can join us.God is doing great things even during this lock-down. We have been able to help one of the families, who did not have enough food due to the lock-down crisis. We provided them some basic food items and helped them.
   We are conducting regular fellowship in our home. We also stream our Sunday and Wednesday services live. It is exciting to see people joining and engaging in the fellowship via facebook and Youtube.

Helping A Family With Food

I believe God is in control of everything, even in this hour of calamity. Full of hope, I am praying and believing that everything will be for the glory of God. 


Rabi and Mahima 

Beautiful Beginnings

We are thankful for all the Lord is doing here and we want to share with you an update this month from our church and the CC Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry where we are serving and a new semester has begun. Thank you for joining us in prayer as we appreciate your partnership as we desire to reach this country with the Gospel together.

Sweet Fellowship

Our Calvary Chapel Church

Jesus says in Luke 12:22-34, that we should not worry and specifically in Luke 12:32 he says, “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” We have seen God taking care of us and the church He has entrusted to us. As we gather, we continue to pray that more would come and know Jesus. Each week we are growing in God’s Word. We have now finished the book of Acts which took over 1 year. Through the study of the book of Acts, God has taught our fellowship to be bold witnesses of Christ and giving testimony of Christ in our lives. Now we have started teaching through the book of Genesis during our weekly church service. I will continue to teach through the book verse by verse and look forward to what the Lord will teach me and our church through the study.

We recently were blessed to have Pastor Aaron visit our church and teach the Word. God gave me the opportunity to translate and He is teaching me each time I am able to do so. I want to be obedient and faithful to Him and this is a new area for me so please pray that God would give me the abilities I need to serve Him in every way.


This semester, I am teaching the book of John at the Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry. God has given me the grace to serve Him, disciple others, teach them and pray for each of our students so that in the future God may use them to establish churches. It is my heart to see the students sent to where the Gospel is needed.

Great Class Session at the Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry

My wife is also studying as a full-time student in Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry. This is her 2nd semester, so I request you to pray for her to finish race she is running as she studies God’s Word. We have been married less than one year, so please pray for me and my beautiful wife to be used in God’s kingdom for His glory. Another area of ministry that God has opened up for me is to teach the Word through Facebook, YouTube and Online Fellowship. Please pray that as I teach, that the ministry online would be fruitful and those viewing and listening would come to know Jesus and grow in His Word.


Rabi and Mahima

Teaching the Word Throughout Summer

Student’s Church Group

During the semester break, we were able to take several trips to different remote parts of the country to teach the Word of God and share the Gospel.

Sharing the Word at Bible College Student’s Village and Church

God gave us an opportunity to visit one of the current students from the Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center during the semester break. We visited his church in the west. I was able to share the Word of God from the book of James and teach them that it is by faith alone that we are saved and that it is not by our works.

Ministering at a Church in a Remote Area

Ministering in a Remote Place

By the grace of God, we got an opportunity to teach, train and equip them in the Word. God led us to be His witnesses in such a remote place where people don’t know the truth. The people in this region are lacking education, health centers, and proper sanitation. They suffer from malnutrition and there is a lot of early marriage. God took us to several villages to minister to these people during the semester break.  The people are living in the forest area and are cut off from the rest of the world. When they heard the Gospel, they believed in Jesus as their Lord and people are changed! Pray for these people as they are able to eat for six months and then they have 6 months of famine where there is no food in the region. Pray God will provide them with quality education, home shelter, health facilities, transportation and Biblical teaching.

Visit to my Wife’s Home Church

God gave me an opportunity to share the Word of God in my wife’s home village. It was a great honor to be able to visit the place where she is from and to teach the people from the Bible. Even though we are now married and living in the capital, we both have a heart for her home area and the people there.

Rabi and Mahima

Please for for the fall semester that is now underway, that as I teach, and Mahima is a student, that we would both grow in God’s Word and be further used for God’s glory.

Thank you for praying and supporting us,

Rabi and Mahima