Tough Times


This last month we had some tough times. One Sunday, V.M. and Pastor R.M.1 visited Pastor P.K. to meet him and the believers of his fellowship. While they were having fellowship suddenly a man, the father of two of the believing women, entered the room and started beating his younger daughter with his sandal. Then he dragged her out of the room and beat her badly. Every one in room was so afraid and could not understand what was happening. The older daughter (who is also a believer and was there) and V.M. came out and then the man started beating the older one too. V.M. asked these women to go home. It was an awkward situation and nobody knew what to do. If the man had called the police and told them that we are converting his daughters then V.M., Pastor R.M.1 and Pastor P.K. could have been in danger of imprisonment.   The Police do not listen to Christians on this matter.  They only listen to the Hindus and arrest the Christians. But he did not call the police. This was the second time that he beat his daughter in front of the church. Please pray for the new believers that they would stand firm in their faith in the midst of persecution. Also pray for God’s protection over His people.

Just about ten days after this incident, Pastor P.K. had an accident in the city. He and his brother had come to the city to do some purchasing. Pastor P.K. dropped his brother at a shop and came to pick up Pastor S.B. to help them buy a mobile phone. Pastor S.B. was waiting for him by the road side and when Pastor P.K. reached there he did not notice that a mini truck was coming behind him , he turned his motorcycle to go to Pastor S.B. and got hit by the truck. He and his motorcycle got caught beneath the truck. The Lord protected him and saved his life. The truck stopped itself, otherwise the front wheel would have run over his legs. Pastor S.B. with the help of some men pulled Pastor P.K. and his motorcycle out. The motorcycle got damaged badly but he only got some minor scratches on his left leg

Our last year graduate Pastor H.K. has been serving the Lord in a very remote area. His parents are first generation Christians. They had two donkeys (mules) that was the means of their livelihood. In the mountains people hire donkeys to carry their goods. Last month one of the donkeys fell on the ground and died. The village people are accusing them saying that it has happened because they have changed their religion. Pastor H.K.’s parents and rest of the family members are so upset about it. They are not in position to buy another donkey as it costs a lot of money. Please pray that they would not listen to the village people and get depressed but stand firm in their faith. The Lord would give the wisdom the answer those villagers. Pray that God would help them to buy another donkey.

V.M. has been not doing well. She has been taking medicines for the urine infections. Now she has pain in her knees. She has been seeing many doctors. She is fed up with taking so many medicines. Doctors say that she has developed an arthritis. She has been  doing some exercises. Please pray for her that the Lord would heal her. She gets depressed.

We have had some good times too, learning the Word from our guest pastors from the States. Pastor M. and Pastor D. J. were here and we learned the Word from them. Our graduates were also here during that time. We had good time with them too. Present SOM students are ready to graduate this month. Please keep the up-coming graduation ceremony in your prayers. On 28 April our SOM students will graduate and go back to their home town to preach the gospel and plant churches. Pray that these graduates would be used for the extension of His kingdom. God would give them wisdom, words and boldness to share the gospel.

Thanks for your prayers and financial supports.

Co-workers in Christ,

Pastor P.M. and V.M.

Buescher Benevolence Fund

We at Saving Grace World Missions are mourning with Romeo and Jessica Buescher, missionaries to Peru, as their youngest child, Israel, has gone to be with the Lord yesterday.  We can’t imagine the pain and sorrow they must be going through.  We have created a separate giving account, with the link attached below, for anyone who would like to donate towards the funeral expenses for baby Israel. 100% of the funds will go directly to help them. Please continue to keep them in your prayers as there is much to process through this painful time.

The Privilege

Nikki and I getting to meet with Angela (middle) a she prepares to leave for Japan.

Nikki and I getting to meet with Angela (middle) as she prepares to leave for Japan.

There is a lot going on here at Saving Grace World Missions.  We have the opportunity to see the hand of God work in many different ways.  A large part of what I do here at the SGWM office is manage our applicants and process the new missionaries.  This involves a lot of emails back forth, scheduling meetings, informing our Missions Board about everything, creating websites, organizing contacts etc.  There are many small moving parts to put together to make it all work, but man, it is so rewarding and exciting when we see someone, that has been working to raise support and get prepared for many months, buy those plane tickets and make that final step of transitioning to their new mission field.

What a joy and privilege it is to be here with these people, in such a crucial time of their lives, as they are leaving what they know to step forward in faith and serve God in the unknown. Often, when God is calling us to do something, there suddenly enters into our minds many deceitful voices that speak doubt or fear into that calling that God has put before us. I love that I get to work against those voices of fear and doubt by speaking the truth of God’s Word and encouraging believers to go and see what God will do. He will always, always be faithful.  As He has risked it all for us, so He is worth taking risks for!

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him…” 2 Chronicles 16:9

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder or those who diligently seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

Getting to share the Gospel at an outreach in Watts.

Getting to share the Gospel at an outreach in Watts.

India School of Ministry Prayer Update

The School of Ministry in India has started its 3rd year.  We have 5 students this year.  One of those students is a man named D.K..  D.K. has been a co-laborer with Pastor P.M in their home.  He has been serving the Lord and sharing the Gospel for many years.  This past Spring, D.K.’s life was suddenly turned around when his wife, who was pregnant with their 2nd child, unexpectedly passed away due to complications from her pregnancy and sadly the child was also lost.  Due to this tragedy, Pastor P.M. invited D.K. and his 3 year old son, Anurag, to come and spend some time away at the SOM, where he can study and grow closer to the Lord and also have the encouragement and support of other believers as he is mourning this loss. Please be in prayer for D.K., that the Lord would comfort and speak to him during this time.

Working at the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor's Conference. One of my favorite parts of this job!

Working at the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor’s Conference. One of my favorite parts of this job!

Also, the Lord appears to be opening an incredible door to expand the Ministry in India.  There is an opportunity of being able to use 40 acres of land where if all works according to plan we would be able to build a Bible College and dorms as well as other venues of ministry to the public (i.e. school, hospital etc). Please be in prayer over this, our Pastors here at Saving Grace have just one to check out this property and are excited about the prospects.






Thank you for your faithful prayers for myself and the ministry that God has put before me.

I would love to be in prayer for you! Please send me any prayer requests that you might have and I would be very glad to pray with you and for you.

Come and Teach in India

The Lord has allowed Calvary Chapel Saving Grace to be involved in helping to establish a School of Ministry in North India.  The purpose of the SOM is to equip young men for the ministry of furthering the Gospel and planting churches. The Lord is radically using the graduates from the School of Ministry to further His kingdom in unreached areas. We are look for Pastors who are desiring to teach these young men the Word of God and help prepare them for full time ministry.

The God Who Changes Men’s Hearts

The Lord gave us this vision a few years ago to equip the workers and send them into the fields.  The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. The Lord is faithful to use us to raise up the young men for the work of the gospel.  He helped us throughout the year and we are at  the end of another year of SOM.  On May 8th our present SOM students are graduating.  The men of God are ready to go into the field. Please pray for the graduating students that they would be used by the Lord to save souls. Their names :  1- S.K., 2- H.A., 3- I/.Y., 4- R.S., 4- G.D. and 5- S.B..

Baptism 1Baptism 2Baptism 3








Baptism 4Baptism 5Baptism 6








Our Savior has been changing the hearts of young men and women through our graduates who are serving Him faithfully.  We see more and more youth coming to the Lord.  It was our joy to see 9 young men and 3 women making their decision to follow Jesus and in obedience to the Lord got baptized last month.  They are from different villages where R.K. and P.K. are serving. Please pray that they would continue to grow in their new faith and be His witnesses to their villages.

Baptized womenPradeep's House fellowshipWomen's baptism








Two years ago I shared with you about opposition in one of the villages.  R.K. had been sent out of this village with a warning not to come again to talk about Jesus.  The believers there were forced to stop the fellowship and their Bibles were torn. There are 8 believers in the village and they are all from the same family.  The man who opposed R.K. and the believers was the oldest brother of these believers.  They stopped the fellowship at home but continued to meet in the woods.  They had been praying for their brother and the Lord has answered them. Last month this man (the oldest brother) met R.K. at market place and asked him to come to his village again and start teaching from the Bible to his brothers and sisters.  Praise the Lord! He changes the heart of men.

Thanks for partnering with us. We very much appreciate your prayers and finacial support for the ministry in India.

Co-workers in Christ,

P.M. and V.M.

Learning to Trudge On Through Deep Waters

Thank you for your faithful prayers and love for me.  It has been too long since I have sent an update and I apologize for that.  To be honest, things have been rough for a while now.  My health took a deep turn last fall, from which I am still recovering.  The good news is Doctors have been seeing more in my blood lately which is leading to more specialists which will hopefully lead to more answers. In the meantime, I am cared for and sustained by my Heavenly Father.

So how does that look in the day to day?  Your guess is as good as mine!  My body is inconsistent and thus is my life.  The battle has been to try and figure out each new day what I should do or what I shouldn’t do, what I can handle and what will push me over the edge.  To be very honest with you, this brought to a point a despair last fall where in some ways I gave up trying because I never knew what the repercussions would be on my health.  This was not good, and not a proper attitude to have towards the Lord who has appointed my life in His hands and has purpose in every season. God has brought me graciously out of that pit into the freedom to stretch myself more than I have been, trusting myself to Him as to a faithful Creator and the good news is that I am seeing His power in my literal weakness, which I am thankful to experience.

I am realizing that as my strength is limited, I need to use what I have to “love God” and “love my neighbor as myself.”  Which does include doing what depends on me to be healthy but for the goal of loving Him instead of the worldly goal of just being healthy.  And I am finding that as I step forward in obedience to that, that He is giving me more and more strength!

Said goodbye to my Indian brother Reuben at the end of last year. Pray for him as he returns to serve Jesus in India.

Said goodbye to my Indian brother, R.M., at the end of last year. Pray for him as he returns to serve Jesus in India.

I love my parents, they have been such a rock and blessing to me.

I love my parents, they have been such a rock and blessing to me.


















So am I still working with SGWM?  The answer is yes I am.  I am in a very fortunate situation that I would not be able to find anywhere else.  I am able to work from home if I need to, and I do need to quite a bit.  My Pastors at SGWM give me a lot of grace in order to succeed.  And God recently has answered a prayer by bringing in another mission’s minded college girl from our church to intern with us and will be very helpful in taking some of the responsibilities that have been difficult for me to fulfill.  Which is also an answer prayer of having another person to encourage as they step forward in obeying God’s call.

Last fall, God blessed me with a trip to Peru, where I was able to visit my brother and his family who are serving as missionaries there.  It was a different sort of trip because everything looks different for me right now.  But I made it there and got to spend a lot of time resting with my sister in law (who had just given birth to my new nephew!) and just hanging out with the family as well as getting the opportunity to see the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Peru.


My nephews greeted me with much love!


With some precious friends from Peru
















I also was blessed with the ability to go to the Calvary Chapel Missions Conference again this year which is always an awesome experience.  God really encouraged and strengthened my heart in the goodness that He intends for us in suffering.  I was able to tell people about Saving Grace World Missions and meet many missionaries serving all over the world.


With Bible College friends and Pastor Phil at the Missions Conference

A truth that has been ringing loudly in my ear lately has been “I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”  Hearing of God’s power to save and His moving in America and in far off places, this is the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. And this is exactly what I get to do working with SGWM.

All in all I am learning how Jesus really is enough for us through every trial that comes our way.  He strengthens feeble knees and gives water to the thirsty soul.  His cross and resurrection is sufficient to win for us peace, joy and hope even through the dark valleys.

Thank you again for your love, encouragement and support.

Spending time with close friends

Spending time with close friends

Some of the College girls from church

Some of the College girls from church

My cousins and I <3

My cousin Megan (middle) is getting married in May and I get to be a bridesmaid! Pray for her and her soon to be husband!

SOM Ministry


We are so sorry for not being able to send you our updates for last two months. We were so busy in December and then we went to another state for  six weeks.  We did not have a good internet facility and we could not upload any thing, therefore, we were not able to send you any updates. We had a wonderful time of ministering and visiting relatives and friends.  We had many opportunities to minister with the Word in churches and conventions.  We drove in our car and since we had our car we could visit our co-workers, go many places for ministry, and visit SOM students in their ministry fields.





People here are hungry for the Word.  In the churches the pure Word of God is not preached, only rituals are preached (like if you give a tithe you will be blessed, if you fast for three days you will have this or that gift of the H.S. and so on).  I was invited to preach in one convention which ended with the Sunday Service.  I preached for an hour and finished by 1:00 PM but people wanted to hear more and after ten minutes of break, again I had to preach and it ended by 3:00 PM.





Pastors and Christian workers here  are not well trained in the Word.  I am not talking about the main line churches’ pastors but those who are working in the villages and who are doing the church planting.  They are not well educated to read English commentaries. Very few Hindi Biblical commentaries are available that have been translated from English.  These translated commentaries are not good and when you read them it makes no sense.  I feel a need of writing commentaries. I am praying about it and if the Lord is willing, I will do so.  I have been asked by some to do so.





The SOM students also went for ministry exposure. They had wonderful time of ministry.  Every day since morning 6 am till midnight they were busy doing the ministry.  They had to visit villages on bicycle.  S.K. and H.A. are from mountains and they did not know how to ride bicycles so they learnt not only bicycle but also motorcycle.  They learnt so much about how to do ministry in the villages in the mist of opposition and were encouraged by the lives of believers.  They also felt that these believers are hungry for the Word but there is no one to feed.  There is a great need of the Bible teacher/preacher.




After enjoying the ministry and nice warm weather we are back in the cold. On our way to there and back, both times we had flat tires. The Lord protected us from any accidents.

Please continue to pray for us and our future ministry.  We need your financial support as well.

Thanks for partnering with us.

Co-workers in Christ,

Pastor P.M. and V.M.

Sharing With Hindus

October was a very busy and blessed month for us. We had many friends from the States. We enjoyed hosting them and having fellowship with them. We loved having little Breanna who is just three months old. She is so cute we wanted to be with her all the time. It was a sad moment for us to say good bye to her after having her for two weeks. We were also blessed by the ministry of our Pastors from the States. We studied through Genesis and Paul’s Prison Epistles. While the world brings so many theories about our origin and the crisis that exist on the earth, it was such a blessing to get the right information about these from the Word of God. The book of Genesis lays the foundation of our faith and the Prison Epistles teach practical Christian living in this sinful world. We are so grateful to our God for these pastors who come from time to time to teach the Word. Though I don’t get to rest as I have to interpret for them, but I enjoy being used by the Lord in so many ways. We pray that the Lord would send many more pastors to teach the Word to equip people in the Word.

Amy, our friend from the States, got married with an Indian man last month. Our SOM students and church youth prepared dances that they performed at the wedding reception.

Our graduates are doing good and are being used by the Lord. It is our joy to see the fruit of their labor. We thank you too for your prayers for their ministry. As an answer to your prayers the Lord is transforming the lives of the young men and women. Last month we baptized four people (two boys and two girls). Three of them are from a village where P.K. II has been serving. We know that this is just the beginning of the harvest. We need your fervent prayers.


I had the privilege to share the gospel to few Hindu people. Twice I visited a Hindu family to pray for a man (named Pradeep) whose  kidneys are not working. When I went to this family there were five or six people at home and I shared the gospel before prayer and gave the man a copy of the N.T. I met another Hindu man in a birthday party at one of our church members’ home. His name is Mr. Bhandari, who has also the same kidney problem. I was asked to pray for him and I spent some time with him sharing the gospel with him and gave him a copy of N. T. We would request you to pray for God healing touch on these two men and for everyone who heard the gospel would surrender their lives to Jesus.

Please pray for our health as Vinita and I are not doing well due to the cold weather. We have pain in bones and I am having breathing problem and coughs at night.


Thank you so much for your prayers and continuous support in the ministry.

God bless. Co-workers in Christ,

Pastor P.M. and V.M.

Having Confidence in What We Know

Just this last week we had my dear friend Amys church wide dessert gathering.  It was with Amy that God sent me to South Asia with.  During the gathering, she shared about the work God is doing there.  She showed pictures of the School of Ministry that has been started there and shared about the 4 graduated students who are now serving God in their various villages and states.  There were pictures of sweet friends that she shared with the group. Families that we poured the gospel into. Kids that we cared for, and loved dearly.  There were also pictures of my time in the hospital as that was a pivitol moment of change not only in my life but also in her life and ministry. I loved her theme, life changes, circumstances change, relationships change but God does not change.  I am the Lord and I do not change…” Mal. 3:6 

11742660_10207611228027396_5625698272103531184_nA question that I have been ask a lot lately is, How are you now that you are watching Amy go back without you? It is surreal.  I am not sure I can say exactly how I am.  I look back on pictures, videos, conversations, prayers prayed with believers, opportunities of sharing the gospel to someone who had never heard it, smiles and laughter of children screaming my name and running into my arms, watching hard hearts be softened in front of me, and it doesnt take much for tears to begin streaming down my face and the familiar ache to return to my heart. Yes, I loved and still love many people there dearly. But how am I?
All I can do is fall upon that which I do know. These things I know; that God spoke to me about a year before I left South Asia through His Word, through prayer, and through vision that a change was coming in my life.  It came to pass as He said, and I can only know that He is in control and His hand is upon me.  I also know that He has leads me into paths of righteousness for His names sake (Psalm 23:3). I know that He prepared good works for me in advance that I should walk in them (Eph. 2:10).  I know that He works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Rom. 8:28) Theres much that I can know through Gods Word.
Praying over Amy

Praying over Amy

Sharing at a SGWM fundraising dinner

Sharing at a SGWM fundraising dinner

True, there is a lot that I dont know. Theres a lot that I dont quite understand yet. But I am free to place my confidence in that which I do know.  And truly thats where my confidence lies. So how am I? I am in the hands of Him whose ways are higher than my own.  In the shaky, changing circumstances of life that leave us completely void of understanding, we can look to Him and know that He does not change.  That His throne is unshaken by my change and His Kingdom standing firm. Therefore I can take that which I do know and press on, move forward and know that there is more to be done. There remains a further work that HE has prepared for me. Although I can look back and be thankful for all that was given to me in India, I can know that my work is not done yet, and He desires use of me now, a present obedience to His calling. I do not know what will happen in the future. I do not know if I will go back to South Asia or to another foreign mission field. I know my desires, I know how God has gifted me, but I dont know how He will lead me. But I do know Him, and He is good.
Getting to use my acquired henna skills

Getting to use my acquired henna skills

Its been a busy last couple of months. The organization I work for had a fundraising benefit in May.  Which was a major on the job learning experience for me.  I have been able to go to a couple conferences in order let people know about Saving Grace World Missions as well as to spread the word about the work in South Asia.  We have had missionaries coming in and out, from Kenya to Cambodia to Muslim countries that cant be named.  It has been an honor and a priviledge to sit with them and hear how they are doing and getting to hear those awesome first hand testimonies of how God is working in diverse ways all over this world.
Girl's Team India gained a newborn member, Breanna Gaona!

Girl’s Team South Asia gained a newborn member, Breanna Gaona!

Difference Makers Young Adults

Difference Makers Young Adults

Our college group at church has been going well. We have been doing a Bible study with the girls and I switch off teaching with a couple others.  We have been having a sweet time of learning to train our minds to dwell on truth.  
Girl's Bible Study

Girl’s Bible Study

I also wanted to let you know that those 4 graduated School of Ministry students that are now serving as missionaries do write updates and they are awesome! You get to hear first hand some of their stories of how God is moving.  If you are interested in receiving those updates, please respond and let me know so I can add you to their mailing lists.
Rakesh and Pradeep doing dishes after an outreach to a newly found village.

