Never Stop, Never Settle

“do business till I come…”

~ Luke 19:13 ~

Jesus gave a parable about servants taking ten minas (about 30 months salary) and how their master tells them to do business, meaning to invest wisely or to complete a task.  Jesus is teaching about taking what He has given to you and use it to reach the goals of building His Kingdom here by spreading the gospel, making disciples, and building His church. 

Since being back in the States, we’ve had many asking us, ‘are you going to stop doing missions now that you’re going to have a baby?’ or ‘with Covid happening, does that mean you’re going to stop doing missions?’  As Christians, our calling is to be the light in the darkness and it is all of our responsibility to share the gospel to the world.  It is because Jesus is coming soon, that our hearts are burdened for the lost, we need to be bold witnesses to the ends of the earth and make disciples.  For us, “missions” doesn’t ever stop no matter where we are in the world.  We couldn’t have planned to have Asia’s borders be closed to us being there right now, but we praise God for the opportunities He has given us while being Stateside!

Relief Reaches the Mountains

For security purposes, name and places are being protected. This past month, our national pastors were able to host more Covid-food relief outreaches at their churches throughout Asia.  One place in particular that we were personally able to visit before is far up the mountains in a village where Pastor R is from and has been serving.  His community already has limited amount of supplies, and now with Covid affecting the country, their supplies have been scarce.  Recently, this Calvary Chapel was able to distribute packages filled with rice, lentils, vegetable oil and salt to the families in the village.

Pastor R was able to host the distribution at the church to pray over people and share the gospel with everyone.  We are very thankful that the Lord has provided for this little village on the mountains!  P.R recently shared with us that since the outreach they had at the church, the people have been more receptive to him hosting additional outreaches in their village! Please pray for Pastor R who has been laboring as a carpenter and helping the locals with any of their field work.  Please also pray for the safety of the people health wise and that they would have the proper shelter that they need during this current monsoon season.

Calvary Chapel School of Missions

We have been so blessed to be here in Rosarito, Mexico!  The school is beginning its third week with an incredible group of students who are eager to learn and are excited about reaching the lost. 

The past few weeks have been filled with classes pertaining to missions such as church planting, building partnerships, the purpose of the church in Acts, laying aside our “rights” for the sake of the gospel, and the highs and lows of the mission field. We’ve also been going on outreach with the students alongside the different church plant locations that are connected with Calvary Chapel Rosarito.  With Covid regulations still continuing, there have been changes to our “outreach schedule” but evangelism and ministering to people doesn’t stop!  We’ve all visited locations to do a form of food distribution, ministering to families, hosting small children’s programs, having a time of sharing personal testimonies and most importantly, the gospel.  Many of the students are stepping out, sharing the gospel and leading people to Christ for the first time!

Calvary School of Missions
“God loves you” & “Don’t fear. BELIEVE”

BabyGarcia is a…

We are excited to announce that we are having a little girl!!  We had decided to name her Lily based off of Matthew 6:28, “So why do you worry about clothing?  Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin.”  Matthew 6 has always been very special for us throughout our relationship with the Lord and together as one.  Learning to not worry about tomorrow, but trust in God instead because He cares for the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, how much more He cares for us as His children!

Jena has entered her 6th month of pregnancy and still enjoys all of the fruit that she can get.  Her pregnant belly has popped out in the last few weeks and soon she will be able to balance her ice-cream bowl on it.  This month, Lily is the size of a grapefruit!  Our baby is going to be growing much more and doubling in her weight.  Lily has been super active, especially when there is music playing (we’re thinking we might have a tiny dancer) and we both love to feel her move around!

We are very thankful for your prayers and the constant love you have shown us.  Thank you for celebrating this new season with us as our family is growing and for cheering us on as we continue to serve the Lord.

In Christ,

Aaron, Jena & Lily Garcia

Praise Reports:

  • The students have all been so amazing and encouraging
  • We’ve all been prayerful and careful about not getting sick
  • People have been giving their lives to the Lord and are getting connected with the local Calvary church plant
  • Our national pastors in Asia have all been safe and continuing the work of the Lord

Prayer Requests:

  • That the Lord would give us and our team in Asia wisdom and direction during this Covid season
  • For Lily’s health and growth
  • For our friends in Asia to be safe, and have the access to food and water for their families
  • Divine appointments with people here in Mexico to hear the gospel

Do Not Let Your Hearts be Troubled

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

John 14: 27

Food Relief

Bringing food to those in need.  For the past two months it’s been the priority to get relief to those who are without food.  The lockdown has run its course and there are so many that have been affected.  People have been unable to work, relying on what little they have, and many have been going on with nothing to eat.  We thank God for the amazing team we are a part of who have been working to help put together everything required for this relief work.  There has been a team effort in organizing and distributing food and bringing the love of Christ to the people of Nepal and South Asia.

