A Servants Heart

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.” Mark 10:45 A lesson so convicting is a servant’s heart.  Jesus touched lepers and corpse, beggars, thieves and those demon-possessed.  This is His heart beat that He puts in each of us.  Reaching home, Midigo, we have had a lot of amazing things to do.  But even in the stress, God softly reminds us to have His servant heart.  On Easter, we were expecting Vincent’s family but surprised with many kids and lots of boys from the secondary school.  The boys at the secondary school (boarding high school) really challenge me and most people around.  Most of them unloved and uncared for by adults.  The more that came I felt God tell me gently, “Serve them and love them while I multiply.”  So that is what we did.  God multiplied the food and gave Vincent the opportunity to share with all of them. When we allow God to work on our hearts, others see it and change too. There was also a young boy of 14 caught stealing from our Soccer/Football hall. After 2 days of being in the local police station, they wanted to take him to the juvenile court.  Vincent went to the police station and shared a long time with this boy, his father (who is a police man) and the other police.  We have asked that the boy be released as long as he comes to be discipled and change his ways to have a future. God’s grace is so amazing!  All we need is to believe in Him!  He gives us a heart of servanthood, His heart! So beautiful, is Christ!

Much More Than a Graduation:

Our dearest Claudia (Clow Clow), has graduated catering school!  This was so much more than just a graduation.  When she first joined our family over 8 years ago, she had just lost her mom to hepatitis B and AIDS.  She was a hurting teenager with a mouth to prove it.  Many times, she wanted to leave our house.  Many times, I felt she should.  We would cry and pray and cry and pray.  I had to be on my knees for her and for my own heart to find patience and love more than I can possibly count.  She had a hard time in school.  Despite all this, she has grown in her walk with God and become a woman I truly admire!  Singing in the Worship team and wanting to serve God.  She has stayed true and pure.  She has fought through the challenges of school, pure pressure and overcome cultural norms.  She has done so much more than graduate.  She has become an example to all the young ladies in the community, showing them that through Christ, you can finish school and become something for His glory.  You don’t have to get married young or give yourself to get pregnant and abandoned.  “With God, all things are possible.”  Matt 19:26 I am so blessed that God gave us the opportunity to raise such a precious daughter of the Most High King.  She asked me to thank all of you for your prayers and support with added thank you to her sponsors from Promise Child and to Calvary Galway, Ireland.  She says that without God and all of you this day could not have come.  

Prayer Requests:

  • Please Pray for provisions for a new solar system.  We have come to find the batteries spoiled.  With the rains and more interns coming we know it will not be enough.  
  • Continue to pray for all the ministries and the Church here.  Also for our interns, that they would be able to learn the culture and God would use them mightily. 
  • Please pray for the workers on the house to be faithful and finish so that we are ready for Jacob (coming from CC West Grove) early June.  
  • Pray for the district officials to come and approve our constructions to start on the library and community center.  

Praise Reports:

  • We have been, for the most part healthy, thus far!  We reached Midigo without any hiccup!  We have also adjusted quickly, especially the boys!  What an amazing answer to prayer!!!! 
  • Calvary Football Club has only 1 match remaining.  They are currently the top of the division.  I often forget about the impact this team has with the community and reaching to the Muslims.  The match today, once again reminded me and praising God we won 2-1.  
  • We have been visited by Omar, our friend we have shared about over the years.  He was so excited to share with us that most of his family members have now converted from Islam and are saved.  We hope to share more about this amazing miracle next newsletter.  We only share this much currently because they ask for prayer.  The daughters husband has thrown her out, everything is chaotic and so they ask for prayers for safety and provision.  

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