Equipping the New Generation

“One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.”

Psalm 145:4

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings from Pakistan, we praise God that we all are fine, we hope and pray that you and your families are also fine. Our Bible Study Groups, Brick maker’s group, Church, and team members are fine. The severity of the hot weather is also decreasing because of the monsoon, and ministry work goes on as routine. 

Special Training Program Near Desert

In the month of June we organized a Sunday School Teachers’ Training program in a city near Cholistan desert. This is a much neglected area. The church is not as active as it should have been there, and most of the people live tough and disadvantaged lives. The new generation has not been taken care of for the formal and spiritual education. We along with another ministry, which specifically works for the children, arranged a special three-day training program there.

It was very hot weather and we were expecting about 50 to 70 people there, but it was amazing to see that 200+ people were there for the training. It was a really great blessing for all of us. We not only provided training to these people but also free study materials for them to start Sunday Schools in their areas. These people came from about 17 different villages and towns from the surrounding areas.

This area has always been under the heavy influence of the prosperity teachers. Such activities like training and helping them to grow and start teaching their own children in the churches is something new for them. We are in touch with them and we will be having more trainings with them in the future. Please keep this area and our ministry work here in your prayers. 

Fellowship with Online Students

I teach three groups online every week. when God gives me opportunity to go and be with them personally, that is really great time. These times of fellowship really bless and refresh us all spiritually.

During these times I normally teach on specific topics. During this fellowship time our topic was “True Worship” and it was really helpful for all of us to see contemporary worship music, trends, tendencies and the concept of worship during this modern time and then compare that with the teaching of the Word of God about “True Worship”.

Vacation with family and team members

Last month we had an opportunity to participate in a conference on the topic of “Biblical Interpretation” (Hermeneutics) at a beautiful place in mountains. It was good to be at that refreshing and cool place for almost a week. Our whole team was really happy for this all. Our team members from the desert area had never seen mountains in their lives, so it was really amazing time for them to be there. We all had beautiful fellowship and and a very blessed time together. 

We praise God for all that He has always been doing in our lives and also through our lives. We give Him all glory and praise Him for this. We are thankful to you all for your love, care, support and prayers. Thank you so much! We love you and pray for you and your families. 

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

Thy Word is Truth

“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.”_______John 17:17

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan, we hope and pray that you are fine. Much has been taking place during the month of February and March here in Pakistan. The third wave of Covid-19 is very strong in our country, we have witnessed the death of some dear ones. The vaccine is being provided here, but it’s very slow and the vaccine is only available for the medical related people at this time. During the month of March, most of the time we have been in lockdown and it will continue for some more time. 

 Bible Study Groups

We praise God that our online bible classes have been going very well and as these young men and women are learning the Word of God verse by verse. They are very happy and have developed great interest in studying the Word of God this way. Right now we have three Bible study groups in two cities, and in each group we have about 40 students. 

We are reaching this new generation with the Word of God and it is powerfully transforming their lives. Please keep this teaching ministry in your prayers. 

Bibles and Bikes

We praise God that we have received 400 regular Bibles and 400 Children’s Bibles for the year 2021. We need Bibles every year for our outreach mission. These Bibles go to very far and remote areas where people are not often reached by the churches or Pastors. We evangelize in those areas and provide them with the Word of God. 

God has also blessed CC Pakistan with two new bikes for outreach. Our old bikes were bought in 2016 and we were having some problems while traveling on them. God has provided these new bikes this month! We praise God and we are thankful to you all for the prayers and support. 

Brick Maker’s Outreach

For almost 10 years now we are regularly reaching the poor brick makers’ community to share the word of God with them and encourage them in their Christian belief. We praise God that their new generation is able to go to schools and they are able to read the word of God themselves.

Please continue to keep these people in your prayers and if the Lord lays it on your heart to help them in some way, it will always be a great encouragement for these precious souls. 

Desert Mission

The mission in the desert continues! We have one Bible class in that area which is a truly amazing tool for opening the door into that area and also for opening the hearts and minds of those people to learn the word of God.

This is a vast mission field with many dimensions. We had planned a mission trip to the place right after Easter, but now because of lockdown we will need to reschedule our mission plans. Please keep our team and the people of this special area in your prayers. 

Our church, women’s ministry, and families are doing well. My wife Farah graduated from a seminary recently, it was really helpful for her as she has a heart to serve in Biblical Counseling. God is really Good, we are thankful to all of you once again and want to request that you please keep us all in your prayers. We love you all and pray for you!

