Reaching Out to Our Community and Beyond

   Jesus is stirring and shaking things up in a good way throughout our fellowship and community! I am always so excited to send an update with the highlights of God’s good work being done here. Many times, I struggle to keep up with documenting the events happening here. 

Passing Out School Supplies

As the local students prepared to take their annual exams, we served our community children and teens by distributing school supply kits. These kits included: pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, sharpeners and some chocolate treats. We wanted to encourage the students that we know to do their very best. We had an amazing opportunity to share the Good News and Jesus, as the friend of sinners, to these students through songs and stories. Additionally, we prayed as a church for all of the students. 

Sharing at a Government Run Program

Our outreaches from February through March included going into government run programs that help children and youth who have been sexually trafficked. As we move by faith into serving our city, we often get opportunities for social work and worship. In my country, currently, Christians are not openly welcomed in many places that are run by the government. But the favor of God has been on us as we go boldly into any venue as the Holy Spirit leads.

Sharing the Gospel at a Catholic Community

   Our ministry team also reached a large Catholic community and was welcomed to preach, teach and lead worship amongst the people in that colony.     

Whenever we reach out, the feedback we continually receive is that people are feeling very encouraged, set free, and connected to God. We are so thankful that Jesus continues to send us out and open doors where we can be Salt and Light.     

An interesting aspect of our native culture is an extreme affinity for movies and cinema entertainment. In this nation, celebrities are elevated above idols, and many times they are literally worshipped as gods. Actors and actresses alike have shrines and temples all over my country dedicated to praying to them as deities. People are fanatical about movie-going, and they experience addictive habits. 

Preparing to Show the Jesus Film

   Sometimes Jesus asks us to redeem parts of our culture that would otherwise be used as a stronghold of the enemy. In our fellowship, we have cultivated a family atmosphere through “Movie Night.” Many pastors would go so far as to preach against all forms of movie entertainment or film watching. However, I decided to use this to my advantage and bring the people in to fellowship and be encouraged.

Gathering to Watch a Christian Film

  Every month we set a date on our calendar for Movie Night, as a church. We watch amazing films and movies about missionaries, Jesus, and other stories from the Bible! We serve snacks like popcorn, samosas and chips plus soft drinks. We project the video on our church wall and gather together to be inspired and entertained. The believers learn so much through these visuals, and they have been blessed by having occasions to be together for wholesome entertainment.     

Please pray that Jesus will saturate every area of our lives as we continue to surrender to His Lordship.     

Thank you, as always, for your care and concern for the saints of CC South Asia. We know that the prayers of the saints avail much! 

Special Property Update:

A Child Praying when we Shared at a Program for Trafficked Children

In our previous updates, we touched on the fact that our fellowship is multiplying. The increase in the number of households attending our Bible Studies and worship services has not only outgrown our physical space, but we also now need a morning and evening Sunday worship service and more house visits to keep up with all the needs of the believers.     

We began praying and asking the Lord what to do, given our current situation!      

As we have been praying, we were approached by an older woman selling her property. She wants us to purchase her plot of land at half price. We verified with a reliable real estate agent that her offer is legitimate and that she is really selling it at half price of the market value. It’s amazing!     

We have continued to pray and believe it is a part of God’s plan to expand. The property we are hoping to buy is very close to our existing location, and it would not disrupt or hinder the believers from continuing to attend services.     

The property includes a spacious yard and a 3-room building/home that could be renovated to remove some walls in order to have a larger meeting hall, with bathrooms and kitchen access. Some roof repair may be required. The total amount of land is nearly 2000 sq. feet.      

Our current meeting room is located on a rooftop and is approximately 12′ by 12′. The combined number of believers currently coming to our services is consistently 50 or more.  We do not have space to put up chairs for every person, so the people crowd in and sit on mats. More people spill out into the stairway to listen. Our people would be so blessed to have a church home where we could all gather together as a family to worship Jesus.      So, what would it cost for our fellowship to expand? Right now, we have estimated $60,000 for the purchasing of this property. We have already received donations from local believers totaling $7,123.      