In Nepal, our dear friends at the Leprosy Colony have been affected with many of them being elderly and having the weakest immune systems.  A team went out of national pastors and church members to meet the needs at the colony.  It was a rainy day and you could see the desperation on many of their faces while over 200 families gathered in line and were given bags of groceries and hygiene essentials.  Pastor Anand preached the gospel and gave hope through Gods word to the people. Our friends at the leprosy colony are already overlooked, so when all of Nepal goes into survival mode, unfortunately these people become even more neglected.

We Ate Our Last Rice Last Night

As we’ve shared before our students of the bible college returned home, many arriving to packed villages filled with people who had returned from working in the cities and other countries.  These travelers found it safer to be in the rural, remote villages, and subtly they’ve been bringing back the Gospel.  Many of them heard about Jesus in some far away land when they were working abroad and we’re hearing about a massive influx of Jesus!  These migrant workers returned to their homes to now see churches and small house bible studies going on.  Since there’s no work, it allows for free time where they can attend the Bible studies.  Our students are taking the opportunities that have been set before them and are beginning to see Hindus come to Christ.

In fact, one of the first villages where our leaders did food distributions at was in the village of Padam and Desu.  Both students were in their last semester of bible college, becoming leaders to the rest of their class mates.  Since being sent home due to lockdown, Padam teaches bible studies in his village every day, even posting them on facebook live to expand their reach.  When our leaders arrived with bags of rice for the village they were overwhelmed with happiness.  Immediately, Desu wanted to cook for the guests that came to her village.  They noticed Desu opened the food rice bag just given to her, and when asked how much food they had remaining until now, Desu answered “we ate our last rice last night and today you have come with more.”  Needless to say, the situation is scarce, and food is running out for many.  It’s been amazing to witness the courage of our friends amidst every challenge they face to still serve Christ and preach the gospel more than ever.

We thank God that funds were provided to meet these needs and hundreds more.  So far, there has been more than 12 food outreaches, and people’s needs continue as we are setting our sights to help more of the villages where our Calvary Chapel pastors are serving, including the mountain region of Lapu where Pastor Raju is living.  Please pray for the continued needs and if you are being led to give towards helping with the Covid relief, click on this link for Nepal / South Asia Relief Efforts.

Another door opens

As you know, we are staying in California until the world reopens.  It has become clear that pandemic panic has spread to Asia where they are just now making more tests available.  Every day the test numbers increase so much compared to having zero testing a few weeks ago.  It appears that the doors have temporarily been closed for us to be in Nepal today, but God always makes a way for another to be opened.  The Calvary Chapel School of Missions will be starting their summer session next month on July 6th – August 17th down in Mexico.  We three, our small family, will be joining as staff and helping to raise up a next generation of Calvary Chapel cross-cultural missionaries.  Its an amazing opportunity to pass along the things we wish we had known 7 years ago when we first went on the field. We will be able to disciple young zealous people, and of course have another excuse to eat great tacos daily! You can find out more by clicking this link to Calvary School of Missions.

BabyGarcia Update

Jena is 16 weeks pregnant (4 months) and BabyGarcia is the size of an avocado!  Last week was the week of the “baby pooch” where it looks like you ate just a little too much food but it’s actually our baby growing inside!  Jena’s health is great and she is enjoying the pregnancy cravings of everything bagels, ramen noodles, cheese (especially nacho or cream cheese), but not altogether of course.  This month we’ll have another doctors visit and will be finding out BabyGarcia’s gender!  Stay tuned until the end of the month for the big reveal!

In Christ,

Aaron, Jena & BabyGarcia

Prayer Requests:

  • For those that are hungry in Asia
  • Our family as we go and be a part of the Calvary School of Missions
  • That God would provide financially for us and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia
  • For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people
  • Endurance to be faithful in the work of the ministry

For All Seasons

“Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season.”

2 Timothy 4:2a

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us while in Nepal and especially during the time of our lockdown.  In the middle of March, Nepal had closed their borders and cancelled any domestic flights that were flying in and out of Nepal.  As many of you know, we boarded an emergency evacuation flight that was put together by the US embassy to fly back to the States just a few weeks ago. We hope that you are well and we are praying for you. 

Aaron filtering out drinking water while shops were all closed down

We pray that you are entering into God’s peace and that you are abiding in Him for strength.  We know that you have been affected in one way or another, but trust God with your health and trust Him with your finances because this too shall pass.  If you are worried and stressed out, turn off the news and go for a walk instead, or listen to worship, spend time with your family, read your Bible and pray.  It is important to remember that not just your world has shut down, but the entire world has shut down.

Lockdown in South Asia

Throughout Asia, people are restricted from leaving their neighborhoods or even beyond the boundaries of their villages.  They are being monitored by policemen with giant sticks waiting to physically beat anyone.  Many families who earn their living through daily wages, are unable to pay for food for themselves.  This is why faith is necessary in a time of peace but especially during a time of trial.  It is ultimately your faith and trust in God that will hold you and keep you through this time of uncertainty.  The strength of God and His power will be manifest in even greater ways for us who believe and who continue to believe.


