What’s My Role at SGWM?

Recently, I was asked to describe what I do as the Director of Saving Grace World Missions. Well, to answer that question, I would need to catalog a book-load of information. None of us have that kind of time, but I would like to share with you three important things that paint the picture of how I support missionaries, promote ministries, and help fulfill the Great Commission from my office here in So Cal. The following examples provide a snapshot of what God is currently doing as I serve at SGWM.

Cows for Uganda

My good friend and long-time SGWM missionary Pastor Brian Kanyike was in the US on a brief furlough. Taking the time to meet with missionaries is a priority in my ministry at SGWM. So, this meeting provided the opportunity for Pastor Brian to share how blessed a remote village has been with the funds that we raised to construct two wells that provide, for the first time, fresh drinkable water. He further expressed the desire to purchase two “milk cows” as he continues to reach out to the people in this village. His commitment to God’s people doesn’t stop there, the next level of need is a source of protein as most of the children are malnourished. My task was to organize the SGWM team, make the request known, and within one week we raised over $1,800.

Mission Class in Pakistan

As I am connected with missionaries around the world through SGWM, I was approached by Pastor Nadeem Messey about doing a missions class. While connecting with him online, he shared a need to get more Biblically grounded concerning missions. The purpose he shared was to be trained concerning the Biblical basis of missions so that he, in turn, could provide training and be equipped to send the Pakistan youth on short-term missions trips. The goal and hope is that the Lord would raise up, from this group, full-time church planters in Pakistan. I am amazed that from my desk, God is using me to stir up a passion for missions in places like Pakistan.

Church Planting in Mexico

People don’t often contemplate the magnitude of uprooting a family, moving to a cross-cultural situation, and starting a ministry. The level of specialized coaching that is needed is immense. As the director, this is my primary role at SGWM and requires much time and attention. The Brechtel’s recently returned from a one-year language school in Mexico and are starting the transition to become church planters through SGWM. This week, I started their missionary training in our home office. The purpose is to equip and coach them through this transition with the ultimate goal to send them fully trained and ready to establish a church in Oaxaca Mexico.

“On Tuesday we discussed with Pastor Mike the importance of developing a vision for communication as missionaries. The training was immensely profitable in giving us an understanding of the importance of maintaining relationships with those we partner with back home. We focused on the importance of the missionary taking the responsibility to share all that God is doing in their lives and ministries in the hope that those back home might be encouraged to take steps of faith with us for the furtherance of the Gospel.”

– Jon & Alison Brechtel SGWM Missionaries to Oaxaca Mexico.

Until Next Time

This update is merely a small snapshot of all that the Lord is doing in and through my ministry here at SGWM. I hope that this helped develop a clearer understanding of my day-to-day ministry life. Thank you for taking the time to read through this short update and thank you to everyone who has faithfully prayed and supported my family and me for the past twelve years.

If you are not a part of my support team and would like to partner with me as I advance, promote, and help fulfill the Great Commission, please CLICK HERE.

God Bless,

Pastor Mike

A few weeks ago Pastor Mike shared his desire to post weekly missions articles. Train4Missions.com is is the site that he is currently building. You can check it out, but remember that it is still in the “under development” stage.

Pastor Mike and his wife Erin serve State-side as full-time missionaries through Saving Grace World Missions and raise their own missionary support. If you would like to partner with Pastor Mike and Erin to help them further the ministry of Missions Training, please click the “ways to give” image below.


Christmas Fundraiser

In Pakistan, my good friend Nadeem has begun ministering to a group of people known as the Brick Makers. These individuals are living in extreme poverty and are trapped in slavery as brick makers. As a platform to minister the Gospel, Nadeem would like to host a Christmas party outreach in this community. To raise the needed funds, SGWM will be hosting a Christmas photo shoot courtesy of Captured Grace Photography. On November 16th, 17th, and 18th Captured Grace Photography will have a Christmas-themed studio set up for you and your families to get their Christmas photos taken for a minimum donation of $40. As a thank you, every donation will receive a custom metal Christmas ornament of their picture. All donations will go to SGWM Most Needed to fund this outreach. Additional prints, digital copies, and Christmas cards of your pictures can be purchased through Captured Grace Photography.

Nov. 17th 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Nov. 18th 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Nov. 19th 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

You need to reserve your spot by clicking the link below. Also, please help us make this fundraiser a success by sharing it to your social media and by inviting your family and friends.


