The Lock-down Unlocks Our Friendship

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Distributing Rice and Oil to Teachers

 It has been a great blessing to serve in our neighborhood. Where we live, we are surrounded by schools and families’ homes.  Due to the lockdown, there is a teacher who has had a hard time getting salary from a school.  The principal of that school, who is also our friend, shared about how the teacher hasn’t been able to get a salary for the past 4 months.  We were then able to help give 17 teachers from the school some bags of rice and oil.  The day we distributed the food, we had good fellowship with each other and prayed together. My wife served us coffee and cake.  It was a great blessing to see the teachers happy faces and make a connection with them.  The principal shared with us that it felt like we are a big family helping each other in this time of suffering. It was a real heart-touching moment.  We praise God to have such a wonderful neighbor.  Please keep praying for our teacher friends who have given their lives to serve in this Christian school. They are sharing their faith in this Hindu and Buddhist community.

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” (James 1:27)

Distributing Food in a Slum

 What a great God we serve to be able to visit a neighboring slum area last week!  We haven’t stopped praying for these people and we were very excited to visit them, serve them, and share the Gospel of Jesus with them.  We’ve been praying for these people and for ideas on how to reach them for a long time now.  We asked one of our neighbors, who is a farmer and has lived here for a long time in our community, for help.  The farmer accompanied us to the slum and introduced us to families there.  Thank God that He has arranged this friendship with the farmer so that we could make a connection with the people in the slum.  There are almost 25 families who live there, along with some married couples and some single people.  We were surprised to find out that all of these families are from the same tribe (people group) called, “Tharu” which is a similar tribe that I come from, except they are from West Nepal and I am from the East.  It was really fun to be able to communicate with them in the Tharu language, which is also our mother tongue! 
   These people are making toys in their houses to earn some money because the lockdown shut down all of the businesses.  Once they heard about the food relief distribution we wanted to do there, they were all so happy!  When we hosted the food relief outreach, they all had big smiles and we were able to share Jesus with them.  Everyone was so thankful for the food packages they received.  We are hoping to be able to spend more time with them in the future and disciple those who have decided to give their life to Christ.

Rejected But Accepted

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

Having Bible Study in an Area Where We Distributed Food

During the past couple of months, people have been suffering because of this lockdown.  People are not able to work and so many people have lost their jobs. People are having a hard time being able to feed their families.  

   During this time, there are a lot of people who are helping. But the people who help just want to take pictures to show whatever they give, which makes some people feel uneasy. So, when we arrive there with food packages, they refused to let us take photos. They told us that if we were going to take photos then they wouldn’t take any rice from us.  We respected their request of not taking photos and still loved to give the relief food.  After a couple of days, we visited again to host a Bible study, and they were so surprised by us that they requested us to take photos with them!  Our new friends have been coming to Bible study every time we are able to visit with them.  Praise God!  We seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Pray for this little flock that they may grow in His Word.

Thanks for praying for us,

Anand, Usha, Asher & Amos

The Call of God

This Has Been a Great Semester at the Bible College

The Call of God

This has been a great semester at the Bible College! It has been wonderful to see all of these young people from all over the country, who were called to the ministry, never leave Nepal. In the current situation in our country, most of the young people go abroad to chase their dreams. We honor these young people who are instead sold out to Christ and His mission. These young men do not have much wealth at their homes to take care of their future. They are ready to give up worldly things to run and grab eternal things.    

We staff see them as clay. When they came to Bible College, we gave them to God, who is the potter, to model them in His desire and in His way. God is preparing them to have different abilities for the ministry. When we ask them, “What is your gift from God?”, they reply, “I don’t know.” However, the senior students have figured out why they are here. Some new students still struggle with old habits and some are facing new struggles which they have never faced before. Ether way, all of the students are called in different ways and for different purpose of God, etc. Keep praying for them that they may cling unto Jesus.

“But now thus says the LORD, who created you, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not,  for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are Mine.” (Isaiah 43:1)

The Gospel on the Mount

Our Bible College Students Love to Share the Gospel!

These young men not only love to walk–they love to share Gospel together in the mountains. These young men are friends in the Bible College and love to go friends’ houses and share Gospel. When they go to their friends’ houses they say “I see a great harvest, but the worker are few.” I love to tell others about how these young men have started to love people and want to win them in Christ. 

In a particular mountain area, there is no church. No Christian people live anywhere around there. But praise God we have a student name Padam who is in his final semester in Bible College. We are excitedly looking forward to seeing this brother serve the Lord in this area in coming days–as we are already seeing him serving! He is a young man who grew up without father. He was left by his mother. He worked for different people in stores, and eventually went to another country for job. He ended up drinking and working in a brick factory. He was lost and now is found. Now, he wants to go reach the people in those mountains (where he grew up) who are lost. His family has been reunited and he is staying with them and having a Bible study twice a week. Keep on praying for him and the area were he is serving. Let God pour out His Spirit upon him.

“And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him. Then He opened His mouth and taught them…”(Matthew 5:1-

The Fellowship of Acts

Joining Together to Study Acts

We never even prayed for it. We never guessed it could happen. We didn’t deserve it. But, what a wonderful thing to have wonderful young people of another Bible College join together with us to have fellowship and do a Bible study of the Book of Acts! These young people were such a blessing to us as well. It is a great joy to serve these young men by teaching them and having fellowship with Nepali snacks. We thank God that He allowed these things to happen, so that we are able to host these young men. We thank God that He is helping us to influence these people, and teach these young men. While we were introducing ourselves to these young men, we found out that they are from different denominations and organizations, but when we come together to fellowship, we see that we are one in Christ and one big family. What a joyful thing to sit together and worship together to our living God. Please pray that God will bless this fellowship, which we do twice a month.

“And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.”(Hebrew 10:24-25)

Thank you,

Anand, Usha, Asher & Amos