We are amazed at the mercy of God and the wisdom that He grants in response to crisis.  We had heard of Covid-19 and began seeing the borders and businesses shutting down in Kathmandu.  Then we later found out that all schools had shut down officially.  There was a weeklong window where we prayed as a staff on what to do with the school.  It was encouraging for us to know that our team wasn’t fearful, but faith-filled and we trusted God with whatever He had planned for us and the school.  With places being shut down throughout Nepal, it became evident of the necessity to close down the Bible school and send the students back home to their villages.

Classes in Nepal

Within the short time frame that we had with the students, we commissioned them to preach the Word, to be ready in season and out because this is a season where God ordained for them to go back and preach the gospel to their family, friends and neighbors.  The students have been trained and sent according to God’s timing, although it wasn’t the normal send off that we’re used to, it was still His timing.  To our amazement, many of the students have gone out and began meeting house to house in their villages.  Nepali people have been restricted to staying only in their villages and are unable to leave for any reason, so our students have gotten creative with the media and are doing online teachings to continue to reach out to those they can’t physically be with.

Are YOU ready?

Back in 2015, we lived through the largest earthquake in Nepal.  They said that the previous one was 70 years before.  We feared for our lives and slept in an open field, unwilling to sleep indoors for many nights due to the large aftershocks.  It was difficult to bathe, eat, or sleep.  Our lives were never the same but then a moment came when we saw and heard about others who had much less and had it much harder than us.  Entire villages were cut off due to mountain slides and people were left near to death, homeless and hopeless.  That moment was the beginning of the greatest outreach adventures ever.  God opened up so many doors to preach the gospel and reach villages that had never heard the name of Jesus.  It all came down to whether or not we were going to just survive or seek to serve others. 

We understand in times like these, it is hard to see past our own selves but consider that there are others that have much less and have it much harder.  Let’s not waste our lockdown.  Let’s reach out, call someone to check on them, reconcile with loved ones, or deliver a meal to an elderly neighbor.  Share the gospel with those that are willing to hear because people really are seeking help and hope in this crisis.  Let us pray for those who are hungry, unable to work and are surviving on little.  Pray for the gospel to spread like wildfire in the world right now.

Are WE ready…to be parents?!

We are so happy to announce that we are going to have a baby!  Jena is feeling well and is finishing her first trimester.  We were able to tell our parents that they are grandparents as soon as we reached US soil.  We are so thankful to the Lord for His perfect timing!  Baby Garcia will be coming this November!

In Christ,

Aaron, Jena & Baby Garcia!

Breaking the Mold

We began the Spring 2020 semester with one of our largest group of students ever!  Beyond blessed to be pouring into 30 students through the teaching of God’s Word.  Many of them come from different backgrounds and have experienced many things, and all have one thing in common: their love for Jesus and their desire to become more like Him.

Revolving Door

There have been many teams and guests who have come to visit the Bible College, form relationships with the students and serve alongside us while doing ministry in places like the slums, leprosy colony, or traveling to the village to visit CC church plants and help the pastors with outreach and/or any projects they would be blessed by.  Our home has become a revolving door for those we have been able to host personally, or even having our friends over for fellowship and worship times. 

Construction at CC Dumre
Fellowship with our college students

This month we were able to host a team from CC Monrovia who came to spend time at the campus as well as visit Pastor Milan at CC Dumre.  We travelled outside of the valley and were able to introduce the team to our brother who has been laboring for Christ and ministering to his people.  The team was prepared to help with some construction on CC Dumre’s building project and helped further the work that was being done.  It was really great to see the relationship being formed between the team members and Milan while we all served alongside one another.

Visiting friends at Leprosy Colony
Ladies Worship Session

Two of our friends, Gerry & Nicole Kizitaff, who were representing CC South Jersey came to spend time with us for a week.  Gerry taught a block class through Titus, and Nicole was able to teach the girl students how to bake everything from scratch.  We went to visit our friends at the leprosy colony that we usually see throughout the month.  The students prepared worship songs, dramas, dances, and someone to share their testimony.  Gerry had been there many times, and it was a sweet moment as Nicole was able to meet many of the people that we’ve shared about.  The leprosy colony was gifted more hygiene packages to help them with some basic necessities to get through the month, since many of them have no source of income or a way to do personal shopping themselves.

Double Jeopardy

Aaron teaching at CC Nakkhu

Us Garcias have taken over Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for our classes we’ve been able to teach.  Aaron taught through Leviticus and then Hebrews to the students.  Every semester, we’ve noticed the students test grades continue to get higher and higher that it shows their apparent hunger for God’s Word and that they are really understanding it. 

Jena teaching English class

Jena has been teaching two levels of English classes and has thought of creative and helpful ways to get the students to learn more easily.  Recently, to help review everything that has been taught, both English classes joined together in a game of Jeopardy, which showed the students’ eagerness to learn as well as to win!  It was a fun and encouraging way for the students to see how much they have retained in just two months.

