So Shine








So Shine

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16

It’s amazing how every action can change a life.  Coming to Uganda 9 years ago, I had to learn that our lives are always being watched like a fish in a bowl.  We can easily turn people to Christ or away from Christ by how we live in our every moment. “Let your light so shine!” Men in Uganda spend the day and even night hours with each other playing cards or just sitting around the center.  Very few spend real time with their children or help their wives with the never-ending work in their home. Vincent loves taking the boys out running and training. One morning I went to take photos and stopped in my tracks to praised God!  The children at the public school, the guys who play football/soccer, people walking to the market, all stopping to watch and wonder.  “That they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”   The community knows how Vincent grew up and the type of dad he had.  An abusive soldier who drank, would put a gun to Vincent’s head persecuting him then later abandoning him at one of the army barracks to grow up as an orphan.  How did Vincent fight culture and his upbringing to be the man and father he is now?  The only answer everyone can see and no one can deny is Christ!  Christ is real!  Vincent was just loving and training his boys like Christ told him to and the boys were listening and enjoying their daddy but to everyone else it was much more.  I see God moving and I can picture the future.  An area were people no longer fear their father/husband but come together as loving families.  I’ve even started seeing more men out with their children and it’s extremely encouraging! Every moment, just simple examples through everyday life showing God’s love.  How is your light shining and changing your community for Christ today?

Calvary FC

“For Whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.  How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed?  And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?”  Romans 10:13-14

As many of you know we live in the midst of the Muslim areas of Uganda.  Reaching out and sharing the gospel with Muslim men was always a struggle. God showed us a few years ago to use football/soccer to reach these men and the fruit has been amazing!  Many converts, hundreds have received Bibles and thousands have heard the Gospel!  This year the Calvary team is going to the next level to reach out to even further areas.  Through your prayers we have been blessed with the sponsorship for two coaches, adding some qualified players to join our local ones. We can now also rent a dormitory for them!   The players now live together, train twice a day together and fellowship.  We have a mixture of Muslim and Christians players all having Bibles and being discipled.  Their lives are changing, both on and off the field.  This also encourages the community to change. They say their boys are now more respectful and have a hope they didn’t have before.  Even the crowds that come to watch them practice is an amazing blessing and testimony.  The team is preparing for their tournaments starting the end of September.  They asked you pray for the persecution against the team especially at the away games and for God to continue to change them and give them strength.  Our heart for this ministry is to reach out to all the communities around, give out Bibles and continue to share the gospel every chance possible so that all have heard the gospel all for His glory.







Prayer Requests:

  • The beginning of September we are having our first ever locally ran 3 day VBS. We are printing out a letter for parents with questions and a song to do with their children every day after VBS.  Please pray this will not only be fruitful in the children lives but also start bringing families together through the Word of God.
  • Pray for God’s favor and strength over the challenges we face. The spirit is moving mightily so tests are deep. Pray God go before and fight for us as we continue to love.
  • Pray as we finalize the surveying and start leveling the land! So excited!
  • That the Bibles we give out touch the lives of those who receive them. That there will be more and more bold converts ready to serve God!
  • Please continue to pray for our health.  Also for strength for Vincent as he continues to teach and disciple everyday!  All of us including Vincent have been loving and learning from Genesis, focusing and growing from the life of Joseph.








Praise Reports:

  • We have been blessed and able to get many of the children’s ministry resources we have been praying for! We only need more children’s Bibles and jump ropes.
  • The house is almost finished! We are getting ready for any God calls to come serve alongside and stay with us.
  • We were able to have a one day family outing to Arua! It was my first time out of Midigo in 4 months.  4-hour drive round trip, 3 hours of food, building materials and fabric shopping plus lunch with ice cream and still made it back to Midigo in time for the women’s fellowship.
  • Daniel, Vincent and my malaria has been healed.
  • We celebrated Gaga, Penninah, Daniel, Clow and Sharon’s birthdays this month.
  • Angela has been enjoying her time here and being used mightily.

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