Back in the States

Hello everyone!

We have been in the States now for a little under a month and it has been really amazing to see God’s hand in leading us and opening up opportunities for us. However coinciding with the blessings of God’s leading we were very saddened to hear of the death of one of the teenagers there in Romania. Stefan was a joy to be around and he will be sorely missed by everyone. Ruth and I were however encouraged to hear from Steve and Alice about how the Lord took this tragedy and brought about something beautiful. They told us of two preteen aged kids that purposely sought out Steve wanting to receive Christ in light of the events that took place. They also told us of the amazing opportunities they had to talk with people that were very open during this tragic time. We ask that you continue to pray for Stefan’s family, the church, and the teenagers there in Romania. We miss them and love them very much.

In coming to the States I really wanted to be able to go to school and learn a trade but we didn’t know how it would all work with getting a job and having the funds to even go to school. It’s been really amazing to see God answer those questions or worries that we had. As of this week I’m enrolled at Apollo Career Center in Lima(which is 30 minutes away). Starting the 18th of September I’ll be taking part in their Multi-Craft Industrial Technologies course which is 15 months long. In the course I’ll be learning a variety of skills that will prepare me to be a Maintenance technician. All of my classes will be in the evening from 6-10pm Monday-Thursday which will enable me to work either part-time or full-time and there is the opportunity to be hired on by a company as a paid apprentice. For quite a few years I’ve looked into various courses like diesel mechanics or aviation maintenance and I’m looking forward to the skills that I will receive from this training.

It was amazing how quickly my schooling all fell into place. Applications, testing, and applying for financial aid all happened within the span of a week and a half. Because of our low but sufficient income in Romania we were able to receive a grant from the government which covers half of the tuition cost and the student loans that we applied for are quite minor and cover the rest of tuition cost. It is so amazing how quickly and smoothly the process has been and we thank the Lord for this opportunity.

We as a family are doing well. We see the Lord’s hand in various ways and it encourages us. We know that it is going to be a huge change with me working and going to school and I will miss getting to be with Ruth and Eliana so much. Pray for God’s grace in this transition for us. At the moment our time in America has felt like we are just visiting. It has been so great for us getting to be with my parents and they have been a huge help and blessing during this transition. We have one last trip before we settle down and I start applying for jobs in the area. Tomorrow we are starting our trip down to Florida to see Ruth’s sister and her family. It has been four years since we last saw Stephanie and her family and we are looking forward to it. On our way down we are stopping off in North Carolina for a few days to visit with our friends there before continuing our trip South. We ask for your prayers as we take this long road trip and that we would pace ourselves and enjoy our time together as a family.

As I mentioned in previous updates, supporters can still send support through SGWM until the end of September. For those who have monthly support set up you will have to email the head of finances at SGWM, Jack Fletcher, ( when you want to stop sending support.

We love you all and thank you for your love and support. It is amazing to see how the Lord provides and guides us all. I’m excited to see what the Lord chooses to do with us as a family here in Ohio. We ask for your continued prayers as we start this new season in our lives.

In Him,

Aden, Ruth and Eliana

July Update

We are in the middle of our move to the States and will be in Ohio on the 19th of July. We are currently in Cork, Ireland with my brother and sister-in-law til the 18th. Our last few weeks in Romania were quite busy for us and they were both emotionally and physically draining. We also wanted to send out an update before we left Romania but due to the kids outreaches and packing we ended up not being able to.

Our last few meetings with the teens in Valeni were really great. We are really going to miss that group. In one of our last meetings one of the guys thanked God that our group was like a family and we are so thankful for how God brought the group together.

During a different meeting two of the girls said they wanted to receive the Lord in their lives. They said they had never made that concious decision and they wanted to give their lives to the Lord. It is a blessing to see the Lord bring fruit through those girls lives.

Ruth and I are thankful to have been a part of those kids lives the last few years and we pray that they would all choose to live their lives for their God and Creator and that they wouldn’t waste their lives away.

During our last full week in Romania we as a church had our kids outreaches. We did a two day kids outreach in both Valeni and Ciorani and they both went really well. We taught about the parable of the tax collect and Pharisee and we also taught on the parable of the lost son.