Breaking the Mold

Recently, one of our students mentioned something that we’ve unfortunately heard before, that they only knew pastors or church leaders that don’t do any work or even teach through the Scriptures and don’t allow younger men/women to interact with the pastors or leaders.  This is something that we are very aware of and are intentional to lead by example by breaking the mold of what the students have experienced traditionally.  Throughout our time, we serve and do outreach together even if that means just simply walking with the students to get them out of their comfort zone and sharing the gospel in the streets.

Men’s Prayer
Preparing Hygiene packages for the Leprosy Colony

With our relationships that have continued at the leprosy colony, some of the college students have seen the opportunity go on a weekly basis to have a Bible study with those who want to learn more of God’s Word.  Some college students that have been attending CC Nakkhu at the college approached us saying they had some friends who also wanted to learn more about the Bible but

Friday Night College Group

couldn’t attend the college due to their other school schedule, so the Lord opened a door for the start of the our Friday night college group!  It was amazing to see more and more college students coming to learn, worship and fellowship with our students.

Many graduates, go back to their homes and start Bible studies that later grow into church plants.  This past semester, some of our 3rd semester guys, who have had a heart for their people, have already been doing Bible studies on their own during the semester holiday.  In the past few weeks, those same students have been given the opportunity to continue those studies in their hometowns by going back home during the weekend to revisit with the fellowships and then return back here for classes.  This is a way for them to gain practical experience that they will need when they graduate to start a church.

Spring 2020 Semester Students

In Christ,

Aaron & Jena Garcia

Prayer Requests:

  • For the students, that they would keep following Jesus and grow in His grace and knowledge of the Lord.
  • That we as a staff would continue to love and serve the Lord faithfully.
  • Pray that we would love each other in our homes, in the churches and on the field. 
  • That God would provide financially for us and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia.
  • For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people.
  • Endurance to be faithful in the work of the ministry.

Lessons Learned

There’s an expression that we use when looking back and learning from the past, we say, “hindsight is 20/20.”  It’s a great time at the start of every year for reevaluation and what needs to improve going into the next year.  There has been so much that we have learned from the Lord in 2019 and in hindsight, we can see clearer on exactly what He was teaching us.

God Always Has A Plan

This past year, we felt like a pinball in a pinball machine.  We’ve never traveled this much in our lives and didn’t expect to do as much as we did throughout South Asia and Nepal.  We are not travel thrilled people that use the hashtag #travel on social media postings, yet this year was filled with going and going all around.

We took trains, local buses, planes, cars, drove bumpy dirt roads, motorcycled around, rode elephants, and hiked through mountains all to reach our beloved church planters, pastors and leaders.  When circumstances arose in South Asia we were led to travel more, which meant living out of a suitcase in multiple places for months.  What seemed chaotic for us at the time, we soon realized that God wanted to teach us more dependence on Him and cause stronger relationships with the pastor in each location.

We also learned that this was the heart of Paul in the book of Acts, he led 3 missionary journeys and traveled from place to place spending years on the road.  Paul was always trying to maintain a relationship with those precious churches that were planted.  He gladly spent and was spent for the sake of their souls.  We have never been so inspired for the work of God, transforming lives and revolutionizing communities through the Word of God.  No longer do we have to picture in our minds what it would look like but now we understand what is going on in the churches lives.  In what potentially could have been tiring, we can say we have never been more committed to reach the world for Christ.

Conferences Are Good!

We’ve always done conferences for pastors and leaders, yet sometimes we wondered how were we able to inspire long-term the next group of church planters / gospel preachers and how much have we done in the endeavor to preserve the purity of teaching the word of God.  In the beginning it was easy to be impressed by pulling a big crowd of men together, no doubt it was always an encouraging time to gather and bless the men who attended our conferences but what was and still is important for us is making a lasting investment in their lives.

In years past there wasn’t as many like-minded Calvary Chapel ministers in Nepal.  But over time, through the churches that have been planted and through meeting other Calvary workers in Nepal we were able to host the first official CCA Nepal Calvary Chapel Conference and it was a much different conference!  Gathered together for a few days were pastors and leaders we’ve trained, sent out and called back to encourage.  The conference taught through 1 Timothy, and had much time to discuss the relevant issues that are being faced in our Nepali churches today. Aaron taught a workshop class on sermon preparation, and he was amazed to see the humility and hunger for Gods word among all of the pastors. 

We called together all of the men we have relationships with and it was amazing to fellowship and stand side by side the pioneers of the gospel in unreached Nepal.  The guys were so excited to spend time and encourage one another as they all face the same challenges and were able to propel each other onward to continue in their calling. We look forward to being part of the churches collective effort toward advancing God’s kingdom more and more this year.

Time In The States

We have been very thankful to reunite with our family in the States during the Christmas season!  After a very eventful year overseas, we were ready for the eventful time we were about to have stateside.  We are grateful for the opportunities we were given to fellowship & personally update the partnering churches about the CC Pastor’s Training Center & School of Ministry, as well as the churches and Bible Colleges throughout South Asia.  There is always an excitement to share about the people we love so much with groups of faithful prayer warriors.