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey
Calvary Chapel Pakistan

CC Pak in 2020

And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands for us;
Yes, establish the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings, we hope and pray that you are fine. We all at CC Pakistan are doing well and are thankful that God has protected us during all the tough times of 2020. This year was not easy for most of the people in this world because of the Covid-19 plague, but the Lord has been doing great things in our lives and through the ministry of Calvary Chapel Pakistan. As the year has come to the end, we want to share a snapshot of what the Lord has faithfully accomplished in this part of the world. We are thankful to you all for the prayers, support and care. 

Teaching Ministry in 2020

Without any knowledge that the world was coming to a stand still from March onward for many months, we prayerfully, with a new vision, started our online classes in two cities and God very amazingly and graciously provided for our needs to do that. These classes have been a really great tool in the hands of our Lord. We started with 35-40 students in one place, and almost same number in the other city. Now at the end of this year, there are about 75 more students interested in joining our class and those who have been studying are growing in the spirit and knowledge of the word of God in really amazing ways. It is really time consuming to bring these people out of the Word-faith, prosperity teaching they had received and feed them solid food of the word of God. We started with “Introduction to the Bible,” then we had a series on “The Authenticity of the Bible,” our next class after that was “The Centrality of Jesus Christ in the Bible,” and recently we finished one series on “Spiritual Discernment.” Now our students are ready to start “Basic Theology” classes with us. It took us almost one whole year to bring them to this place. Please continue to pray for these classes. 

Vision for Teaching in 2021

As our students have increased and our online classes have developed, people’s interest in studying the Bible, developing a researching habit, growing in spiritual discernment, and learning about basic Christian doctrine has grown. Because of this we feel that we can start a Certificate program in biblical studies here in Pakistan. During this year we have been working on many teachings and articles, translating them into Urdu and putting them on our website. We believe that this project will be used by God to start some proper teaching here in Pakistan. We want to request you to please keep this in your prayers. 


The recording project is very much related to what we shared above. God provided vision and provision for this ministry. We are recording audio and video series of Bible classes in the Urdu language. God made this possible for us this year and while we were not able to go out for other activities, working on this project was a very productive use of the time. The work on this project continues and, God willing, very soon we will have enough resources in Urdu to lay a solid foundation for the spiritual life of all those people who are coming into our contact for learning. We ask you to please continue to pray for this special project as well. This is great thing that we were able to start in this year and it is already proving to be very helpful.   

Reaching out to the unreached

We have been reaching to some very unreached groups for many years. These groups are poor, slave-like brick makers. We still go to them, share the word of God with them and encourage them to remain faithful though they face much discrimination and other pressures. We praise the Lord that their new generation is now able to read the Bible by themselves. The work of 6-7 years has started to bring very positive spiritual change in the new generation. The children of those who only listened to the words of the Bible from us, are now able to read the Bible and share the word of God with their families. 

During this year we were also able to go to a very vast but neglected mission field. God has provided needs so far and we are able to reach some very amazing but almost totally

unreached people. The Lord is also leading us to reach some of the Hindu tribes, many of them have come to Christ and they are leading a very tough life. This mission is giving us the opportunity to reach, teach, bless and encourage those dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord to remain strong and steadfast and to grow in the Lord. This work is going to grow and it will also require a lot of energy and much more in the future. We ask you to please keep us all and this whole project in your prayers!

Women Ministry

Women’s ministry is also one very important ministry that CC Pakistan has. We could not update much on this during this year. Things were slow because of Covid-19, but this ministry has been going well and building many young girls and women in their Christian faith. 
This ministry seeks to start two more Sewing Center projects next year. One will be near our place but the other one is planned for the unreached tribes in the south part of our province where we are reaching through our church Mission. Please continue to pray for all of this. We are thankful to you for supporting this project of Calvary Chapel Pakistan. 

Special Thanks
We also want to send very special thanks for all of you for keeping us in your prayers. Your presence as our interceders always encourages us. When we know that there is a team of spiritual warriors on their knees for us, we feel very comfortable and strong while we serve here. We want to request that you please continue praying for us all, and we will also be appreciating your special support and care. God bless you and your families! We love you all! Wishing you a very blessed time at Christmas!

In Christ Jesus,
Pastor Nadeem Massey

Mission, Reaching, and Preaching

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. — Acts 1:8

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan, we hope and pray that you all are fine, we are also fine and safe by the grace of God. We are not hearing of Covid-19 spread anywhere in the country right now, but our country is suffering because of flooding in so many areas and cities because of heavy rains. We want to request you to please keep that in your special prayers. 