We had good turn outs in both locations and the Gospel was shared with each of those kids. It was good to see familiar faces and some new ones. Ruth and I were busy heading up the game time but we were thankful to have some fun with the kids before we left. With the outreaches we also had some extra help from two girls who are from a church in Missouri; they will be in Romania till sometime in August so we are thankful that they will be a help to the churches and to Steve and Alice till then.



Packing everything is never an enjoyable experience we only had 4 bags to pack up and they couldn’t be over 20 kilos which is a little less that 45 pounds. We left a couple bags and our guitar behind that Ruth’s family are wanting to bring over when they come for a visit to the States this fall/winter. We definitely got rid of a lot of stuff but we know it’s just stuff that can be replaced if needed.


We are excited about this next stage in our lives but there is a lot that is unknown. I’ll be looking to get a job when we arrive and we know that life will be very different. It will be so strange to not be involved in ministry in the same way we have been for so many years. We want to continue to serve the Lord and to be used by Him wherever He takes us. We ask for your prayers as we take this step of faith. We will be staying at my parents for a few months until I get a job and we are able to move out.

As I mentioned in our last update, supporters can still send support through SGWM for 3 months after we get to the states. For those who have monthly support set up you will have to email the head of finances at SGWM, Jack Fletcher, ( when you want to stop sending support.


It has been a huge blessing to be here in Ireland. We have been able to get good rest in this cool and pleasant climate. It has been so great to see so many friends from our time in Ireland and it has been a joy to introduce Eliana to more family(Eliana loves her uncle Ian and her auntie Siona)! The Lord is good and we see His faithfulness throughout the years and we will continue to trust in Him and not in our own understanding.


In Christ

-Aden, Ruth and Eliana Knepper


Hello friends and family!

  Winter is always a slower time of year in Romania for everyone. The cold and snow really prohibit what can be done during these winter months. We were blessed however to have a beautiful few days this past week where it was warm enough to get out and have a BBQ in celebration of Ruth’s birthday. We are all looking forward to things warming up and being able to do more. We as a team have started putting together what this up coming Spring and Summer will look like. We’re excited for the various teams and people that are wanting to travel and be apart of kid’s outreaches, youth events and a possible conference. It’s always an encouragement for us to have people come and be a part of what God is doing here in Romania. We want God’s wisdom and leading in what we are going to be busy with during the warmer months.

While we wait for the warmer weather we have still been able to meet with teens on a weekly basis thanks to the new building we have in Valeni. It is a blessing to see how the relationships between the different “kids” have changed and grown closer. Pray the Lord would use us to reach these kids here. When the weather has been clear there have also been different work projects in Valeni. At the moment we are in the process of fixing up the cellar into a bedroom so there’s a place to stay when needed. Things have come along way with the building in Valeni but there is still a good bit of work to be done to make the building more useful for meeting in.

   The 18th of this month our little girl is going to be 3 months old! Eliana has been such a joy for us! We are wanting to make a trip over to the States this Spring so that family there can finally meet her. We have family in the North and South of both East and West coasts as well as friends and churches that support us and we would love to be able to see everyone. However, it’s been difficult trying to figure out how we could do that with the time and money we have. At the moment our tentative plan is to get to Ohio and spend time with my parents and family there unless the means come available to do more. If you would like to help us out financially with this trip it would help us to decide what we can do and when we can do it. Paypal is the fastest and most direct way to get funds to us but you can also give through our missions organization, Saving Grace World Missions. Both methods for how to give can be found on the “Support Info” page of our website,

We thank you all for your love and support for us here in Romania! We love to hear from our friends around the world so please feel free to send us an email or message anytime! For those of you in the States we hope to have the chance to visit with you when we are able to!