R.K. and P.K. doing dishes after an outreach to a newly found village.

This is Anugrah, his parents died recently from TB and he lived for a bit with our missionary, Rajendra, in Bihar. Now he has the same disease, please pray that God would touch this young boy and heal him!

This is Anugrah, his parents died recently from TB and he lived for a bit with our missionary, R.M.(2), in South Asia. Now he has the same disease, please pray that God would touch this young boy and heal him!

Pradeep sharing the Gospel in a remote village

P.K. sharing the Gospel in a remote village

Please be in prayer for
  • Always that God would keep me healthy and be my day to day strength.
  • I am praying about ways I can meet more South Asians that are right here in SoCal, pray that God would lead me into what He has for me.
  • Pray for my support as there are some things that God has been putting on my heart to do but I do not have the means to do so at this time.
  • Continue to be in prayer for the School of Ministry as they just started a new year. There are 7 students and I am so excited to see what God is going to do in them this year!



P.K.’s India Ministry Update

Thank you everyone for your prayers!  Thanks be to the Lord that He chose me for His glory and I rejoice in His work.  There are times when the Devil tried to make me fall into sin but the grace of our Lord is enough for me.

I would like to share what the Lord has been doing through me for His glory.  I had been to a village few months ago and I saw how the evil spirits are working there.  I prayed that the Lord would enable me to share the gospel. The Lord helped me to declare to them that Jesus is the only way because it is He who died for our sins and he who believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. Many people accepted that what I said was truth and few women came to me afterwards and said, “We want to believe in Jesus.” I prayed with them.

I had been sharing the gospel to one family since I was in Bible College.  This family are idol worshippers and are so much disturbed. When I shared the gospel with them they got encouraged.  I kept visiting them and a few days ago two men from this family came to me and said that they want to accept Jesus as their Lord. They asked me if they would be now be free from the idols and I told them that they are free.  I praise God that He is using me for His work.  If we do not lose hope we reap the harvest.

The Lord is doing great work through me. There is a woman in my village who has been married for 4 years and has no child.  She did everything to get a child like went to many Hindu temples and other places that were suggested to her but nothing happened.  One day when I was in my village I felt that the Lord want me to share about Jesus with her and tell her about some women from the Bible. I prayed and went to her to share the gospel.  Three months later I heard news from someone that this woman is three months pregnant.  I don’t know if she believes in Jesus but praise the Lord that He heard my prayer.  I know that for His own glory God does wonders among the gentiles.

In my ministry place God has given me some families that are open to the gospel.  I have been sharing the gospel to them and believe that one day the Lord will change them and save them. The Lord has His own way and His own timing. I have been taking weekly Bible study and some girls and children from these families come from these same families. One girl has given her life to Jesus and now her parents don’t want her to come for the Bible study.  This family attends a Jehovah witness fellowship. There are some young men I am ministering to who are very notorious but I have been sharing the Word to them and encouraging them to leave the evil path and live for God.  The youths want to live in the pleasure of this world.  They do not know what they are doing.  I tell them that God has created them and kept them for some special purpose. I believe that the Lord would one day open their mind and draw them to Himself.


Sunday morning 9:30 to 11:00 and in the evening 8:00 to 9:30 I take Service and a few young men and women come for these services.  They have heart for the Word and I am glad that I have opportunity to minister to them. I take Sunday School for children and teach them songs.  I believe that the Lord will do a great work in this place.  Many families are influenced by Jehovah Witnesses but I have been sharing the Word to some of them and one day they will know the truth and the truth shall set them free.

Prayer points:

1) Pray for Sunil, Santosh and Ruchita who have committed their lives to Jesus that they would grow in their new faith and walk with Jesus.

2) Pray for the salvation of their families as well.

3) Some people got baptized in another state of India pray that that the Lord send some one there to shepherd them.

4) Pray for my mission field that the Lord would draw people to Him and for the families caught in the trap of Jehovah Witness would be set free.