Mission in the Desert

CC Pakistan started going to a city near the desert last year, and at the start of this year we started one online class there. Recently we had our second mission trip in that area and it was really a great mission trip. It helped us see the tough life situation of the believers in that area. In the far areas, life is really tough and people are not living in one community but separately. Even to reach these people is a great challenge, as one needs to travel long distances in the desert which cannot be done without the help of the local people. We praise God that we were able to go and reach many people at different locations, we were able to pray with/for them, we also

gave them regular Bibles, Children’s Bibles, and Audio Bibles. We praise God that we could reach there, we want to thank you for all prayers and support and we also want to share that this is a vast mission field, we need to work hard and work more here, so please keep this all in your prayers. 

Special Unreached Group

During this mission trip we reached a very special group, they were originally Hindus, but some years ago 25 families of that tribe came to Christ. They live in a very far, isolated village, they have their own pastor, who needs much teaching training. They are very poor, they have so many different kinds of pressures and their lives are full of challenges, but we were so blessed to see that they still love the Lord and are very happy to believe in Christ as their personal Savior. Their whole village has most of the houses made with mud, they simply have one primary school, but after that they cannot send their kids to high school or college as they don’t have resources to travel the long distances, they cannot afford to send their children to those schools far away and it’s not even safe for their children to go daily for studying alone.  God has put this special group on my heart and the heart of our team. We wish to be in touch with them, we wish to be able to share the word of God with them in some proper way and even start some project where their children can learn something and grow doing something that can help them in their normal and spiritual life.

This group was also very much excited and happy to have us, though it was far. It was not safe to travel there or back to our hotel in the night, but we prayerfully decided to spend that evening with them and share the word of God with them. It was really a very special and blessed meeting. We were able to provide them some children’s Bibles and also audio Bibles to use for their spiritual growth in the meetings. They were very happy and very blessed by this fellowship. Their worship that evening was so full of joy. We are praying to reach this group again. We wish to start a sewing center there for a lady who knows sewing and knitting. We are also in prayer to see how Lord wants us to reach and bless this group. Please keep this special group in your prayers!

Bible Class in Desert Area

Our online class started in the city near the desert at the start of this year but because of lockdown, I was not able to go and see our students personally until now. We have over 40 online students in this class, most of them were followers of Word-Faith movement and were leading their lives according to the teaching of the health, wealth and prosperity Gospel. We praise God that this class has started changing their lives and they are so happy to be able to learn this way. 

It was really great for our team to meet those students in person, teach them and then have dinner and fellowship with them. This class continues online and we praise God that people travel from different places to attend this. Please keep our this online teaching project as well in your prayers. 

Video Recording of Teaching

God provided support for us to start Video recording of Biblical teaching in the Urdu language, we started this project in the month of August. We praise God that this is finally possible. All the classes that we have been teaching are going to be recorded and we are going to record the teaching series which will be helpful for us right now in the ministry and in the future for our Bible college vision. We are thankful to you all for your prayers and support. The Lord is really doing amazing things in and through CC Pakistan. During all this time of lockdown when the world came to stand still, God helped us to do much more than our normal routine and He also provided help and ways to accomplish our tasks. 

We are always thankful to you all, we love you and pray for you! God bless you and your families!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

Connecting, Uniting, Equipping

“And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.”
Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Dear Friends and Family
Greetings in our Lord’s name from CC Pakistan. We praise God that He has kept us during all this tough time when virus had spread everywhere and here in our country many things were not being taken seriously and we have very organized and powerful health care system as well. We are thankful to you for the prayers and support during all this time. The spread of the virus has almost stopped and life is coming to normal routine. In this update we are going to share mainly how Lord is working in the lives of young generation through through His Word that CC Pakistan is taking to them and teaching them diligently.

Seed of the Word in Desert

Last year we went to a city near desert Cholistan, about 10 hours drive from our place. During our vision tour last year, God brought us into contact with a wonderful guy who started working with us as a contact in the desert area. Through him we started online Bible class there which is going well and, that brother in Christ has started Calvary Chapel Sunday School and Youth Fellowship where he has started to teach children and young men and women weekly. 