In Him,

Aden, Ruth and Eliana

Awaiting Our New Addition

It is almost time for our little girl to come into this world. Estimated time of delivery is sometime in mid November. We have only weeks away and we have been busy getting the baby’s room ready. There are a lot of things you need… or at least you think you need when it comes to having a baby. So many times Ruth and I have stared at the countless baby products and wondered, “which one”(As I write this I’m reminded of how great our Father is and how He knows what we need). We ask for your prayers during this time, for Ruth and the baby especially. We were at the doctor this week and the doctor is very pleased with all blood work and tests. We have been very thankful that God has blessed us with such a smooth journey these past 8 months. Ruth and I keep our eyes on the prize in getting to finally meet our little girl. We know it’s going to be very different having a baby. We wont get very much sleep but being parents is something Ruth and I have looked forward to for a long time.


For this winter we are planning on staying with Ruth’s parents. The house possibility that we talked about wanting to buy didn’t happen and that’s okay. We know the Lord is in control and leading us one way or another. It’s been good to be able to stay with the family and it’s provided extra money from not paying rent to get the baby’s room ready.

A Church Building in Valeni

At the same time we were wanting to buy a house, the opportunity opened up in Valeni for the church to purchase a house for meeting in. This is an answer to many prayers. We have been in Valeni for about 16 years without a building. In summer we’ve met outside and in winter we met in people’s houses. It has been so good to have a place where everyone feels welcome to come. Our times with the teenagers on Saturday have been so encouraging. Most of the time people would quickly leave once things were done but now it’s almost hard to get them to leave. The house is a special place and a get away from some of the craziness that surrounds this community.


There are actually two houses on the property. One we use for kids and the other we use for adults. There has been a lot of work going on to get these places ready for winter. This Saturday the 29th, we are having a youth day with our teens and there are about 15 others coming from churches in Bucharest. We have cleaned up some of the land behind the houses and Steve made a great fire pit that we are looking forward to use. Please pray for this time we have this weekend.

We are so blessed to have this place. We are very thankful for the church in Hanover, Germany and the church in Lake Elsinore, CA for their help in getting this place. It was a moving of God that it happened so suddenly!


It is so good to hear from our friends and family all around the world. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Sorry for the times it takes so long to write back!! We love you all and are thankful for the Lord using you as His tool in Romania, without your prayers and financial support we couldn’t be here. Have a blessed day!

-In Him

Aden and Ruth Knepper


Exciting Changes!

This past Summer has been a pretty busy one for us. There have been a lot of changes and exciting developments. I wanted to briefly share a few things and attach some photos on our website and Facebook that should give you a good idea as to what our summer has looked like so far. We have some news as to where we are living and how our little baby is coming along. There is also an exciting possibility for us to buy a house. I’ll talk about the latter at the closing of our letter.

Our Summer

  • Kid’s ministry
    • We started the summer with our yearly Children’s outreaches which are one of my favorite times of year. It’s such a great time to get to know new kids and build relationships with the ones we already know. Times with kids can be so refreshing and many are very eager to hear about Jesus.
    • We love these kids and God is doing some cool things in their lives. While the adults and teens will come to church late a lot of times the kids more often are there when we start. This past Sunday I was filled with joy to hear that the kids in Valeni had arrived to the Church property early and had set up all the benches before the group came from Ciorani. But they not only set up for church, they were also singing worship songs loudly and praying! This news put a smile on my face.
    • Pray for these kids! There is quite an eagerness to learn and just this past month we baptised two girls in Valeni.
  • Austria and Ireland Trips
    • For a week there was a small group of us that attended a conference in Millstatt Austria. This conference was put on by the Calvary Chapel in Hanover and their youth group invited us to come and be apart of the week. Josh and I were the guest speakers for the youth sessions for the week. Coming up to it I was a bit stressed about all the preparation but the week was far from any stress or worry. God blessed the times together with the youth and we made some new dear friends. We are so thankful for our time there.knepper 2
    • After returning from Austria we soon left for Ireland for a getaway to spend time with some of my family! My parents came over from the states and we all stayed with my oldest brother and his wife who live and work in Cork. It was SO good to see family and so many friends. On returning we brought back about 18 kilos of baby clothes that people gave us while we were there which was fantastic. Our time in Ireland was a huge blessing for Ruth and I.

knepper 3


  • We are living in Ciorani where Ruth’s family is based. With the baby’s arrival coming in November, it will be good to be close to family and in a place where I can still be plenty of help with the extent of my Romanian. We are still very involved with what’s going on in Valeni. We moved from Valeni right before we left for Ireland. Our hope was that once we got back from our trip we would find somewhere to rent. There have been a few options but all included pumping in a good amount of money to make something suitable for when we have our baby. The way in which people live in the country is very different from the cities and what we’re use to in the west.
  • Ruth and the baby are doing great. Before we left for Austria we had an in-depth ultra-sound to check that everything is as it should. Everything showed up normal and the doctor was able to tell us that we are to expect a little baby girl in November! We are beyond delighted! We have a bunch of the cutest outfits from family and friends. Baby girls are so much fun to shop for!