We are sharing this update to have everyone who loves us to pray into this endeavor, and to make our need known.     

This is not merely a church project. In fact, we believe strongly that it is more than a project, it is God’s ongoing plan here in South Asia for more revival.      

Thank you so much for keeping up with the Lord’s work in us and through us.  

In His Love,

Pastor JE

Sharing at a Government Run Program
Children with the School Supplies We Provided
Giving School Supplies
Giving School Supplies
Showing the Jesus Film Outside with a Projector
Sharing with a Catholic Community
Sharing with a Catholic Community

Exceedingly Abundantly Above!

Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas with People Who Heard for the First Time
Visiting Homes to Share the True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas came and went, and it is already the third month of 2019!!! How did we get this far so fast? We have truly been experiencing an acceleration of God’s Spirit moving here at CC South Asia.

During the Christmas season, we were really able to go all out in community outreach — and many unbelievers were completely open to us visiting their homes to sing songs and pray. As a result of our enormous efforts to visit as many homes as possible before Christmas day, our service on Christmas Day was overflowing, and so many newcomers came to hear God’s Word!

Many Newcomers Came to Hear God’s Word

We experienced a movement of people hearing about Jesus and the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas for the first time. Now, we cannot accommodate all of the newcomers in our worship place. As a result, we now hold a Sunday morning worship service and a Sunday evening service just to serve everyone who wants to come!

We Were So Excited About Souls Being Saved We Painted Our Meeting Room

Our congregation has been so excited, and that led to us sprucing up our meeting room with a new coat of paint. In our excitement, our ministry team went out on New Year’s Eve riding around the city on motorcycle and shouting to people: “JESUS LOVES YOU!” We currently have the enormous blessing of having 3 brothers from our ministry team enrolled at CCBC South Asia. It is our vision to have men equipped with God’s Word who can expand and encourage the current vision we have in our colony and beyond.

We are witnessing miracles of people’s eyes being opened to the Truth and responding to God’s love with repentance.

Our Fellowship has been Blessed with Students and Special Needs Children

Our fellowship has been blessed with a group of special needs children and youth who just love to attend our worship and hang around us. In our spare time, we encourage these families and truly show a genuine love and interest for their children. We do not feel that their special needs children are a burden or that they cannot be a part of our church family. Instead, loving these children has led to their parents coming to know Jesus!

One of these special needs children recently went missing. It was the church who responded, and we searched nearly 24 hours for the missing boy. We finally found him at a train station. He had gotten lost. His mother had no idea that her son was so loved and cared for by CC South Asia; this moved her beyond tears, and she has started coming to worship service. She testified that she now understands the love of God to go after the lost! We are also reaching out to the students in our neighborhoods by distributing school supplies and inviting them to come hang out and worship.

As of right now, God is leading us to remain within house walls as a movement that mainly meets in people’s homes. This has allowed us to grow tremendously in numbers without attracting anti-Christian attention to our gatherings. However, we are praying for God to make a way for us to acquire our own land on which a home can be built that would function as both a fellowship hall and ministry dormitory for the pastor and ministers in training. We would love to see what God has in store for us as we see many more people turning to Christ.

Please pray for:

Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas in Homes

1.) The three young men currently studying at CCBC South Asia to be blessed, encouraged and equipped with a vision to return to our city to pioneer more campuses.

2.) An increase in workers for the ministry to help our pastoral team.

3.) The believers to mature and understand their identity in Christ.

4.) Newcomers to have encounters with the Truth and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

5.) God’s timing and provision for church expansion.

6.) The health of our pastor and ministry team, as always.

7.) Divine protection from evil.    

We have so many other stories we wish we could share. We remain so thankful for those who are partnering with us in prayer and through practical support.

We know we are not alone. May the love of Christ dwell in each of you.