The Vision Is The Same For 2020

The vision never changes: we want to keep serving the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The church for the past 2000 years has had the same vision to carry out Jesus’ commission to us: to be witnesses to the world and make disciples of all nations.  What becomes clearer to us every day is that we need God to help us and we need your prayers. 

Please pray that we would continue to love and reach lives for Christ, train them up and send out Bible teaching church planters.  The future is bright, and we are excited more than ever to keep planting churches in Asia.

We thank each of you, and we are tremendously grateful to partner together with you in the Gospel.  May you abound in the work of the Lord this year and know that the work you do for Christ is never done in vain.

In Christ,

Aaron & Jena Garcia

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that God would sustain all the bible colleges and church plants, and that He would make us into efficient, productive senders into every corner of Asia. 
  • Pray that the gospel would spread even more this year despite the opposition of the government or villages turning hostile, but that the church would be bold and faithful to preach the gospel.  
  • Pray for those who are already serving in the Lords harvest field, for them to not lose heart and that they would be encouraged.  
  • Pray that we would love each other in our homes, in the churches and on the field.
  • That God would provide financially for us and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia
  • For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people
  • Endurance to be faithful in the work of the ministry

Light Of The World

“You are the light of the world.  A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

~ Matthew 5:14 ~

Time Spent Well

After finishing our time in Nepal, we traveled back to South Asia to serve with our brother, Pastor J.E. who shepherds Calvary Chapel H (for security purposes we’ve abbreviated his name and place).  We stayed for a few weeks in this town and jumped right into their weekly schedule at the church.

During the mornings, Aaron would have daily Bible studies with Pastor J.E. and his right-hand man, A.M. teaching through Romans and pastoral leadership.  In the afternoon & evenings, we would attend different house fellowships and have Bible studies.  Many of the believers were from Calvary Chapel H, but they would also invite their family members or friends who are unable to attend Sunday church service due to family persecution. 

Spending our time with the church, we also hosted a two-day evening conference where Aaron taught the men and Jena taught the women.  It was a great opportunity to share with the believers and to get to know them more while being encouraged through God’s Word.

To end our trip, we drove a few hours outside of town to meet and visit with J.E’s and A.M’s village to meet each of their families.  It is always a blessing to connect with the national pastors on a deeper and more personal level as our friendships grow throughout the years.  We spent the day being a part of J.E’s sister’s engagement ceremony and celebrated with their whole family.  Then we ended our night at A.M’s family home with what we thought would just be a last-minute, small prayer meeting, but turned out to be a full house of 40 people who came to pray, worship, and have a Bible study!  It was an encouragement to be there with all of these families, who loved us, hosted us in their home, and treated us like we were a part of their very own.

Walk By Faith

Next, we traveled southwest to visit W.J. (name abbreviated for security reasons) again and serve alongside him at the new Calvary church plant in his hometown.  This past month, W.J. stepped out in faith to start classes at the new Bible College, and we were delighted to jump in on the class schedule.  Aaron taught a two-week block class through the book of Acts from 9 am to 3:30 pm and Jena taught English to the students for an hour every day.

During our time there, we got to join the all-night prayer that W.J. and his family host on a monthly basis.  Believers from the local town and neighboring villages from that region come to spend the evening (9:30 pm) to early morning (6 am) together to share a meal, worship, pray for one another, and listen to Bible studies.

City On A Hill

Our latest move this month has been to our third and last location here in South Asia.  This time we traveled north up to a town in the mountains to spend time with another Bible College and Calvary church here.  We’re learning how things go around here as far as living: getting to live in a home surrounded by mountain jungle, hearing the monkeys run on our roof or watch us as we walk outside, and living so high up that at times we’re completely covered in the fog of a cloud.  We’ve been able to hike into town and become undercover locals around here, thanks to our brown skin. 

Aaron joined in the class schedule and has been teaching through 1 Corinthians and Exodus.  The group of nationals has grown very close to each other, and we’ve appreciated our time spent with the students and the leadership.  Currently, we have two guys that are third semesters and have taken initiative to help the new students get settled in this new place, this little “city set on a hill.”  Our heart with the students, especially the returning ones, is to encourage them to begin praying about starting up ministry back in their home places after they graduate.

Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership with us!

In Christ,

Aaron & Jena Garcia

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Pastor J.E. to be able to find a bigger building to host the church meetings since they have outgrown their current building.
  • That God would provide financially for us and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia
  • For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people
  • Endurance to be faithful in the work of the ministry

Pilgrim Ministry

We feel so blessed to be given the opportunity these past few years to host teams and visitors in Nepal and form relationships with many believers across the U.S.  This summer, we are very thankful to all of you who hosted us in your homes and to be able to share updates at the churches that partner with us in the gospel. 

Not only are we sharing about the work God is doing in South Asia and Nepal, but also we are all able to rejoice together in how the Lord is using you through your partnership and prayers.  Thank you so much for every one of you who welcomed us into your home, treated us like your own family, prayed for us at your church and allowed us to share about the people we love in the two countries that we are able to serve in.

In God’s sovereignty, as we were mid-flight to South Asia, some serious issues arose at the campus making it not safe for us to stay there.  Thankfully, many of the issues were resolved but our missions organization made the decision out of protection of the national staff and students to not have foreigners at that specific campus in South Asia for this semester.  For security purposes, we’re not able to share the details but please pray for the students and staff as the college is continuing there. 

Open Door

As God closed the door for now on us going to the south, He opened one for us to visit W.J’s (for security, we’ve abbreviated his name) place in south-central Asia and showed us his family’s land where we can also start a new Calvary work in that area.

It was obvious that Gods grace is upon this family as their home was a revolving door of love to anyone who came by.  We spent a few days with W.J and his family and learned much about how their family has been investing in the people there and preaching the gospel for many years. The need is to now effectively disciple all those that have come to faith in Christ.

This past summer, W.J taught a month long Bible-teaching course that was open to the community where 70 young adults and youth came everyday and learned from God’s Word.  It has been on W.J’s heart for years to start a new work in his home state and now it seems like the Lord has opened the door for a Calvary church plant and Bible College. Now, they have taken the step of faith and have begun their first semester. Pray for W.J as he teaches and leads this new school. We are making plans to go again and join forces next month, please pray for that.

House to House

We traveled from one state to another and were able to visit our brother, Pastor J.E, (for security, we’ve abbreviated his name) in his place where he is serving. He is our dear brother and we cherish our times of shared encouragement.  Our first day there, J.E took us house-to-house all night to visit the believers of the church.  Picture meeting nonstop with widows, healed people, new believers, recommitted believers, preaching to unbelievers, and then of course everyone wants to make you a cup of tea.  At every place we taught from the Scripture, then prayed for them and their families.  It was awe-inspiring going house-to-house and hearing amazing stories of their faith in this colony.

That Sunday, we attended Calvary Chapel H (where J.E pastors at) and Aaron taught through the service, then we got to meet many of the new people who have come to Christ.  We all sat in a tiny room on a third story building, packed with 40+ believers singing praises at the top of their lungs and eager to learn from God’s Word.  Since last years visit, the church continues to be a healthy and close-knit fellowship.  We were both encouraged after talking with people after church service, listening to their testimonies and praying with them.


Part of living in the 10/40 window is trusting God and being willing to go wherever He leads.  This area of the world is where so many are unreached without Christ.  We face governments that are bound in darkness and false religion, in our case, Hinduism.  Yet God opens the doors and directs our steps, all along our souls sing Jesus’ words, “All authority in Heaven and Earth has been given unto Me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… ”  No matter what happens to us, we trust in God.  So, after visiting the different locations in South Asia, we decided to come to Nepal to help with the start of the semester at CC Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry.  We are excited to see what the Lord will do, and pray for His wisdom and guidance.

Praise Reports:

  • Our dear friend, W.J and the new school in his hometown
  • Seeing the growth and love in Pastor J.E’s CC church plant
  • Since the start of both Bible Colleges in South Asia & Nepal, there have been 20+ students each semester who have been learning from God’s Word and willing to serve!

Prayer Requests:

  • For our team to be like-minded, have the same love, being of one accord, and of one mind.
  • That God would provide financially for us and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia
  • For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people
  • God’s guidance for these next few months in Asia

In Christ,

Aaron & Jena Garcia

Don’t Waste Your Life

“And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ Amen.”

Matthew 28:18 – 20

Calvary Chapel Lapu

Anand, Raju & Aaron

Thank you for praying for us while we were visiting Calvary Chapel Lapu! Our 4 day trip outside of Kathmandu started with 12 hours of driving and then a 6 hour hike straight uphill to the top of the mountain where we were able to visit Pastor Raju (one of our graduates), in Lapu village.  The scenery was beautiful and we were very excited to see Raju in his home where he has been faithfully serving.  Our team was welcomed as a part of Calvary Chapel Lapu as we attended Saturday morning service, followed by a woman’s fellowship, and a small children’s ministry during a Q&A session. The church fellowship continues to grow and the people who are attending Calvary Chapel Lapu are beginning to understand the Bible as Raju teaches verse by verse.  Raju has been helping out people in his community with their farming or fishing, as well as discipling and sharing the gospel. 

Calvary Chapel Lapu Church Service

It has been a huge blessing to see the fruit in Raju’s life as a Bible College student to seeing him now pastoring a church and ministering to the people up in his remote village.  Being able to visit for ourselves and to see Raju pastor a Calvary church plant was so encouraging for us.  We love being able to visit where our students are from, it gives us perspective on how far they travel to come to study the Bible and what they endure to continue in their labor for the Lord.  Please pray for Pastor Raju as he continues to serve in Lapu Village, and for him to be faithful to do what God has called him to do.

Calvary Chapel Baniyatar

Aaron with Rabi translating for our
mid-week Bible Study

We have been able to visit with Pastor Rabi and his home fellowship!  Rabi graduated from Bible College two years ago and has been fulfilling his desire to teach God’s Word.  Pastor Rabi and his wife, Mahima, are newlyweds and began their Bible study in their living room.  Their family, along with many people from their community, has been attending this growing church service at Calvary Chapel Baniyatar!  Along with his other responsibilities at the Bible College, Pastor Rabi has been faithful and committed to the start of this new Calvary church plant.  Please pray for him and Mahima as they reach out to the people in their neighborhood as well as their family.

CC Baniyatar home fellowship

Pastor Rabi has also been serving with us at Calvary Chapel Pastor’s Training Center & School of Ministry.  He teaches twice a week through the Gospel of Luke, and has been helping a lot with translating some classes from English to Nepali.  From when Rabi was a student in Bible College, he would host Bible studies during the semester breaks, and disciple many of his friends here in Nepal and some friends who had gone to work abroad.  His calm personality turns to a bold and courageous one when it comes to preaching Jesus to anyone who would hear.  Rabi is also going to train the students in weekly evangelism through our community and help them prepare for our semester outreach.

Calvary Chapel Dumre

Pastor Milan leading worship at CC Dumre
Milan & Aaron enjoying some fresh fried fish from the local river in Dumre Village

Most recently, we took a trip to visit with Pastor Milan at Calvary Chapel Dumre.  We enjoyed our time spent with our brother and his family, and being able to see how the church fellowship is doing.  We brought a group of students from the Bible College who are from the same district as Milan so they could see their families as well as seeing a Calvary Chapel church plant in their hometown.  During our time in Dumre, we hosted a small youth fellowship one afternoon, attended church service at CC Dumre and Milan’s uncle’s church, and had family time at Milan’s home.  It was encouraging for us to see our brother serving wholeheartedly, and watching him be faithful to the work of the ministry.  He has been pouring into the lives that have been placed in front of him and has demonstrated a life surrendered to Christ as he has been serving in his village.  Please pray for Milan who has been sharing the gospel in his community and discipling the youth.  Please also pray for him as he has been managing the remaining construction work of the church building.

Pastors Conference 

This past week, Pastor Bond, Heather and Breanna have come to visit!  While they are here, we’ve invited the pastors of our students who attend the Bible College and also the Calvary Chapel pastors who have graduated and started church plants like Pastor Raju, Pastor Rabi & Pastor Milan.  During our three-day conference, we hosted 9 visiting pastors at the college campus, taught through 2 Timothy and had a time of Q&A about Calvary.

Aaron & Tyler with all previous Bible College graduates who have now
begun Calvary church plants
(left to right: Majiya, Rabi, Milan & Raju)

It was a great time of glorifying God in the praise reports of what has been going on in each others lives. Among the attendees was Pastor Majiya, who shared an update with us about his work in the east side of Nepal of beginning Calvary Chapel Rangeli. While Majiya was a student, he sacrificed two years apart from his wife and two small kids to study God’s word. It has only been four months since he graduated and he has been traveling into Rangeli which is one hour on his bicycle to teach the bible in that area. Together with raising a family, sharing the gospel and teaching God’s word, he is working daily 12 hour shifts in an oil making factory to support his family. He makes the equivalent of seven dollars and fifty cents per day. It’s our heart to help Majiya and take away part of the financial burden so that he may focus more on his family and ministry. This will allow him to be about preaching the gospel in the midst of unreached people groups. Majiya wants to move into Rangeli so that he and his family will be missionaries in this new village.

We are beyond grateful to be a part of this work of training up future pastors and leaders!  Please continue to pray for each of these men who have listened and obeyed God’s call on their lives.

Praise Reports

  • Each visit to the three Calvary church plants has been so encouraging and a blessing to be a part of this amazing work!
  • CC Pastor’s Training Center & SOM has been going well, we are thankful for all who are on staff and serve with us.
  • We’ve been having more new people attend he CC Nakkhu fellowship after hearing Pastor Anand on the Radio Program
  • The Pastors Conference was an uplifting and inspiring time

Prayer Requests

  • For our team to be like-minded, have the same love, being of one accord, and of one mind.
  • That God would provide financially forus and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia
  • For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people
  • Pastor Raju’s parents who are practicing Hindus and don’t fully understand why Raju is pastoring a church.  He has been trying to be a good witness for Jesus, but can feel lonely at times when even his family isn’t the most supportive.
  • Pastor Ravi’s mom is a new born again Christian, but his father is not. Also, please pray for Ravi’s mom who has diabetes and has been struggling with her health.
  • Please pray for Pastor Majiya and the God would provide for him & his family financially.

In Christ,

Aaron & Jena Garcia

The Lord our Provider

“Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your Heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about it’s own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”
Matthew 6: 31 — 34

God taught us so much in the year of 2018 and reminded us of the great truth that He is Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord our Provider, spiritually and physically. Why worry about the things in this life, when we are supposed to be focused on Him, to move forward in our calling and seek His kingdom! We pray that we would be faithful in the work that God has called us to and faithfully update all of you who partner with us in the gospel.