A New Direction


It has been over twelve years since I came on staff as a missionary with Saving Grace World Missions. I have seen God do so many radical things that I could never have imagined. Recently, God has brought in a fantastic addition to the SGWM home office, my good friend Tim Pappas. Tim will be taking a lot of the day-to-day administrative tasks from my plate which will significantly free me up to lead SGWM into the future. God has blessed me with incredible opportunities and experiences that have provided significant hands-on mission training. After gaining this level of preparation, I am now transitioning my focus and taking what I have learned and put it together in three formats – books, a weekly missions article, and an online missions school.

Two Books
The first task that I will be focusing on is writing two books. The first book will be directed to the missionary and will answer the questions of how to transition from living in the States to becoming a full-time cross-cultural missionary living overseas. The second book will be directed towards pastors. My goal would be to provide them with the wisdom and encouragement needed to become a thoroughly equipped sending church.

Weekly Missions Articles
There will be three target audiences for these articles – the missionary, the sender, and the sending church. Each of these audiences fills a unique role in the context of missions, and I look forward to sparking up conversations and providing insight to equip everyone to become better missionaries and senders. CLICK HERE to view an article.

Online Missions School
This, of course, is an enormous undertaking. I will start by creating online classes that will focus on training SGWM missionaries all the way from pre-field departure to developing a re-entry plan and everything in between. Once I get the classes in place, and it has been thoroughly vetted our vision will be to open this training up to the public.

I am excited to start chipping away at these new projects, and I believe that the Lord will significantly use them to help equip others in the task of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for all the years of faithful prayer and support. Erin and I are exceedingly blessed. If anyone would like to join our financial team, you can do so by clicking the link to the below.

God Bless,
Pastor Mike

End of the Spring Semester & New Life

We just want to start off this short update by thanking you for your prayers for the safe delivery of our baby! Jaime was born May 9th, healthy and strong! They delivered him c-section in the local hospital here, Rachel is recovering very well. We praise God for his guidance and care throughout this whole pregnancy! We’re just beginning to discover the joys and challenges of taking care of this little man and we ask for your continued prayer for strength and wisdom!

We’re so thankful to God at the outcome of this semester with the Bible College. Classes rapped up this past week and all the students have returned home. This was a very fruitful season being able to see the work that God did in each student throughout their time here and also the work He did in our own lives! As you know, we originally committed to do this one semester, but after a lot of thought and prayer we have decided to return to Costa Rica and continue directing the Bible College. We have made a commitment of a minimum of 2 years and if the Lords wills possibly longer. We’re really eager to see where God takes this school and the work He will accomplish here in both the national and foreign students.

During these few months of break between the semesters we plan on visiting the States and Mexico as well. One thing that we would ask you to keep in prayer for us concerning our visit back is the quick processing of our son’s U.S. Citizenship. There are some things we need to set in order before the next semester so we are praying the processing is smooth and fast!



Please keep the following in prayer;
-Plans and preparation for the upcoming fall semester
-Fresh vision for what the Lord wants to do in us and in this Bible College
-Provision for all the expenses of our son’s citizenshhip






Nepal Video Update #4

Pastor Trent Douglass, Pastor Brent Kaser and the other pastors have been in Nepal for about a week now assessing the needs and developing a plan on how we can best serve the Nepali people in order to bring them relief and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please watch the video and don’t forget to pray and donate!


Nepal Video Update #3 – Pastor Trent

Pastor Trent Douglass, Pastor Brent Kaser and the other pastors have been in Nepal for about a week now assessing the needs and developing a plan on how we can best serve the Nepali people in order to bring them relief and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please watch the video and don’t forget to pray and donate!


Nepal Video Update #2

Pastor Trent Douglass, Pastor Brent Kaser and the other pastors have been in Nepal for a few days assessing the needs and developing a plan on how we can best serve the Nepali people in order to bring them relief and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please watch the video and don’t forget to pray and donate!


Distributing Food to those in Need

11165238_1053828497966846_1719704331757760037_nOur team is working hard to bring relief and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nepali people in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. Here is a brief note and picture from Jena & Aaron Garcia –

Went to Jorkha Karadari village today and distributed food to those in need. Please continue to be praying for those who were affected by the earthquake.  Thank you so much for your donations through Promise Child that contributes to Nepal relief efforts.”

God Bless,
Arron & Jena


Donation Information

Relief funds have been set up through Saving Grace World Missions and Promise Child Ministries. 100% of all donations will go directly to the relief effort in Nepal.

We have a team stateside that you can contact with any questions or for additional information.

Logistical Questions
Pastor Bond and Heather Gaona, Calvary Chapel Kathmandu, Calvary Chapel Bible College Nepal, SGWM

Financial Questions
Jack Fletcher,  Accountant, Saving Grace World Missions

We believe that God has placed us in Nepal for such a time as this. To Him be the glory!