This is an amazing step that has enabled us to reach and teach many children and young boys and girls  who are willing to study the Word with brother Aftab. This is also opening doors for us to reach more people and specially children and young men

and women in the neighboring areas. The people in the area are leading a tough life because of their area’s location, condition, and poverty. So many children are not going to schools and people are facing so many health issues as well because they don’t get proper medication and health awareness. Please keep our mission in the desert area in your prayers. 

Neighboring city Mission

We started our online class in a neighboring city as well where we have more than 40

online students in our class. God has brought into contact with us a wonderful God fearing man in that city as well. He has caught the vision of Calvary Chapel to reach people with the simple but thorough study of the Word of God. He is in touch with us for all guidance and help for teaching. And his Bible study with some young people is going really well. This brother is very mission minded and is reaching many people with the Audio Bible as well to help them know the Word and grow spiritually. 
God is good!!! we can see many people being connected united and equipped with the Biblical teaching in near future through our teaching project which also includes Bible Study recording. Please keep this brother and his small group of young men and women also in your prayers. He is really doing tremendous job, and his vision to start Calvary Chapel in his area in future is really awesome!

Partners in the Mission Field

As God provided us Children’s and adult’s Bibles for the mission this year, he also has blessed us with Audio Bibles through Faith Comes by Hearing organization. Because of this some amazing people are coming into contact with us who truly are humble servants and they are serving Lord in the very remote areas among very disadvantaged people. 

So the Word of God is going to many those as well who are not in our reach. We are promoting the organized study of the Word on regular basis and this is what most of the people around like about Calvary Chapel Pakistan. We always encourage people to focus on “Simply the Word Simply”. God is using his Word in the really amazing ways and we really feel His hand working through and in us as well as all the people we are reaching

to with the Word. The word of God is effective and powerful and God is definitely changing the lives of so many here through it for eternity. We want you to please continue to pray for us.

There are many other parts where we are reaching with the Word of God, not  only distributing the Bibles, but making sure to establish and start a proper system to help children and young boys and girl study the word of God in regularly. The study of the word at this level will go a long way in their lives and we firmly believe that God is going to use these all efforts for His name’s glory. There are few other groups also that are being reached but I don’t want to make this update very long and boring. Lord blessed us with availability of His word for children and adults  this year, so it is helping us to “Connect, Unite and Equip our next generation. The next step will be “Send” them to the mission field in future. Please keep these precious souls in your prayers. Please continue to pray for CC Pakistan’s team and also please keep our need for the Bibles for year 2021 and our mission project in desert in your prayers. 
We are always thankful to you, we love you and pray for you!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

God is Our Refuge in Troubled Time

The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings and love from Calvary Chapel Pakistan. We are thankful to you for your faithful prayers. By the grace of God we all are safe, and doing good in this very troubled time which is getting worse here in our country.

The doctors in our country had beeing telling people that everyone should take this virus seriously and following the instructions of the Govt. and doctors, but people did not care and thought that either this pandemic was over or it was not brining any harm to people in Pakistan. Now at once the situation has changed. Our hospitals are full of patients, death toll is rising everyday. It seems that things are getting out of control, the terror of death is prevailing around. With poor medical structure it is very hard to handle the situation at place like this. We are hearing about many poor people around who are suffering from other diseases but they are not able to go to the doctors. They cannot receive medical treatment. The physical condition of so many is getting worse daily but nothing can be done except from self help and prayer. Some of our very close friends and family members are going trought such trouble, we want to request you all to please pray for our country and specially those people who are already suffering from different other diseases and are not able to receive medical treatment.

Tri-city Outreach Evangelism

We praise God that our online Bible classes allowed us to reach many wonderful people in different cities. The leaders of the groups are really happy for what they have been learning, and they feel so blessed to be part of our classes. God has worked in their hearts in such wonderful way that they are reaching other people with the Word of God in the most possible ways. One group is useing som of our previously recorded Teaching video and share the word of God with their groups. This is great exprience for them and we are praying to be able to produce more video teachings in near future so that more people get Bible based teaching presented in the simplest way to grow in the knowledge of God’s word.

Another friend who is so passionate about studying the word of God is reaching people with Audio Bibles that God has provided us through Faith Comes by Hearing organization. These friends are representing Calvary Chapel Pakistan and are serving whole heartedly by going and taking the word of God to the other people.

The seed of the Word that we sowed in the desert area in october 2019 is growing now. Our brother in Christ who represents CC Pakistan in that area has just started a “Youth Fellowship and Sunday School” project. We are so glad that the new generation of that area which has been neglected most of the time is now being reached, one group at one time and taught the word of God. We want to train more people in those areas so that they be able to work there and reach and teach their own people. God is so good. He provide us with Bibles for children and also regular Bibles for adults at the start of this year.

