Great is the Lord

“Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.  For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; He is to be feared above all gods.” Psalm 9:3-4  

When God gives vision, we can never comprehend all He will do! Around 2 years ago, Vincent was asked to be the manager of the Calvary Football Team.  God put it on his heart long ago that sports and friendship is the way to help break through to these Muslim men.  Showing them Christ and further the Gospel.  Never did we dream what all God was going to do through this ministry.  It was a rough beginning especially having a mix of Christians and Muslims on the team.  But through reading the Word, praying and training together all the guys are changing and so is the community. We have seen those who use to persecute the church now try to sneak in the vehicles to watch the away games.  The strongest of Muslim men say they see God working through this team.  Muslims, we have never seen, drove from far to pick up fans and take them for free to the last away match.  This is never ever heard of here. So much so that people feared to get in the cars.   When they all reached the match, the Arua city team laughed because we are from the village. But what they didn’t know is that God is with us.  We can’t believe and are praising God that we won the Reginal League trophy 3-0!  We heard on the radio during the sports news, the broadcasters talked about Calvary FC (Football Club).  The team we won wanted to petition.  The broadcasters said, “I have followed and watched Calvary FC for the last 2 years and I would advise not to waste your time.  Calvary is an honest team that we all can trust which is very rare in this sport.”  This is all God!  God is showing through the testimony and many are opening their eyes and hearts.  Please continue to pray for God to be glorified! We have two matches left.  One home and one away.  The whole community is trying to see how they can go for the away match.  If we win these 2 matches we qualify for Uganda Premiere League. Every time Calvary is mentioned, God is glorified because it is only Him!  The guys all see what God says that they have a future and a hope both to become something for Him and to have eternity in Him.  

Omar Atibo the Crazy OneBy: Vincent

Last month when Omar visited us, his greatest burden was that he cannot rest until he can build a church in his own home town where they seek to kill him.  And so, we share with you to pray.  Omar is the one some time back we shared about that I was able to disciple through my old school friend, and is now in school of ministry. Omar was sent by former dictator Idi Amin to Saudi Arabia to train and become a strong Muslim cleric over 18 years.  How possible could a well learned Muslim Cleric end up getting converted to Christianity through a newly born again Christian?  The power of the Holy Spirit.  As God got hold of Paul on the road to Damascus so is Omar.  Please, can you take a moment to pray for Omar and the entire family. His wife has become a Christian and was kicked out of their home.  His older daughter Aisha now changed her name to Christine, has become a Christian. Her husband divorced her and she is struggling with 5 children.  His youngest daughter Hayati now called Deborah is 14 years old.  She is on the run now that her friends told her family she has converted.  The latest news on her is that she has probably crossed over to Sudan and hiding but her phone number is not going through.  

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray as we hope to break ground this month and start building the library and community center.  We can’t wait to see all God has planned!  
  • Pray for the next Football match.  
  • Pray for the Spiritual warfare around us and for our health.  
  • Pray as Destiny goes back to American and Jacob comes to disciple the youth boys.
  • Please pray for our Church!  

Praise Reports:

  • The district officials all came to our house and approved our plans for the library and community center.  Following those we hope to build a better playing field/stadium where we can preach the Word of God freely!  
  • The rains have started coming.

We are starting to shift houses and continue fixing our old house for more interns to come. With the harvest plenty, we need more labors!  Please continue to pray that God stirs the hearts of the right ones to help 

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