Exciting News about a House

  • In our searching for a place to rent we found a house with a little yard that a lady is wanting to sell for 6,000 Euros= 6,790 USD. In a lot of thinking and weighing our options we have decided that we want to try and buy this house and fix it up here and there over time. In all honesty some of the places that people were offering to rent were in a worse condition than this house is. Instead of putting money into someone else’s house to fix it up, it would be much better to put it into a place we can call our own.
    • We have counted up what we have and we will continue to be saving to get this place. In my mind it would be great if we could get it and start fixing it up a bit before winter and the baby come but that just might not be possible and we are okay with that. Ruth’s Parents have opened their home to us and we have a nice little spot for the time being, so we aren’t without a place to stay. But we wanted to let you guys know what we are wanting to do because we are really excited about working towards this. And if it’s something that you would like to be apart of then great! God provides in interesting ways and He can get us into that house if it’s His will to do so. We will continue to trust in the Lord and take the necessary steps towards this house unless God makes it clear otherwise. Please keep this in prayer!


    We love you all and pray for you often, however not as often as we should. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have and to pray for anything specific things you have going on in your lives. You can email us, Voxer us, Facebook, or Skype… really there is a variety of different ways to talk with us!

    Just this past week a friend in the church sent us this verse and came as a great encouragement for us.

    Jeremiah 32:40-41 – “And I will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I will not turn away from doing them good; but I will put My fear in their hearts so that they will not depart from Me. Yes, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will assuredly plant them in this land, with all My heart and with all My soul.”

    If you would like to see more photos from our summer, just click the link below:


    In Him,

    Aden and Ruth Knepper

A New and Exciting Time!

Hello dear friends and family,



We are still very much alive here in Romania and we have the best news we could possibly share with you! Ruth and I are going to have a baby! We have been wanting to share this news for awhile now but thought it safe to wait a little to share the good news. Ruth and the baby are doing very well and we are now almost 14 weeks(three months) into this exciting time. We couldn’t be happier with this huge gift that God has given us. We wont know if we’re having a boy or a girl until sometime in June. I think both Ruth and I would love to have a little baby girl but really we are happy with whatever God has given us. The doctor said the due date is November 15th -21st. So with this good news we ask for your prayers as we enter this new and exciting time!







In other news we are ramping up to be busy with Spring/ Summer activities.

  •   This next weekend we are having a missionary/ministry/pastors and their wives conference which we are all really looking forward to. It will be a refreshing time together with some of the other missionaries here in Romania. We’ll be hosting this in Ciorani so we are in the midst of getting everything in order for that. Pray that this weekend would be a great encouragement for all of us.
  •   We are also going to start our visa renewal so we can turn that in by June 7th which is never fun, but it’s crazy to think we’ve been here for 2 years now…
  •   After this, in June we will be concentrating our time and brain power to get ready for our Kids Outreaches. For the last two years these have gone really well and we have a lot of kids come to them. Pray that the Lord would guide us in preparing for these events and that these kids would come to know their God and Creator.
  •   Then in Mid- July a small group of us are going to be heading to a youth conference that Calvary Chapel Hanover is hosting in Austria. They have invited us to come and have asked for me to share with the youth about the Attributes of God. Please keep this in your prayers and especially pray for me as I prepare for this.

For all your prayers and support throughout these past two years, we thank you. We are excited to see where the Lord is going to lead us as a new family. Please send us an email or message anytime as we would love to hear from you!

In Him,

Aden, Ruth, and Baby Knepper


Babies feet at 10 weeks                                                                                                              Baby Feet at 10 Weeks

Spring is Coming to Valeni

On March 1st spring officially started here in Romania. The weather has been warming up and we have had some really beautiful days. Both Ruth and I are glad to have the winter months behind us. I don’t like winter very much. Though I love the snow, winter is often depressing and limits what we’re able to do.

Here in Valeni we don’t have a building to meet in and do activities. In the Summer we meet outside. It’s always a big question in the winter where we are meeting for church or for youth Bible study. This winter we’ve been rotating meeting in different houses of people in the church. Though it might not sound very ideal it has been an encouraging thing to see people eager to open their houses up to meet in. Also through this rotation there have been quite a few families who have started to be a part of the fellowship again.

Within the culture that we live and serve in there is a lot of family loyalty. This can be a wonderful thing but from our experience it has shown to be often destructive and cause a hindrance in what God wants to do here. Family sticks together and takes care of each other but when there are problems between families it can cause relationships even within the church to become cold and divisive. With that said being able to go from family to family has communicated an important truth, we are a family and the church is not “so and so’s church” but it is for everyone… there are no families better than others. We meet together in Christ as one. Please pray against the attacks of the enemy that will try to hinder what has been going on these last few months.

Since I mentioned that we as a church do not have a building, I think it would be good to let you know that we as a church are eagerly on the look out for possible places to buy. In the past we’ve wanted to build on the land that we own but we are now looking to find a house that will meet our needs. Please be praying that the Lord would give us all wisdom and direction as we as a church enter this exciting time.

The end of April will mark 2 years of us being in Romania together. It has been very challenging at times for both of us. It was especially hard for me starting out not knowing Romanian but I’ve grown in my understanding of the language a lot. We continue to want to be a support to the churches here and to minister to the kids and teenagers. We have been thinking a lot about what else the Lord would have us to be doing here in Valeni. There are needs all over the place and it would be easy to busy ourselves but we want to be busy with what God has for us. Pray for us in the direction of ministry here in Valeni. We trust the Lord with what He has planned for us. For now we are here and we will look to Him for our strength in the work that He’s set before us.

Thank you for your continual support! Please feel free to email us anytime as it is an
encouragement to hear from our friends and family. We love you and pray for you all often.

In Christ

-Aden and Ruth Knepper

Summer Overview

Hello everyone! This Summer has been a good but challenging one. Like I mentioned in our last update, there has been a Hepatitis A outbreak here in Valeni; in the area that we minister in. Mostly all the kids in the area have had it and been in the hospital for treatment. Because of this virus a lot of our summer plans with kids and youth had to be postponed or cancelled since we didn’t want to be responsible for spreading the virus. It’s actually been in the more recent weeks that we’ve been able to start up our regular kids ministry here in Valeni. It’s great to feel like we’re almost on the other side of this virus but still pray against any further spreading!

Because it’s been a while since we last sent out an update it seems like ages ago since certain things happened. I figured it would be good to give a quick summary of the past several weeks. Since we decided to postpone the Valeni kids outreach till mid to late August we took the opportunity to take our family beach trip while we had the chance. We camped for three nights at the Black Sea along with some friends. It was so great getting to camp and enjoy God’s Creation for a few days.

After our time away we tried to get back into the swing of things but with some of the teenagers getting sick we couldn’t really have our regular weekly time together.Instead we just went up on Saturdays to check on people and also helped some of them a couple times with harvesting small orange berries called Catina. These berries are very popular in Romania and every year a lot of people go into the forests to find and harvest them so they can sell them. Catina bushes are very spiky plants and have to have all the thorns cut off the branches before you can pick the berries. Families have been harvesting them for weeks as it’s a good way for them to make a little bit of extra cash. Though it was disappointing not being able to meet with the teenagers for a few weeks we still had a good time sitting around and talking with people as we helped them with Catina.

A few weeks ago; Steve, Josh, and myself put together a hiking trip for the guys that have been apart of the youth group in Ciorani. We went up north to a beautiful place called Muntele Roșu(Red Mountain). We took a 6 hour hike up along the ridge of the mountain which was such a great time with the guys. We were physically drained by the end of it but it was a sweet time of fellowship with each other. This upcoming Saturday we are doing a similar trip with some of the boys here in Valeni which I’m looking forward to.