Our office is sending these Bibles to our friends working in three different cites with the commitment that they will not merely distribute those, but make sure that they arrange the study of those Bibles.

Our church is also doing great, we have resumed the Sunday and Friday services and we are studying the word of God together on regular basis. We praise God that when there is lockdown and people are not able to do much, they are being provided help and resources to study the word of God and grow sprituatlly. We are thankful to you all for the prayers and care. We pray for you and request you to always keep us in your pray! God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem massey

The Lord is Our Shepherd

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings and love from Pakistan, we hope that all of you are fine, we thank God for the protection of our families, church members and Bible study group members during this time. God is good, we rejoice in His goodness and love.
During this situation of lock-down, we have not been able to arrange church services and online Bible classes, though we’ve been visiting church member’s families with all necessary safety measures. And we are also using this time to train the new team members in the desert area to know more about ministry and grow in biblical studies.

Covid-19 Relief

Our country is not only suffering because of Covid-19, but much poverty as well, as the country is locked down, poor people (daily wagers) have been suffering as they are not

able to provide for their families in this situation. Our church started receiving many requests from our town and from the desert area where we started our ministry project last year. Thank God for the provision of financial support, we are thankful to

you for coming on our side and helping us through Saving Grace World Missions for relief in this tough situation. Our team members are reaching people with food bags, and we are also encouraging them in this tough situation through the Word of God. The support project continues as Lord leads and helps our team to reach people at different places.

According to today’s information, the spread of the virus has increased and it is said to be spreading in the areas very near to us. Please continue to pray for us as we are praying for you all there.

Pandemic, Quarantine and Future

This is definitely unique time in our lives in many different ways.It is horrifying for a large number of people, for many it is the time to be strengthened in their faith and for so many it is very misleading time as well. Since the spread of this virus, many so-called prophets and false teachers have been coming forward to tell people what is going to happen next. They have been suggesting the end of this virus on specific days, and many of them are suggesting the end of the world on a particular day according to their prophecies. People are getting caught up in the superstitions. This situation has urged us more to reach people with Bible based true teachings more than ever and warn them of the false, confusing and misleading teachings while leading them to the study of the Word of God. In our family we started studying Basic Christian Theology so that our children’s belief and understanding of the Christian faith be Bible based.
we are also praying to start recording of video and audio teaching sessions, classes and sermons to reach more and more people. Please keep this in your prayers, we will be in need to hire a technical guy to record and edit teaching classes and sermons. We are in prayers for the provision of regular support for this, and we will be encouraged by your co-laboring with us in this project.

We are really thankful to you for your prayers, care and support. We pray for you and your family’s protection and blessings! God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

Pakistan Relief UPDATE

Thank you for your generous support! With your gifts we were able to bless 91 needy families with food and necessary supplies! Below are some pictures from three separate outreaches in Pakistan.

If you would like to do more, we are now asking for donations for all SGWM missionaries who serve in equally as needy areas. Click on the link below to be taken to a page for general COVID-19 relief that will be sent to SGWM missionaries in areas like Africa, Asia, and South America.

Set Free by God’s Word

“You will know the TRUTH, and the Truth will set you free.”__John 8:32

Dear Friends and family,
Greetings from CC Pakistan, we praise God for His faithfulness and care and also we are thankful to you for your faithful prayers and support. We are doing really good, our church and teaching ministry is growing and our whole team is fine by God’s grace.

Online Teaching Ministry

I shared with you about our “Online Teaching Ministry” that we started this year in our last update. Now I want to share with you the great impact of the class on the lives of our students. This is our new ministry and we were in prayer for this since October 2019. The both groups (more than 40 students  in each) come from background highly affected by “televangelists”. Therefore students in both classes had so many misconceptions and were confused about their faith. They were curious about the online class as well as it is their first experience to learn this way. Out experiment with teachingand the Bible study class itself has been really amazing and very successful. The first 14 classes are titled “Introduction to the Bible” and our slogan for this class is “Back to the Bible.” This class has been really wonderful, students are very excited as they are coming to know about the Holy Word of God and thus are led to study it. Last week as I visited one group in their city, they had so many stories to tell me and they shared how this online Bible class arranged by CC Pakistan is helping them grow in their faith removing their misconceptions about Bible and helping them know and read it more daily.
Our Second Group of  Bible students is from a city at the distance of 9 hours drive. That group is near a vast desert called Cholistan. That group was fully dominated by the so-called healers and most of the people still follows such false teachers who are making merchandise of the word of God. We praise God that the group in that city is also growing much in discernment and spiritual awareness in the light of the Bible. It is really great privilege for us to lead these young people back to the Bible. We praise God for His grace and are thankful to you for your prayers.