So Much Encouragement
We returned to the States with anticipation to see our family and also church family. Our time State-side was a blessing to be able to share about the fruit of what God has done in Nepal & South Asia and encourage those who have been partakers in the ministry here. It was exciting to see some of your eyes light up each time we would say “you helped us do this”. Truly every single moment on the mission field, you that pray and give are helping reach this area of the world. We couldn’t say thank you enough to all of you who helped put together and came to our missions gathering last month. We were able to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on the same day as our missions gathering with you was definitely a day to remember! It was more encouragement than we had ever expected. We felt so honored to share all of the amazing things that the Lord has done!

Home Away From Home
It has been 5 years that we have been serving in Nepal. We moved here when we were first married at the age of 21. This country has become like home, especially since we have so many loved ones here. We have some that have become like family. We know each others birthdays, check on each other when we are sick, and even better we all serve the Lord together.

Our third official semester at Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry began January 28th with 20 students! The staff has been working together gathering students from almost every side of Nepal. We always believe that if God brings the students He will supply the finances to operate the school. From the start of this new school, it has been incredible to see how God has continually provided for all of the needs to have this college up and running. Over the holiday, the college moved into a new building that is able to house more students, beds were purchased, fresh paint was put on the walls, and soon enough students were moving in again for the new semester!

Get Into The Groove
Since arriving in Nepal, we jumped into the routine of helping manage a Bible College and adjusted to the Nepali life. That’s really something we pray when arriving. Time goes by so fast and we want to do as much as we can. Funny as it sounds it takes time to get used to the time zone, the temperature drop, get back into speaking Nepali, the odd smells, and who could forget driving a motorcycle through Nepali traffic. Aaron has been teaching through Acts and teaches through 1 John for our mid-week Bible study. Jena began to teach English classes 4 times a week to the students. We are excited getting to know the students and spending more and more time with them even outside the classroom. To a Nepali, time spent together is sometimes worth more than anything you could give them.

Praise Reports:
– Thankful to have spent Christmas with our family in the States!
– Excited to be back in Nepal and working with the new CC Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry.
– All of the students have traveled from many different places around Nepal and are eager to study His Word.

Prayer Requests:
– For our team to be like-minded, have the same love, being of one accord, and of one mind.
– That God would provide financially for us and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia.
– For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people.
– We are traveling to a remote village to visit the new church plant, Calvary Chapel Lapu, on February 28th – March 4th, and visit with Pastor Raju who graduated from the Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center with us and has been teaching a group of believers in his hometown mountain area. Please pray we would be a great encouragement and a blessing to them.

In Christ,

Aaron & Jena Garcia

Abounding 2018

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

~ 1 Corinthians 15:58 ~

We are so amazed at how God has filled 2018 with many incredible highlights! Here are ten that we hope would be used to glorify the Lord we serve, and that you would be encouraged on how the harvest is ripe for laboring!

Flood Relief — In South Asia during this past monsoon season, many areas were flooded and landslides destroyed several homes due to the heavy rain.  We were able to serve alongside our students, going out to these affected areas to comfort those who are hurting during this time.  The team was also able to distribute care packages and share the gospel in these communities.

Leprosy Colony – We’ve been blessed to have teams come visit our friends at the leprosy colony in Nepal to serve them and visit with them.  For the past few years of forming relationships and spending time in this colony, we have been able to learn more of their personal needs.  A team was recently able to fund solar panels to provide hot showers for them, which will help many to not get pneumonia in the winter.

Slums Outreach – We recently were able to have a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party in the beginning of December to celebrate the birth of Christ and share why He came!  Over 250+ kids were able to hear the gospel, play games, sing songs to the Lord and were later gifted a brand new backpack filled with school supplies!

Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry – We had our first set of graduates, Majhya and Raju, who have completed their two-year program of studying the Bible verse-by-verse! We are very thankful to have gotten to know them and their families and are excited to see what the Lord has in store for their lives.

Still Honeymooning – This January 19, 2019 we will be celebrating 5 years of marriage!

Church Planting – Two New Calvary Chapel Church Plants this year in Nepal. Calvary Chapel Naku and Calvary Chapel Japla. Both are doing so well and growing in Gods Word.

Jehovah Jireh – The financial support has allowed us to be able to continue to invest in lives through discipleship, we are very thankful to have been able to serve in Asia for almost 5 years.

Family Team – These past few years, we have been blessed to be a part of training up nationals in the Word of God.  Some of them are now serving alongside us, who have shown that they are quality men and women of God and dwell with us in unity.  They are great friends who have become family to us.

Protection — Amidst the growing persecution and heat from the government, we have been able to keep going and sharing the love of Christ.  People are learning about Jesus, giving their lives to Him and getting radically saved! 

Travel – We have met teams of people from around the country who have come to Asia, and we all share the common bond of Jesus in our life.  You have partnered with us through prayer and/or financially and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to travel to visit with you and your churches to share about the work of God that you are a part of.  We pray that we could encourage you as you have all encouraged us.

Thank you for partnering with us in the work of the Lord this past year! We are very grateful for your prayers and friendship and are excited to see what God has for 2019! We pray that you would always abound in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

Happy New Year!

Aaron & Jena Garcia