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God is on the move! There are many exciting changes within our ministries. The Lord has opened up a door for our family to partner with Saving Grace World Missions (SGWM), a missionary-sending organization. SGWM helps missionaries to funnel finances, do taxes as well as provide Biblical counseling and ongoing encouragement while on the field. Part of this change means we will have this blog to keep in closer communication with all of you. For future we will no longer be receiving donations through Go Ministries.

Those that are not familiar with us, let us introduce ourselves. My husband, Pastor Vincent, grew up as a refugee and a soldier’s son moving around Uganda. God brought him back to Midigo after the war. He since has finished Bible College and become the assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Midigo. I (Melissa Aniku) grew up in Southern California and felt a calling for missions. I went to Midigo, Uganda in 2009 and have now become a permanent resident.

Along with being assistant pastor, Vincent also manages the Calvary Football/Soccer team, which reaches out to the Muslims. He also disciples new believers and converts. Most of my ministry takes place on the family compound with homeschooling and management. I also tend to the many daily guests that come to the compound for prayers and counseling. I’m involved with women’s discipleship and sewing classes.   Our family financially and spiritually takes care of 13 children. Vincent and I find small jobs for those in need.


Over 10,000 people mostly Muslims, showed up for a football match and heard the gospel.

This year God is providing for us to start a football/soccer stadium for outreaches plus a library and community center to teach reading and writing to the adults who are illiterate due to war. This will be the first place of its kind in the west Nile bringing the gospel to Muslims and unifying the Body of Christ.

Fun Fact: The name Aniku literally translates: I Don’t Know. So please as you pray for us, even if you forget our names, just pray for the family “I Don’t Know”.

Prayer Request: Please pray for safety over the compound and continued grace to pour over the Church and land. Pray for the 95% Muslim population. Pray that the LORD be glorified through the new projects, as they are able to give jobs and a safe haven to Muslim converts. Pray for the school fees for all our children. Pray for the South Sudanese Refugees. Pray for our protection, strength and for health especially for our 5-year-old Zachary who has Autism!



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  • Hello,
    Hey my name is Matt Harris and my family and I are just starting up as missionaries to Gulu Uganda. We work with Terebinth ministries who’s focus is the spiritual health and phisicle health of Uganda. The ministry has a medical clinic on the Dream Center property in Adak, and they run an Agricultural Buisniss as a Mission on that same property to offset their operational costs. But thier main ministry is a pastoral school of discipleship that trains pastors through everybook of the Bible. I serve as a bible teacher at the pastoral Discipleship school and I help with the buisness.

    Anyway, we are in the USA right now but I would love to get together with your family since we serve in the same country. It would be great to pray for Uganda with you! And we would love to learn from you since you have much more experience in Uganda than my family does.
    Our email is Noelle.harris813@gmail.com, and you can get a hold of us anytime through that email.

    In Christ
    Matt Harris

  • Christine says:

    I would like to recieve emails and newsletters

    • Vincent and Melissa Aniku says:

      Did you click the Email updates on the right of the blog? If not please click there and it will sign you up for our monthly newsletters. The button was down for some time but they fixed it.

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