God Does Big Things


“Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”  Hebrews 12:1

From Vincent: I grew up playing soccer, our balls were made of banana leaves and inflated by hang gloves wrapped in rags and threads. I played for schools and fun. In our time, we did not have real balls, cleats, and uniforms.  Instead, one team would remove their shirts. In 2008, as youth pastor at that time, we started using soccer to evangelize to the 95% Muslim community. Most of the team were talented school dropouts who had become drug addicts. We first started with 8 clubs and it quickly grew to 18.  In 2010, we registered in a league and now in 2018, we play professionally in the 3rd regional league. I want to thank my beloved wife and all the many people who have supported this ministry! Through God and your support we have recruited players, rented dorms for them, feed them, carry the traveling costs, they have cleats and uniforms and now many of them have been able to go back to school to finish their educations.  

Above all, spiritually God has changed many hearts through the Gospel and discipleship programs. All the players received Bibles, including the 65% Muslim players and now all the players pray together and play in Jesus name, giving testimony everywhere they go.  Many who knew the story of the church being persecuted, many threats of setting the church ablaze, trying to evict us from our homes, much pressure has reduced.  The community is embracing the club and softening their hearts.  This month Promise Child and a team from CC West Grove had a local tournament where 6 local teams played.  They received full uniforms, balls, bibs, and Bible audio proclaimers! The Gospel is going out! One big challenge we have is that we do not have our own playing ground and one evening when we tried to play the Jesus film the Muslims came to stop us and took us to the police. In a miraculous way, God allowed the police to let us continue but with restricted time. As we have been praying fervently God opened the door this year to give us land!!! We have finally surveyed the 6 acres to start building the Soccer Stadium! Not only that but added space to build an adult literacy program, rehabilitation center, and a library! We pray as we continue down this venture with God’s leading that this will be a place where the Gospel is freely and constantly shared! Here is the before picture…. Can’t wait to see what God will do!!!  

Merry Christmas!!!!!  

Our prayer is that this Christmas you remember what Christmas is really for and that we all focus on the amazing things God has done!  

Praise Reports:

  • The team won their last match.  Sunday, they will play against a team from Kabale.  Kabale is in South West Region of Uganda, Rwanda boarder.  Pray against persecution, for protection and God keep using the team to share the Gospel all over Uganda.  
  • We got the money for the spare parts for our ministry vehicle.  Pray we can find original parts and it is fixed correctly before the next away match.  Now that the team is traveling farther across Uganda.  It is important to have a mostly working vehicle.  
  • The insurance has covered the Grass Tech tablets for my allergies.  Since I cannot do the shots because I live in Africa, I am now on 5 different allergy meds everyday with my throat swelling from time to time. Grass Tech is a tablet you put under your tongue daily and it works like the injections.  I will be trying it in my allergist office soon.  
  • It looks like Vincent will be coming to America next month!!!!  Also, our facetime is, for the most part, working and have been able to see all the kids and Vincent spending time with them over the internet. This has helped us all very much! 
  • All our Ugandan children are doing great and we collected our last bunch from school for the holidays.  Sundays arm is also healing well.  

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray, pray, pray as we start the construction!  That everything is from God every step of the way!  
  • Vincent will be teaching at a crusade Thursday and Friday in the Arua District.  This is one of the first of its kind so please pray!
  • Pray for our Church, CC Midigo!
  • Please also continue to pray for us as we are apart, Vincent’s ulcers, the boys and I. 

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