This past Tuesday Ruth had a girls meeting with the girls from Ciorani and Valeni. It is a blessing to have the space to do these kinds of things now. Our friend Jackie who has been staying with us had the opportunity to share with the girls from Isaiah. Though I wasn’t there, all the girls seemed to really enjoy the time they had together and said the study went really well. It was also a bitter sweet time as it was Patrana’s(Ruth’s Romanian Sister) last day in Romania before heading off to Bible School in Hungry. We are all really excited that she is able to go but she will be missed these next few months.

Travel Plans

In our last update I mentioned that the Pastor from Hanover was coming with his wife to drop off a car that someone has given us. The plans for them to come in August ended up falling through but now Steve and I get the opportunity to go and visit the church there in Germany and bring the car back to Romania. We are leaving on the 8thand I am really excited to spend time with some dear friends there! It will be so great for Ruth and I to have this car as it will really enable us to do more and be more flexible in the ministry here. It’s so surreal when God provides something like a car; even though He provided one for us when we lived in Ireland. There are those things in life that seem big to us but in perspective of who God is; they’re nothing to compare. In my reading of 2 Chronicles I was reminded of how God is eagerly looking to show Himself strong on behalf of those that seek Him and trust Him(See 2 Chronicles 16:9). We serve a great God who delights to show Himself strong and it is a joy to see Him work.

Ruth and I continue to do well here. It’s been good to have our friend Jackie here with us and it’s been great to have the extra fellowship. The Summer has gone past quickly and it will be a bummer to see her heading back home in a couple weeks. It is always such a blessing to have good friends that want to be an encouragement to us. Know that all you who pray for us, support us finacially, or write us messages(or send voxers) are a very big encouragement to us. It communicates to us that we aren’t alone here in Romania and that God is encouraging us to press on through all the hard or discouraging times. Know that we love you all and are very thankful for you.

In Christ,

Aden and Ruth Knepper

Ciorani Kids Outreach

 P1110608Hello everyone! These last couple months have been really great. We are sorry for not writing sooner. We just had our summer children’s outreach in Ciorani and it was a great blessing! I wanted to take some time and let you know how it went! For some reason there is a server error for editing our website but we’ll post this update along with a lot more pictures. So do check our website within the next week.

Kid’s Outreach in Ciorani

   This year for our kid’s outreach we are focusing of Jesus’ seven I AM statements in John. In our 4 day outreach we covered “I am the Bread of Life”, “I am the Light of the world”, “I am the good Shepherd(and the door)”, and on Sunday we concluded with “I am the vine”. The rest of the I AM statements we are going to continue throughout the next few Sunday’s for Children’s Church. We had a good group of kids come out this year with about 35- 40 kids coming each day. We saw a lot of familiar faces from last years outreach and also some new faces. It was so good to get to reconnect with a lot of these kids and to share with them the truth and love of Jesus Christ. We had great opportunities to share with the kids about who Jesus is and the importance of accepting Him. In our group we had a good time where we were able to sit the kids down and share with them that it’s not about being apart of a certain church but that it’s all about knowing Jesus and following Him in their lives. The Lord knows their hearts and I believe that He was and is at work in many of their lives. Pray for the work that God is doing in these kids.

 photo (21)  This year we had a lot of help with our kids outreach. Our good friend Jackie from California is here with us now and will be here to help until sometime in September. We also had a friend from Florida whose family is planning on moving to Romania, come for a visit. It was Tasha’s first time in Romania and it was such a bless to have her here with us and involved with the kids program. Along with Jackie and Tasha we also had a four person team from Ireland come to help out with the outreach. They were a great help and a good friend of ours, Andrea led the group. It was so great to see her again. Looking at the team in total it was amazing to see God’s heart for these kids in Ciorani. He brought people literally from all over to world to use in reaching out to the kids here.

Pray for Valeni

   We are also planning on having a similar kids outreach here in Valeni soon. Our plan was to have the outreach in Valeni first but there has been an outbreak of Hepatitis A in the area where we meet. Please pray for the families effected by this virus. A lot of the children have been in the hospital because of it. It’s like having a flu for 3-6 weeks and a lot of people are keeping their kids home because of the illness. At the moment we aren’t doing kids and youth meetings because we don’t want to be responsible for spreading it further. So please keep this whole situation in your prayers. We need wisdom as to when and how we do meetings in Valeni at the moment. The virus has spoiled some of our plans already but it has also opened up good opportunities to reach out to others in the community who have been effected by it. It’s been good getting to visit with people in the hospital and brighten up their days(Steve even got an opportunity to show a movie on the wall).

   I also wanted to give you an update on a couple of other things other than our kids outreaches. Late last month I finished my TEFL(teaching English as a foreign language) course and did a good job with my finals. I just got my certificate in the mail today! I’m really excited to see how God will use this in the near future! Pray for direction with that! It’s good to have the course all finished.

  photo (19) As well this August we have the Pastor and his wife from Hanover Germany coming to visit us. He came to Romania this past May with a team to build a new church fence in Ciorani. During his visit he told us that a member of the church wanted to give us his car! Recently we had been looking at cars and trying to calculate the total cost of owning a car in Romania. We concluded to just give it to the Lord and agreed that He would provide the means for it when the time was right. When we heard that someone wanted to give us their car we were blown away. When he told us that it was a Skoda Fabia; I laughed. It was a Skoda Fabia that was given to us by a friend when we lived in Ireland. We really liked that car and were sad to see it go. It’s funny how God works like that! So in August the Pastor(Jorg) and his wife will be driving it down from Germany for us. It’s a huge blessing for us(to say the least) and will be extremely useful in our frequent trips to Ciorani.

   To conclude, Ruth and I are doing really well. The Lord continues to grow us closer together and closer to Himself. We ask that the Lord would give us His wisdom and an ear to hear when He calls us to something.

   We love you all so much and are very thankful for all of our friends around the world who are praying for us and supporting us here. We think and pray for you often. Please email us anytime! We would love to hear about the things God is doing in your lives!

In Christ,

Aden and Ruth Knepper

We found an apartment!

his is the first time in about a week and a half that I’ve been able to sit down with my laptop. We’ve been very busy and we have been wanting to give you all an update about all the things going on here!



We found an Apartment

This is an answer to our prayers and we thank all of you who prayed for us about this. At the moment Ruth and I have been racing to paint and get our stuff moved into the apartment. We have plenty of space now which will be so great to have with our guests this Summer. It’s a two room flat with a large living room and it’s all right in the centre of Valeni. It was amazing to see how God provided a home for us at the right time and the right price. God is good.

Visa Renewal

We have also been in the midst of renewing our yearly visa. It involves a lot of time and running around and it’s been more stressful this year do to moving at the same time. So pray for us as we run around to get all the paper work done.

Men’s/ Pastor’s Conference

About two weeks ago we held a Men’s/Pastor’s conference in Ciorani. For about three days we made our way through the Seven Churches in Revelation. We had Jorg and Peter Will from Calvary Chapel Hanover come and share with us and it was a huge blessing and encouragement for all of us guys. In the past few months I’ve had some time to meet a good group of the guys that are serving in Romania and it was great to have that extra time to fellowship with one another. Pray that we will be able to continue these kind of meetings. It is so important to have these times of encouragement with brothers in the Lord.

Germany team

After the Men’s conference we had a work team from the Church in Hanover come. The church there in Hanover supplied the means and the man power to put up a new fence in Ciorani. It was a lot of hard work but at the end of the week the whole building looked so much more inviting and friendly.

On the Saturday that the team was here we loaded up two of the cars with some members of the team and the teens from Ciorani and went up to Valeni to do youth group together. The youth pastor from Hanover shared with the teenagers and we ended off the afternoon with some games of capture the flag. It was really a great time.

Although it’s been a stressful time; God has been doing a lot in it all and Ruth and I are looking forward to being back on a more regular schedule and getting settled into our new place. We love you all and hope you are doing well. We think about you often! Please do keep in touch with us and email us if you’d like!

In Him,

Aden and Ruth Knepper