God provided “Bibles

CC Pak has been reaching very remote areas and disadvantaged and un-reached Christians at so many places from the very start of our mission work in Pakistan. We need Urdu Bibles every year for our Outreach Mission Trips to hand the Word of God to those who don’t have Bible. We want to share with you with joyful hearts that God very graciously has blessed CC Pakistan with 800 Urdu Bibles (400 for adults, and 400 Children Bibles) this year. A large number of these Bibles are going to very poor and un-reached families and children. Thank you for praying for our needs and coming forward to co-labor with us through your support.
God is also blessing us with Audio Bibles with the help of Faith Comes by Hearing ministry, and that is really great blessing for those who are unable to read or write, now they can listen the Word of God whenever they want.

First Outreach Mission of 2020

Last year we went on 5 days outreach mission trip to desert area and it was really great as Lord led us to some areas where people are really living in great darkness spiritually. This

mission trip became to reason of starting the online Bible classes with a group which is really a great blessing for those people as well as for us.
This also gave us opportunity to disciple a group of young people in the area to reach their people by sharing the Word of God with them and encouraging them in their Christian faith. We are very happy to share that these young men are reaching people in their area and they are sharing the word of God with them and are teaching them what they learn in the online Bible classes.
CC Pak’s team is going on our “First Outreach Mission Trip 2020” in couple of weeks. We will be reaching some new areas with the Bibles, we will reach people, pray for and with them and encourage them in their faith in the Lord. We praise God that He has provided us with the needs. We will have some special discipleship meetings with our contact and his team in that area. Please keep this mission trip and our team in your prayers.

Thank you very much once again for your prayers, love and support, we always pray for you and your families.

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

Back to the Bible

“Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth”           John 17:17

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan, we hope and pray for all of you to be fine. We praise God for the wonderful work of the church to continue here by His grace.


As the weather is changing, our whole family went through a phase of sickness because of cold and high fever. This is also one of the reasons that we are late in posting our update. We are thankful to you for the faithful prayers. Almost all of us have recovered now and the coldest wave of the weather is almost over.

Bibles for Un-reached

We are thankful to you dear friends for helping us get Bibles for unreached people for  many years now. We remember the times when some of you donated blood to raise support for the Bibles, some of you ran long distance races and children did car wash to raise support for Bibles. We are always humbled to see your love, and while you co-labor with us that way, on this end we have been faithfully reaching remote areas, deep villages, jungles and deserts to take your gift to most deserving people.

I have shared with you that American organization “Faith Comes by Hearing” is providing CC Pakistan with audio Bibles this year. Their Director for Asia visited Pakistan last month and we conducted a training for the pastors.

Now not only our mission team but many pastors around us are forming small groups of people at different places and they are studying the Word of God with uneducated, disadvantaged and poor people in the remote areas. These groups listen from the Word of God and then they have time for discussion and prayer. Please continue to pray for this ministry project and provision of Bibles needed in future.

Reaching other cities Online

In year 2020 we started an awesome project of teaching in two other cities through

“Online class”. This is really a great start of the year and we believe that this is the foundation of a vision for future, of Calvary Chapel “Bible school and College” in Pakistan. For first three months we have a class “Introduction to Bible” and then we will move to some

other classes. First Week we had 21 and 27 students at in our class in two different cities and this week at both places we had more than 40 students.
I also want to share with you that these people we are reaching through our “online class” have highly been under

the influence of “Televangelists, prosperity teachers”. The Teaching of the true word of God is amazingly changing their lives. Since we started these classes, we are receiving more requests from different people. Please keep this teaching project in your prayers, and please pray that we may start such projects in more cities where so many people are still unreached and they are not receiving true and simple teachings of the Word.


Our devoted team is working very hard to produce Biblical teaching material in Urdu language for our website: calvarypakistan.com, the outcome is really great and our website is also becoming a great source for so many people for Bible studies, Bible commentary in Urdu and so much other information. Please keep our whole team, our ministry and all needs in your prayers!
We are always thankful to you for your love, care and support. We love you and pray for you and your family!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey