P.M. and V. M. November Update 2017

The year 2017 has been a year of so many ups and downs for us. We went through some of the most difficult times of our lives. We struggled and have been struggling physically, mentally and financially. But by God’sgrace, we are able to withstand these hardships. We are so thankful to you all who continually uphold us in your prayers. Since February 2017, Vinita has been suffering physically. She has had so many medical tests and has been taking so many medications. I also developed pain in my bones.

Since we moved to our new location, Vinita’s health has been improving. She went through some medical tests here, too. In the north, she was told that she has arthritis, but the test results here show that she does not have arthritis. Praise the Lord! My bone problem has gone, too. The cold in the north was not good for us.

Our Pastors School students are doing well. They are enjoying learning from different teachers everyday. I am not the only one teaching classes. Our Pastors from the States are teaching via Skype every day.

Our Christian brothers and sisters in the village are also very co-operative and helpful. Vinita’s mother had bought a bicycle for the Pastors Training School (PTS). The PTS is in the village, and we buy vegetables from a village market on Saturdays. There is another village market one and a half miles away on Wednesdays. The students used the bicycle from Vinita’s mother to go to this market to buy vegetables.One Wednesday, one of our students went to buy vegetables in that nearby village. He parked his bicycle and locked it. After he bought the vegetables, he came to get his bicycle and it was not there. It was stolen. One of my cousin brothers, who lives in thesame village where the PTS is, has given his used bicycle for thePTS. God is providing for our needs through His people.

We are praying about the possibility of getting some land for the Pastors Training School and for starting some business as well, to help support the school. Please remember this in your prayers.

Merry Christmas to you all! May this Christmas season be a great blessing for you and your family. Vinita and I will be alone for Christmas this year. Our children are not coming. Aroma has exams, and Reuben wants to celebrate Christmas in the north with the new believers there.

Prayer Requests:
Please pray that God would raise more people to help us financially. Our monthly support coming in has gone down sharply, as some of our donors have stopped their support
Please pray for God’s wisdom and strength to do ministry.
Please pray for the students, that they would be equipped for the work of the gospel.
Please pray for our health. I am forgetting things so quickly. Pray that God would give me good memory.
Thank you so much for partnering with us in the ministry of the gospel.

Co-workers in Christ,

Pratim and Vinita

Pastor P.M. March Update 2017

It was our joy and privilege to attend Rahul’s wedding and to give him and his bride ride in our car to the wedding place and back home. When the Lord brought us to the North India in 2005 we met his parents, brother Rajendra and his wife Sunita, who were Hindus at that time. Rahul and his older sister Kiran were 13 and 14 years old. We were used to lead this family to the Lord after a year of continued sharing of the gospel. After his schooling Rahul went to a Bible College for two years.




Last month he got married to his wife Pooja who is the only believer in her family. Her parents are Hindus, they wanted her to get married with a Hindu man, but she stood for the Lord. The Lord brought Rahul and his wife Pooja together and changed her parents heart to do the Christian wedding. In the wedding ceremony most of the people were Hindus. Please pray that Rahul and Pooja would be blessings to their Hindu relatives.








Our graduates who are serving the Lord, they too need to get married. We need your prayers for them that they should also get believer wives. They face pressure from family to marry Hindu girls as their parents are not believers. These graduates are doing great in the ministry. They are being used to bring young men and women to the Lord. Once a month we meet with them to pray with them and to hear from them what the Lord has been doing through them.


We are doing well in our walk with the Lord. He has been teaching us to trust Him for every thing. We are learning so much teaching the SOM students. Each book of the Bible that we go through with these students we are blessed and grow stronger in our faith and in knowledge of Him. Teaching in the SOM has two fold blessing. First of all we have more time to study the Word for ourselves and give more time to the Lord and secondly we are equipping these men for the work of the gospel.



Physically we are not doing too good. My wife, V.M., has been suffering from urine infection since we came back from traveling to another state of India. She has been suffering so much of pain. Two weeks back she had cystoscopy. After this therapy she had pain for about a week and now she is feeling better. She needs to take medicine for two months.


My son, pastor R.M. has been teaching ‘Prison Epistles‘ and I have been teaching Romans. The SOM students are now involved more in practical ministry. Each week two of them get opportunity to teach the Word, one student teaches in Tuesday house fellowship and one in Sunday Service for ten minutes. We are happy about the progress they are showing in their learning and teaching the Word. It is our prayer that the Lord would use them mightily for His glory.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

God bless!

Co-workers in Christ,

Pastor P.M. and V.M.