Visiting Homes to Share the True Meaning of Christmas

Praying for you all.

In His love, Pastor J. E.

Sharing About Jesus
Joyfully Worshiping the Lord

God is Moving and Breaking Down Barriers Through Prayer!


Outdoor Gospel Meeting

Greetings and love from all the faithful saints of CC South Asia! We are so thankful for your prayer support and the recently donated chairs! We give God all the glory and bless His holy name. God bless you all and thank you once again! I am convinced that through our combined prayers — you praying for us, and us praying for our local body — that God is on the move in love and in power here.

People From Our Church Serving Together

It is so exciting to see an outpouring of boldness upon the saints here currently, like never before. In addition to growing in love with God’s Word, our fellowship is experiencing so much revelation about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

For the first time ever, in addition to our small ministry team, a few of the men here joined us in a Gospel sharing adventure to a nearby village. I am so happy when the believers begin to step up and step out for evangelism. So many times, people think that “doing church” is the pastor’s job. I am convinced that discipling the believers at CC South Asia to know the Great Commandment and Great Commission is the key to them contributing their spiritual gifts, talents, time, witness and resources to our church growth. We desire to all mature in love, not just knowledge. Because I want the believers to grow, I open up and invite people to move in faith and serve. I try to keep it simple: Love God, Love People. Those are the words I choose to model for the saints here.

I am satisfied as a pastor when I see the people at my fellowship get excited about God and experience personal transformation in their lives. One of our brothers here is naturally shy and reserved, and he has a terrible fear of speaking in a group — however, through the Holy Spirit giving him bold faith that he could not contain, he recently started singing praises loudly and sharing his testimony in front of the whole church. He cried out about the faithfulness of God. This really touched my heart. This same man is now a fiery evangelist and is witnessing to his entire family faithfully.

Weekly Fasting Prayer Meeting

This excitement in prayer has spread into our neighborhood, and the unbelievers of our colony are coming into our church with prayer requests. When we pray with them in the name of Jesus, they are also coming to know Him and are seeing their prayers answered. They are being amazed by the power of our God. Our worship in this place is literally transforming our neighborhood. We have a neighbor whom we will just refer to as “Uncle R” — he has been very angry, and very aggressive toward our fellowship since we first began. He has entered into our services at times, threatening violence and demanding we stop worshipping. He lives next door and is a notorious drunk who beats his wife. Nevertheless, we have been firm in continuing worship, and we even visit him and offer prayers, or invite him to our agape feasts for a free lunch. We never paid him back with rudeness or revenge. Normally, Uncle R would respond negatively and threaten us more. We have been devoted to praying for Uncle R. Recently, Uncle R started visiting with us in front of our church — and now he has expressed happiness and approval for our upcoming Christmas program which we will do on the street, right in front of his house! He opened up to us, allowing us to pray with him. Since all of this, he has a job now, and has been drinking considerably less and is much kinder to his wife. We cannot wait until Uncle R decides to join us in worshipping the One True God.

Thank you for staying up to date with our progress here at CC South Asia! Highest Blessings, Pastor JE

Worship Service


• Pray for my health. I keep getting sick.

• Pray that we will find a good building/location to establish a larger church.

•Pray for our fellowship to keep growing more in God’s Word.

•Pray for God to send someone here who can be a full-time minister, called to help me and commit to a long-term position, with a genuine desire to serve the people with love. – Pray for more outreach: In January, we want to do homeless/street people ministry by distributing blankets and engaging people in prayer while sharing the Gospel with them.

Home Fellowship Meeting
Serving Lunch

More Believers than Seats!

Sunday Worship Service

The church in South Asia greets you all with love in our Lord Jesus! We have experienced major changes and transitions. There is more growth on the horizon.

   Our season has been marked with sending out loved ones, and receiving new believers into our growing family in Christ.
   The recent two major changes to our ministry team dynamic involved sending brother AB off to join CCBC (Calvary Chapel Bible College) South Asia for his first semester at Bible college and sending off our American missionary sister with honor to her home in California after more than 3 years of foundational, administrative and church planting work here in South Asia with us.

Happy to see Brother AB who is now at Bible College

 Brother AB has spent one year alongside our ministry team learning, growing and actively pursuing Jesus; he had built a wonderful rapport with our fellowship’s families and other local missionaries for his work in teaching children, encouraging the saints and leading praise & worship at our outreach events. We prayed and decided he was a perfect candidate for Bible college and that he was really ready! I was able to visit brother AB after a month at the CCBC South Asia campus — he is doing incredibly well and that makes me very happy.

I was blessed to share my testimony and about God’s leading with Calvary Chapel Bible College

When I visited the Bible college, I enjoyed the fellowship. I was also able to share my testimony and prayer requests with my friends and leaders.

Honoring Sister M. the Indian way

 Our American missionary, “sister M”, was given two traditional honoring ceremonies from our CC South Asia family and also our local YWAM family. The saints, whose lives she touched, shared stories and testimonies about how she had led them to the Lord, or counseled them with wisdom. They shared especially about how she loved God and loved people. We miss her very much and we pray one day she’ll return to us soon. We send her out with our blessing and prayers, as she transitions into a season of taking care of her father.
   With all these changes, came unexpected growth, as well! Namely, more people joining our fellowship and more locations being offered as start-ups for CC South Asia to expand within our city.
   First of all, our city is huge with a fluctuating population of more than 10 million residents (sometimes up to 15 million). MILLIONS of people call my city their home — without traffic it can take nearly 2 hours to travel across town by car, from end to end. God has definitely given us favor! We have seen fruit at two different outreach locations where we are exploring planting new church fellowships.

Cleaning the new church plant building

One such campus, already has a vacant home and small property! This was readily provided to us by Brother Albert who is part of our fellowship. He offered to let us use the house for ministry purposes. Immediately, we began evangelism in that area. This area is about 45 minutes from our existing church fellowship. It has a different demographic of people as well.

   My main concern, as a pastor, is not being able to re-locate our already existing and growing fellowship. Difficulties include the cost of transportation, distance, traffic and the general preference of believers to want to attend church in their own colonies. For that reason, I’m slowly developing the far away campuses. I am hoping for God to equip & send leaders from the Bible College or raise up men from within our church to help those areas grow in the future.

Not Enough place to sit. Please pray for the new place.

   My other main concern is we have physically outgrown CC South Asia as it is now (gathering on a house rooftop). I have been searching and praying for a property or building to rent or buy that can be used for church purposes. Financially, we are not in a position at a local level to do this immediately. Legally, many challenges arise in getting a space specifically for a church, because of anti-Christian politics. It is a burden on my heart to see the day come when CC South Asia (in this colony) has its own structure for gathering the saints to study, worship and pray.

The large Catholic Family that joined our church

We are experiencing major favor amongst Catholic believers who are hungry for God’s Word. A family of 10 recently joined us. They have come seeking Truth. They are weary of their superstitious traditions and the guilt-burdens they carry because of knowing about God, rather than knowing God directly through Jesus.

   Additionally, the believers are experiencing personal growth! In the absence of brother AB and sister M, three men from our church have come under my wings for spiritual development and to help with outreach. Brother Albert has been especially helpful to me. His desire to learn the Bible, lead his family, and serve has really touched my heart. He has consistently amazed me with his kindness. He even comes to my home to cook, spend time in the Word, and make sure I’m doing okay as a bachelor. Because of his example, other men are stepping up on many more occasions and volunteering for more ministry opportunities.
   I praise God that I was able to save up and buy a little 2003 Suzuki car for $500! I am now driving it on rainy days, instead of the motorcycle. I can also take the brothers along with me to outreaches at the two new campus areas. It is my very first car. I feel so thankful and happy!
   In all these changes, I can see that God is so good. We continue to trust Him and fully rely on His provision and direction by His Word and Spirit. That He may make Himself gloriously known in CC South Asia as the One True God.

A group went to clean the new place for a church fellowship

Urgent Prayer Requests:

– Pray for the Catholic families who are joining us to experience grace and truth
– Pray for our evangelism efforts in the two new areas to yield souls getting saved and start-up campuses
– Pray for God to send trained men to help pioneer the new campuses for church planting at the right time
– Pray for a way and place for CC South Asia to have a building/property of its own with room for all the believers to attend
-Pray for brother AB as he studies at CCBC to be transformed, equipped and clearly called for the ministry
– Pray for me to stay physically healthy, as I’ve been sick frequently. I also need to get into fitness and lose weight.
– Pray for me to stay encouraged and uplifted in the absence of my ministry partners
– We need 20 chairs in our church.

Please pray that God provides.

Fixing the New Building

Thank you so much for partnering your prayers with us and reading our updates!
Blessings in Him,
Pastor JE

Had a blessed time with my brothers!

Working in the New Building





Working on the church plant building

View from our New Church Plant Building

View from the church plant

Gospel Meetings and Close Encounters

Preaching at a Village Church

The little fellowship of CC South Asia greets you with much love and thanksgiving.

In the month of July, God has graciously used us in many areas far and wide in our region. Seriously, we don’t deserve this lavish love that Jesus keeps pouring out on us, but we can’t keep it to ourselves. Glory to God!

I would like to highlight just some of my favorite moments from the ministry this month. I hope that you are encouraged and stirred to more good works in your area of the world through our testimonies and witness. Please keep us in your prayers always! Thank you for taking time to read my stories from CC South Asia.








Preaching at open-air meetings

Gospel Meetings and Close Encounters

   A three-day adventure on a Gospel crusade into the villages on the outskirts of my city led me to a very scary, but funny, situation.
   First of all, I was a humble guest of an evangelist who had set up open-air preaching dates and times. I was accompanying the team as the worship leader. I often take opportunities as an itinerant worship leader to raise a little support for the local outreach efforts of CC South Asia.
We saw many decisions for Christ, and we prayed for many hours with the villagers.

Word Better Than Worship

Two miracles happened on this crusade. In the beginning, I was only given one session to preach the Gospel; however, after hearing the teaching style I used, Calvary Chapel style, the evangelist insisted that I teach an additional 4 more sessions to proclaim the Word. Actually, the evangelist ended up saying to me that my teaching was better than my worship! I laughed and said “thank you.” I hope it was a compliment.

Open-Air Gospel Meeting

A Sneaky Snake

   The second miracle was the hand of the LORD upon me to rescue me. I was sitting casually enjoying a big, delicious plate of chicken curry and rice. A group of us were outside sitting in plastic chairs eating our lunches, and I was not paying much attention to anything except the tasty food. I noticed the feeling of a dog’s tail swiping against my foot. It is not at all unusual for stray dogs to lounge around us underfoot, especially when we are having chicken for lunch. I just assumed that my chair was providing shade for some scrappy dog who was happily wagging his tail and waiting for me to drop a bone. In my mind, the dog’s tail was tickling my foot — until I noticed my neighbor stiffened up and wide-eyed, staring down. He slowly and carefully retracted his feet up and away from the ground. I decided to inspect what was alarming him and interrupting our lunch…
   …the “dog’s tail” was a cobra! A cobra was slithering across my ankles and feet. It was swaying around and ready to attack.
   In case you don’t know, cobras are common to my country, and a very deadly species known as a King Cobra is what I was up against.
   My reaction was simply to lift my legs up slowly and I felt very scared, but I didn’t dare flinch. The people around me told me not to move, so I didn’t move. I was just stuck. The cobra slowly retreated and met his demise when a man with a big stick smashed its head.
   Praise God I didn’t die young eating my chicken lunch. We all had a good laugh and praised the Lord.
People witnessed that the snake didn’t attack me, and they were saying, “God didn’t give that snake permission to bite you!”

Helping People Grow in Faith & Business

Brother Albert and Family

One of our families has been struggling since we met them many years ago. The husband is absent, the wife is emotionally broken and complains of knee pain as her excuse not to work. The eldest son is partially paralyzed on one side of his body from an accident. We have had to work patiently and consistently by way of prayer and helping with transportation to doctors’ appointments and groceries and holding prayer meetings in their small home. The family’s situation was incredibly challenging. We also had taught them how occupying our minds and working with our hands to serve others is beneficial and part of the new life in Christ. Then, we decided to put a plan into action.

   CC South Asia decided to not give the family any cash, because they were not wise enough on their own yet to faithfully steward money freely given to them, but we did decide to buy wholesale food provisions, and helped them to open up a small shop from within their own home. Here in our city, it is not uncommon for people to set up snack points, tea houses, and small convenience shops right in the front room of their house. We decided if we supplied the basics, held the family accountable to work from home, and taught them budgeting and money management, we could encourage them and empower them. The response was incredibly powerful, and the woman and her son are working hard and feeling a new sense of hope. We can see that they are growing in their understanding of the Word and receiving more faith that the LORD does in fact provide — and we also have our parts to play.
 Please pray for this family to get back up on their feet, trust Jesus and stay plugged into our fellowship and grow more!



Preaching at a Village Church

Helping Hands

We have a HUGE praise report and answer to prayer. Finally, we have a team of volunteers from within our fellowship stepping forward to serve the Lord. Up until this point, I have been tirelessly setting up the church, cleaning the church, and even washing all the dishes and picking up the trash after church lunches for years. In fact, even when we asked people to sign up to help, they would manage to find an excuse and escape. I often felt embarrassed that it was unbelievers stepping up to volunteer to help me and not our church members. But my example and devotion has paid off, and I now have a team that I am training every Saturday to help me on Sundays with set up, tear down and clean up.
Please pray that our servant team would mature and be greatly satisfied in serving the Lord in our fellowship. If God would grow any number of these saints to join our ministry team one day, that would be awesome!

An Open House and Open Hearts


   One of our brothers in the fellowship had the brilliant idea to host a meal at his home and conduct a prayer meeting — but his aim was to invite all his unbelieving neighbors. Over 25 people came and enjoyed eating with us and joined in worship and listened to the Word of God. Everyone concluded to pray together, in Jesus’ name. We were so impressed with this brother’s heart to open up his home and cook a wonderful chicken meal and just love people. The neighbors enjoyed his hospitality and said they would like to visit our Sunday worship service to hear more. Many of the neighbors, therefore, have opened up to us and invited us to personally visit their homes and come pray and share about Jesus.

   Please pray that as we love our neighbors, Jesus would encounter them in powerful ways.
   Please partner your faith with our faith…





Fellowship Meeting

  • Pray for our CC South Asia ministry team & volunteers to grow more in the Word
  • Pray for the local saints here to mature and trust God more.
  • Our local missionary sister from the USA needs prayer for her father’s healing & salvation, Mr. P., who is experiencing kidney-failure.
  • Our landlord’s wife, Mrs. R, is gravely ill and in the hospital and we promised him that we would add her to our prayers.
  • My sister is seeking proposals for a husband (arranged marriage) and our family would love to be prayed over for her desires in her future spouse and a blessed Christ-centered marriage.
  • Please uphold me and my ministry team’s health always as conditions are harsh and outreach is not always safe.   I am so blessed by your prayer support and continued interest in what God is doing here in CC South Asia. We pray for our supporters to be blessed and that they would keep their hearts and eyes fixed on our beautiful Jesus.

I am so blessed by your prayer support and continued interest in what God is doing here in CC South Asia. We pray for our supporters to be blessed and that they would keep their hearts and eyes fixed on our beautiful Jesus.


Preaching at Open-Air Meetings

Lord bless you all richly.

In His love,
Pastor JE